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"Savori" for the foodie in us all (Package)

The culinary arts are one of the most enjoyable art forms around. Fact of the matter is that food is the only art form that can be enjoyed by all five of our senses (Yes, you can hear the snap of a fresh vegetable, the flow of juice from fruit, the sound of different textures breaking down as you chew them). Foods role has evolved from more than simple sustenance, to being one of the most pleasurable experiences this life has to offer. We love food, and like all things, it's a bit sweeter when we share.

This is why I am now offering my fourth, and final videography package, Savori.


Savori has been adopted to mean food so delicious you can taste it with the eyes. The Savori package will fit best for those who are serious about all aspects of food. From Chefs, to Patrons, anyone can book the Savori package. Foodies can now chronicle their best eatery's, Chefs can share recipes, and Mom can have her own cooking show. With the Savori package the options are limitless. Savori also covers capturing video for special blog posts, covering food related events, or meetups. Remember Savori for anything related to delicious food, and dining.  Packages starts at $100, book a consultation today via the contact page.

Tips to Attract an Audience: Loyalty Programs/Rewards

You may notice the fancy red tag to the left of my page, click it, and start earning while I both educate, and entertain you. This is how I am integrating loyalty/reward programs to build both brand awareness, and to attract an audience.

I've been slowly building a viewership for quite sometime, and I recently stumbled across Punch Tab via a good friend of mine. Punch Tab provides a turn key program model, and an effective vehicle for bloggers, and other web developers to create retention.

Loyalty Programs can instantly incentivize every visit, share, and comment of your content, which encourages your viewers to perform those actions. The name of the game is content engagement, and customer awareness. The more eyes on your content the better you will be in the long run. When you're struggling to maintain low numbers, programs in this model can provide a legitimate boost of traffic at no extra cost to you.

This does present a certain question in morality to anyone who has a respect for their own content. Am I buying my views? In short no, but in the long haul yes. You are balancing a very fine line. If your content is good you may not even require a loyalty program to have recurring visits, but it never hurts to provide that bit of extra to the people that support you. On the other hand you may have golden content that just doesn't bring the numbers. Discovery rates are dropping as the internet becomes even more populated with user generated content on several mediums. Any moment you can convert a viewer into a brand ambassador is a moment you should capitalize on. If you have the tool at your disposal, use it.

Cheers and Popular Teddy Bears.

Life. Lived. (Package)

The next videography package I'm offering is just to chronicle life. If you're out having fun living, this is the package for you. If you're playing video games with friends, or simply hanging out for hours, you're living. This is the package for the every man, guaranteeing that every experience is unique, because your life is unique.

Life. Lived.

There are those moments when you are out, living life to the fullest, and rightfully so, because life is meant to be lived. When you're out living like it's going out of style, record it. When you're out enjoying a once in a lifetime moment immortalize it on video. Even if you're just having a day with friends this is your life. Live it. Book a videographer to chronicle your life lived. Packages start at $50, book a consultation via the contact page.

Real Reality (Package)

I was once approached by an individual who was interested in creating his own reality style show. At the time I didn't have the resources, or the technical know how to execute this ambitious endeavor, while still trying to maintain the high standards I've set for myself. I'm at a different place in my career now, and I'm ready to expand. So I'm offering the Real Reality (package)

Real Reality 

Real Reality aims to get to the root of everything. Reality Tv is saturated with the rich, the famous, the stupid, and the un-interesting, which is not even close to "reality" for most of us. Reality Tv is fake! If you believe that you're more interesting than any other reality star on television, you now have a chance to prove it. Real Reality will assign a videographer to you for a 24hr period. Real Reality will give you the complete experience, a confessional, a crew, and for those who book multiple experiences a spot on the reunion show. Real reality makes reality tv accessible to real people.  Package starts at $300, book a consultation today via the contact page.

Real Reality is your chance to have your own reality show. Why not invest in an opportunity, and open doors for yourself at the same time?

Cheers and Entrepreneurial Teddy Bears

My Shopping Experience (Package)

So I'm walking down 59th, and Lexington, and the street is buzzing with shopping activity. I was hit with a stroke of divine inspiration, which has lead me to create a new package. If you're located in NYC, and you love shopping either alone or with friends why not record the experience. Women deserve to be the center of attention, and some have legendary shopping trips. As of today I'm adding a few services to my page including the "My Shopping Experience"

My Shopping Experience (Shop Story)

Avid shoppers, and amateurs alike should be able to share their shopping experience with the world. Share your Shop Story, or opt to just have a private video for your own use. "My Shopping Experience" will give you your own personal videographer to chronicle you're day of fun. Each experience is special. Some customers want to highlight how much they save, while others want to show there is no limit to how much they can spend. No matter what your style, you deserve to be the center of attention. Stand out from making a simple haul video, and share your shop story. Book your shop story today. Package starts at $100, book a consultation today via the contact page.

I will be giving away the inaugural recording for free, so that I can have an example of what this type of magic includes. Leave a comment, let me know what you think, yaay or nay.

This changes everything.

Cheers and Entrepreneurial Teddy Bears

The Dark Knight Rises

So I saw the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" and I must say for a lack of better words I utterly, and completely jizzed in my pants. I can't wait. Also that was possibly the most awesome touch down scored in history. Video released as an Apple exclusive now on the internet for all of us to enjoy.

Christopher Nolan, I salute the fuck out of you.

Look out for it this summer.

Another Year, Another Apocalypse

I prepare for the worst, so I'm ready to handle everything else.

 It's Dec. 20th 2011. I feel Christmas, and the New Year looming right around the corner bringing 2011 to a close, and ushering in 2012. Yes, finally it's here! Another year of failed new years resolutions, another year for people to claim on twitter as their own, another year for all known outlets of human communication to proliferate, and nurture the fear that the end is near.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about ladies, and gentleman, the Mayan long count calendar comes to an end next year, and you know those Mayans are the root of all human knowledge. If they didn't account for life beyond 2012, then that obviously means there will be no life after 2012.

I personally learned my lesson about buying into the apocalypse after Y2K. I remember that year I was very ill, suffering through an asthma attack on NYE, and worrying that at 12am the power would go out, and I wouldn't be able to use my nebulizer. I was watching MTV's new years rocking eve, and I could've shit my pants, during the countdown. No Doubt performed REM's "It's the end of the world as we know it" after the ball dropped, and life went on.

I will not buy into the 2012 hysteria. I feel sorry for all the people who legitimately fear for their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, the people who spend money, and change their whole way of living. I feel for those people who wait for that countdown till the end in hopes that their preparation makes them a survivor, and nothing happens. I feel for those people who donate their entire life savings to a leader who promises that they have the inside track to survival, and the only way to make it is to join up with survival scheme X. (Pointing my finger at you Patrick Geryl)

Besides with the way the world is now, an apocalypse may be exactly what we need. Like a wild fire, it's the clearing of the old to make way for the new.

If the world does go to shit, and society as we know it falls apart, I won't shed a tear, because I've been waiting for the scales to shift in my favor long before 2012 rolled around. Think of it this way, at the very least during the apocalypse we are all on the same page. Here's to a prosperous 2012 whether it's the end, or it's not, I'm ready for it.

Cheers and Survivalist Teddy Bears.

5 Timelapses You Have To See!

I am a big fan of utilizing timelapse in video, especially when you can do it efficiently enough to press a story forward. Today I saw an amazing timelapse piece entitled Address Approximate, and I thought to myself, "I like timelapse, I like lists, and I own a blog, how could I possibly combine the three? So without any further jibber jabber, 5 timelapse videos I feel are a must see for those who love the visual candy.

1) Address is Approximate by The Theory (Brilliant)

2) Bathtub IV by Keith Loutit (Awesome piece, Awesome project)

3) Sky by Philip Bloom (I am a huge fan of Mr. Bloom, and I look up to his work)

Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

4) Timelapse - The City Limits by Dominic Boudreault (After seeing this I ordered my first intervelometer)

5)Parallel Parking by Imajig (Not for it's artistic value but because I find it hilarious)

Please note that the order in which these videos are posted means nothing.

Cheers and Time Warped Teddy Bears

So I'm writing a book.

Official Announcement

 I teamed up with my good friend Janelle Andrea, and we have decided to throw our hats into the arena of literature. It's not a huge stretch that two long time bloggers would write a book, but the fact that we would go from having all our aspirations rooted on the internet, to wanting to be in print is unheard of in these parts of the woods. Then again just being distributed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and having a stack of books on display next to Stuff Hipsters hate at Urban Outfitters would be good enough for me. I too dream the dream.

So the big question is what is this book about Joshen? The answer everything. This book is going to move mountains, shake things up, make people laugh, cry, and fall in love. It's your average everyday guide to not fucking up in this game called life, and as a person who has stumbled many times on my path to success/ruin I feel like I've picked up a few note worthy tips to share.

Wait, there is more. In the spirit of "we enjoy how information is disseminated online we will also be including info-graphics, because although neither one of us is very artistically inclined, I personally love to draw, and Photoshop my ideas into mind blowing nuggets of truth. So in the coming year look out for a post where I celebrate the completion of said book because writing it, has truly been a bitch, and a half.

Cheers and New York Times Best Selling Teddy Bears!

Dear Santa from Outer Space.......

I would have wrote a letter to the Santa Claus of our universal sector but I'm afraid that his spam blocker is way too strong, and he may have lost his Christmas spirit when he realized just how many people wouldn't have a chimney because so many of them have been displaced from their homes in these horrible economic times. Thankfully since we found Kepler 22b, and it possess water, and summer timeish weather, it's a safe assumption to think that the planet has some form of life. The laws of physics clearly state "where there is life there must be a Santa Claus".

I have been through so much in such a short time, I may dub this my quarter life crisis, but that's a post for another time. It's been tough, but this week I regained the bit of myself that is motivated to create. So I made this video. It's not really a video, that I expect to find a huge audience. It's a video I made for myself, to get all the things that I had on my mind out into the open, and to feel that familiar bolt of creative energy surge through my body. I don't want to go off on an I'm back, and better than ever rant, because the reality is although I'm here and trying to pick up the pieces, I'm wounded.

So let us let the healing process begin.

It's the holiday season and I've always loved this time of year. It fills me with hope, and good will, but most importantly hope. Life often feels as if it's hopeless and just having that little extra bit of faith to keep me going is the greatest gift of all. So lets strike the lights, call the scene, and go for take two. I refuse to give up on myself, and I'm hoping you don't give up on me either.

Cheers and Resilient Teddy Bears!
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