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The Doctor Who inspired "Time Locked" Video

One of those iconic shots that doesn't come along everyday.

Limitless creation indeed.......

Doctor Who, and Torchwood "Miracle Day" are a part of my regular T.V. rotation. Also a part of this rotation is TrueBlood, and Alphas, but I digress. I realized that absolutely no one knew I had an affinity for the Doctor Who series until I whipped out my sonic screwdriver on BlogTV to signal the beginning of a "lightning round". I wanted to immediately rectify the situation the only way I knew how, and that was by making a video.

I immediately got to work on "Time Locked", which was a very ambitious project from the start. I had roughly a week to get this video out in time for the mid season return of Dr. Who. Sad to say "Let's Kill Hitler" aired, and the video still was not complete. My plan to release a video to herald the return was a failure, but the video is out, and I think it's the best I could do to say "Hi, I'm a fan and I would like to contribute something small to the larger Doctor who universe."

This video is far from perfect, but it's special. It's one of those "labors of love" that I hear people talking about. I could never have done this alone, which is why I need to thank all the people who made this possible.  I'm grateful for the generosity of Andy over at The Way Station who was kind enough to let me shoot in his bar with his Tardis. Without Andy none of this would be possible. I also would like to thank Girl Gone Geek, without her I wouldn't have known that The Way Station exists, and finally I need to thank my good friend VdeoVxn for lending me a hand during the production process.

I consider myself a pretty faithful Whovian, and I am proud of Time Locked. I want it to be known that I am a  fan even though I often voice personal opinions that may not be very popular with other Doctor Who fans. (Russell T. Davies told a better story in comparison to Steven Moffat, and Neil Gaiman's episode "The Doctors Wife" was the best of the season thus far followed by the Silence arc.) Then again it's the dissent that leads to those heated amazing conversations I love so very much.

I won't stop with Time Locked, one day when my resources are able to materialize my imagination, I'll do another fan fiction style video. Until that day.

Cheers and Time Vortex Teddy Bears!

Small Gestures Shake The World

The NYC earthquake was a tiny ingredient in creating an amazing day.

I often talk about the things that go wrong, or the things I wish to achieve, but for some reason or another I just cannot attain. Today was different. Today August 23. 2011 I was absolutely livid, because I had what I can only describe as a good day. It wasn't because I gained a coveted One million subscribers on YouTube, nor did I win the lottery, or secure a life changing business deal. It was a day full of small positives, and it made all the difference. To think all of this centered around my first earthquake experience living in New York.

Around 1:55 my good friend VdeoVxn accused me of shaking the desk that we both happened to be editing at. During this accusation I countered with a very mature "Yeah, ok. Dude you're shaking it with your foot" we both remained still for a moment and noticed that we still felt a small swaying sensation. Only to hear the neighbors then shout that their house was moving. Within that ten second period we knew that something was happening. I wanted to be the first to upload on the matter, so I grabbed my camera and created the messiest, funniest, most real video I could create within the moment. A video that didn't need any editing, and was sent right to the internet. Within 20 minutes that video's views were frozen at 314. A sign that the video had garnished a mass amount of views and the rest of views were being authenticated. We like to call it the viral effect. I've been dreaming of such a video for quite sometime now. Today it happened.

As that was taking place I noticed a mention from @KingofTheWeb they let me know that my video "Save a Creative" was featured on the homepage of, which would be the first time anyone has so publicly recognized any of my videos, and shared it to such a wide audience. It was a big moment for me which came from such a tiny gesture.

Finally, today I met Chloe. A beautiful young woman who had such a sunny disposition. She was so interesting that I bought her a frozen strawberry lemonade, hand delivered. She smiled.

None of these things have drastically changed my world, but what they did do is help to create a complete experience. If someone would have told me that wonderful times would be born from feeling the small shake of a 5.9 earthquake I would have written them off as insane. Yet here I am penning, and sealing this day as amazing. Appreciating the small gestures is what gets you through the tough times. I will remember this day the next time I am stuck trying to figure out how I can take my career as a content creator to the next level. There is truth in the statement that the whole is only as good as the sum of it's parts.

Cheers and Livid Teddy Bears!

"We need this Pack" Searching for community.

I am enjoying this season of TrueBlood so much that I'm going to use it as a tool to discuss a topic that's been on my mind as of late. That topic being, community. Now if you're paying attention to the "sub par b-plots" this season you will know that the best of the lot is about Alcide, and Debbie joining the wolf pack who's territory they accidentally moved into (this plot is also bleeding into the Sam Merlot/Luna plot and is becoming quite interesting). Debbie tells Alcide that she requires community to keep her sane, she's literally begging for Alcide to help fulfill this need. It's good for her and it will be good for them. It's Debbies overwhelming need to be accepted into a community that is the core of my thoughts.

I felt for a long time that I could do this all by myself. By "this" I mean create media, find an audience build an empire, and grow into the entity I aspire to be. I knew then as I know now that this while very possible is not the way to go. I need community, and I am sure someone out there feels the same way that I do. I have experience content from both sides of the spectrum. I was once a nameless YouTuber who digested content, enjoyed it and kept moving (No interaction). Now I create content, that's hardly ever seen by the community (Again minimal interaction). In both situations I felt as if something was wrong, and I required more from the situation to be happy.

It almost makes me feel a bit daft, because YouTube is a community to begin with, so why am I so alone? Answer is I'm not alone, and speaking with my good friend Fragm3nt3d today reminded me that I awkwardly have found a small community of creatives to work with, to laugh with, and to be the support that I desperately need in my darkest hours.

I acknowledge this modern conundrum, how can one be alone in a crowded room? We have so many social media outlets so many different ways to share you almost have to want to be alone. Problem is we have become increasingly more self involved. We log on we post about ourselves we log off. We respond to people who talk to us first. People don't take the time to listen or meet anyone new because they all just want to "share". We have become socially self absorbed. You become invisible in a crowded room when everyone looks into a mirror.

My advice, and the point of this post is to just let everyone know that "everybody needs somebody sometimes" It's impossible to be alone on the internet. Reach out, and find someone, talk to someone. Take a general interest in another, and build a community. At the end of the day, the point of the web is to connect us all.

I'll leave you with a bit of content.

Cheers and Social Animal Teddy Bears!

Tips to Attract an Audience: Monetization

This the first video that I'm monetizing on YouTube, I'm hoping that I've done so in a tasteful way.

I've noticed that an audience will turn it's back on you the moment it thinks you have sold out. Sadly these days it seems that selling out is defined as "any point which an artist decides to receive compensation." If you're still building your audience my advice to you is not to worry about monetization at all. I've had an Adsense account for a very long time, and I'll tell you without the audience it's not very effective. Second you don't want to turn anyone off by using the M-word at all (money).

If people think you're only after money you lose the genuine connection. Once the connection is lost the need to return, or share you with their friends is also lost. In the equation to find your audience retention is equally as important as attraction.

So if I'm not working on monetization, what should I be working on? The simple answer is distribution. Finding new channels to funnel your content through should be your highest priority. In fact I'm learning that content aggregators that have small communities can be efficient in the early stages of the mass sharing needed for content to go viral. A good example being Tip'  they have a small community circulating business related news which has managed to reach me on several occasions. Right behind distribution is retention. Reward your loyal followers for staying with you and they will continue to stay (do a contest, or a giveaway). Also don't ever doubt the power of a well placed show of your gratitude, let them know just how important they are to you.

If however you do have an audience, and you're ready to monetize I will be doing a post on affiliate marketing very soon, so you have a reason to come back! (see I'm already working on retention)

Cheers and Money Foregoing Teddy Bears!
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