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Baxi Luna 3 10E error (Helpful Guide)

I must say that this has been the one and only time Google has failed me. I shall remedy that by adding my knowledge into it's vast compendium.

I was trying to be productive yesterday, and work on some videos, but I had to deal with this dreaded 10E Baxi Luna 3 comfort fi 310 error. Now the problem was simple enough my boiler needed to be re-pressurized, but there was absolutely no helpful information anywhere online to guide me in such a simple task. I ended up having to call my electrician while he was at home, and he walked me through it step by step over the phone. Now I'm no HVAC expert, but if you're having this issue, and can't figure out how to fix it and we happen to have the same boiler here you go a video, and a written step by step guide to fixing the problem!

Baxi Luna 3 Comfort pressurizing video

  1. Cut the power to the boiler (If you know how also cut the gas).
  2. Check the pressure gauge it's numbered from 0 to 4 it should be some between 1 and 1.5.
  3. Next to the pressure gauge is a water spout that releases pressure if it's too high. Keep this in mind of you accidentally raise the water pressure too high.
  4. Look right under the boiler and you will see a long red knob. Turn that counter clockwise and the boiler will fill with water. You can hear the water rushing in.
  5. Fill until you have the desired pressure of 1.5 and turn the knob clockwise.
  6. Do Not Fill Past The 1.5 Mark. You Have Been Warned.

Well Joshen what happens if you raise the pressure too high? well I got the advice from an expert all the way in the U.K. Allan also known as @thegasengineer has been in the business for 25yrs, and he provides "professional service across the Central Belt, covering Edinburgh, The Lothians, Falkirk, Stirling & Lanarkshire." So if you need some HVAC services, throw your business his way you will be in good hands. Link to his website here.

The Danger of Over-pressurizing Your Boiler:

"Water expands as it heats, which if the pressure is too high to start with, will get the boiler near the safety blow-off. The safety blow-off is normally about the 3bar. So it will blow-off, lose pressure, top-up too high, blow-off..vicious circle, etc." 

All resulting in you not having any hot water, and possibly screwing up the boiler. 

Now I'm not sure just how many Baxi Luna 3's are out there in the wild, but I do know every person in my apartment complex has one, and if this helps just one person then my work is done! I would also like to thank @thegasengineer for responding to my plea for help on twitter, and explaining to me the dangers of raising the pressure too high. 


Unknown said...

I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.
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Unknown said...

You are forever the greatest human for taking the time to post this! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Legend saved me big time

Anonymous said...

I salute you (my wife is pretty happy too)

Anonymous said...

Joshen your clear directions saved us a $500 weekend callout. And I looked really good at magically fixing the broken hot water system so that everyone could have a hot shower in winter (here in Australia).

Many thanks! Oh, and one difference in my 2009 model - the manometer (pressure gauge) was mounted UNDER the heater unit. So you have to be upside down to read it. I presume that this is so that the gauge can be seen, even if the cover is off.

And, I didn't need to turn the gas off either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're effin awesome! You just saved me some cash and spending a cold day in my apartment. Cheers!

Mr. Snetsinger's 3s said...

Wow, thank goodness Baxi Error Codes are finally starting to leak out onto the internet! Thanks Joshen! Last year my heating guy had to visit 6-8 times, and his last visit cost nearly $2000 for mostly time spend scratching his head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you had the same problem in a friends apartment on holydays without your help family would freeze.Thank you so much.

Christina said...

We had this error code on multiple occasions and had to call our local gas provider to resolve the problem. Apparently, they have come up with a fix to resolve this such that you won't need the red lever or knob to add more water to the system. Our repair person added some kind of a tube, presumably to drain the water and removed the lever/knob so we don't have this issue any longer. Thank goodness. We can deal with no heat for a time but no hot water is a bigger problem/hassle. We have had the 03e error code which usually means that there is ice or snow blocking the vent outside. We have had some extreme cold in Newmarket (north of Toronto) and have had this issue for the last 2 days. It's easy to resolve that issue though.

Unknown said...

How did you fix the 03e error code?

Unknown said...

You have save me from taking a cold shower and from paying someone to fix this big, but simple to fix thanks to your post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. After boiling an earn all week to bath two toddlers, finally back to normal.

Josh Lennox said...

Thank you for that, I panicked a little when I saw the error code in the middle of a storm.

Γρηγοριάδης Σάββας said...

You saved the day!

Unknown said...

I have turned the long red screw anti clockwise no sound of water rushing in and no increase in pressure....any idea as to what I an o next?

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