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Tips to Attract an Audience: Bloopers!

I have a new found respect for bloopers.

Even the most creative content creators, hit the proverbial wall. Searching for, or expanding your audience can be a daunting task, when the people can't connect to your more seasoned refined content (Your perfect pieces). When these moments arise we should remember to incorporate one, or all of  the three most common factors all people share. Sexual desire, our own mortality, and our humanity itself. The blooper real reassures the viewer that the person on the other side of the screen isn't perfect in fact they are just as imperfect as anyone else.When the viewer places the content creator on a pedestal it becomes very easy for them to forget that we are only human after all. Which brings us to the blooper real.

I never realized the importance of a decent blooper reel until just yesterday. Viewers want to connect with what's real, and there isn't anything more real than when a person completely fails at whatever it is they are attempting to do. I also realized while editing the first two episodes of my show that 75% of what I didn't say was funnier to me than what I actually said. 

Latest Episode of Interestingly Sexy

So my advice when attempting to find, or retain an audience show them who you really are, and what better way to do that than buy showing them you at a less than perfect moment, it's relate-able, it's funny and it doesn't require you to do any extra production work. The magic essentially creates itself. If the appeal to humanity fails, you could always troll, gather mass hate, and became infamous. That works too. 

The pilot episode of Interestingly Sexy, as well as all my other videos can be found at the top of this page within the video vault. Check it out!

Cheers and Tipster Teddy Bears!

Baxi Luna 3 10E error (Helpful Guide)

I must say that this has been the one and only time Google has failed me. I shall remedy that by adding my knowledge into it's vast compendium.

I was trying to be productive yesterday, and work on some videos, but I had to deal with this dreaded 10E Baxi Luna 3 comfort fi 310 error. Now the problem was simple enough my boiler needed to be re-pressurized, but there was absolutely no helpful information anywhere online to guide me in such a simple task. I ended up having to call my electrician while he was at home, and he walked me through it step by step over the phone. Now I'm no HVAC expert, but if you're having this issue, and can't figure out how to fix it and we happen to have the same boiler here you go a video, and a written step by step guide to fixing the problem!

Baxi Luna 3 Comfort pressurizing video

  1. Cut the power to the boiler (If you know how also cut the gas).
  2. Check the pressure gauge it's numbered from 0 to 4 it should be some between 1 and 1.5.
  3. Next to the pressure gauge is a water spout that releases pressure if it's too high. Keep this in mind of you accidentally raise the water pressure too high.
  4. Look right under the boiler and you will see a long red knob. Turn that counter clockwise and the boiler will fill with water. You can hear the water rushing in.
  5. Fill until you have the desired pressure of 1.5 and turn the knob clockwise.
  6. Do Not Fill Past The 1.5 Mark. You Have Been Warned.

Well Joshen what happens if you raise the pressure too high? well I got the advice from an expert all the way in the U.K. Allan also known as @thegasengineer has been in the business for 25yrs, and he provides "professional service across the Central Belt, covering Edinburgh, The Lothians, Falkirk, Stirling & Lanarkshire." So if you need some HVAC services, throw your business his way you will be in good hands. Link to his website here.

The Danger of Over-pressurizing Your Boiler:

"Water expands as it heats, which if the pressure is too high to start with, will get the boiler near the safety blow-off. The safety blow-off is normally about the 3bar. So it will blow-off, lose pressure, top-up too high, blow-off..vicious circle, etc." 

All resulting in you not having any hot water, and possibly screwing up the boiler. 

Now I'm not sure just how many Baxi Luna 3's are out there in the wild, but I do know every person in my apartment complex has one, and if this helps just one person then my work is done! I would also like to thank @thegasengineer for responding to my plea for help on twitter, and explaining to me the dangers of raising the pressure too high. 

Anatomy of Viral Media.

New Friday Segment! Yes..Every...Friday.

"Attract an Audience, That attracts an audience. That's how you grow your audience" - Joshen Reborn

So I've been experimenting with the content I create, looking for what is easily found, what's most re-shared what brings in a new, and loyal audience (i.e. Followers/Fans/Subscribers). I created a new segment which incorporates all that I learned thus far, and it is something that I can do consistently. So if you were looking for those key elements of media that attracts thousands of views here they are.

  1. Utilize hot topics - You want to make what you are creating as easy to find as possible. People will stumble across random things every now, and then, but if you create what people are searching for at the time you improve your chances of it being found. (I learned this after creating this very simple vlog on planking which numbers wise did amazingly well.
  2. People relate to people - It's the human factor that people are attracted to. The internet is simply another realm for humans to be social animals, and they are literally looking for something real among a sea of things that are fake. Be genuine and infuse your personality into the content. It's the most basic level for people to connect to you on.
  3. Keep it short but interesting - It's generally accepted that anything less than 5 minutes is suitable time for a video. People are extremely busy doing nothing, and that's how they would like to keep it. The vast majority of people looking for content are A. bored at work or B. Bored at home. The bored at work crew need a quick entertainment fix so they can quickly revert to looking busy. While the bored at home crew needs a quick entertainment fix so they can move on to the next entertainment fix.
  4. Sex still sells - If you tag on a bit of eye candy that never hurts. In fact there is a reason why the vast majority of the internet is made of pornographic material.
Following these four basic tips I've come up with a show that's 3 - 5 minutes in length that highlights things that were either interesting or sexy to me. The best part of the show has to be that I genuinely enjoy what I am sharing and that translates via video. If you would like more tips on how to go viral refer to my previous post here "So You Want To Go Viral

There is the other side of viral media, the more instant side. The side we most desire; one night you go to bed a nobody, and when you wake up the next morning everyone knows your name. You could end up recording something one in a million like an amazing stunt, accident, pet trick, or a FAIL, and go viral that way. If you want to take a gamble for a one hit wonder be my guess. You will get the views, but will you get the fellowship. True value is found in being able to recreate the magic over, and over again.

Consistency is rooted in organization

Cheers and visually pleasing Teddy Bears!

Content Generation is about "Hits and Misses"

Shoe Change from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.
This was part of the video below but I cut it out for time puposes,

In my time as a content creator I've learned that  there is little grey area for the things you make. It's either you make a hit, or you completely miss. Every idea I have I could swear to high heaven that it's the greatest idea yet. I always have the "this is it" moment where I know this is the straw that will break the camels back and I'll finally experience some sort of success. Sadly that excitement doesn't always translate to something tangible. A few of my videos have done extremely well for my standards, and others have done poorly.

With that said I'm a bit disappointed with my latest video. It just didn't do it for me (which is strange cause I'm it's creator). I don't think what I had in mind translated well onto screen, and because of that my video suffered. I have to consider this a personal miss. I also have to learn to be ok with the fact that some of my videos are going to suck. I just have to suck it up and make another. Here's the video in question.

I was told that to be successful on this path, I have to either educate, be super talented at something, or piss everyone off. I don't know if I can do just anyone of these things awesomely well. That scares me, because I can see the truth in this statement.

I fear becoming so discouraged with my craft that I quit. The only time you ever truly lose is when you quit. We must never quit.

Cheers and Content Producing Teddy Bears!

Google+ and it's Golden Ticket.

I've made crucial mistakes on Facebook, Twitter, and even on my current love YouTube, simply by not being an early adopter. Early adopters usually have a leg up when it's time to capitalize on the web, because they have had more time to establish an audience. Think about the term Twitter celebrity, at one point in time, not so long ago, nobody would have thought that Twitter would be able to generate an income for it's most popular users. The same applies for Facebook, and YouTube, wherever you can create an audience there is money to be had.

So lets make three things painfully Clear

  1. If you are an internet entity you should join Google plus, because as we the internet race into Google's open arms in record numbers, the odds of your visibility, and consumer engagement (as an entity/Business) increasing becomes much higher.
  2. If you adopt on to a platform early, and it becomes insanely popular in the near future, you had precious time to establish an audience. Which makes you look like a prime candidate to engage in any type of profit sharing.
  3. Once Google opens it's doors if the current demand is any indicator, there will be plenty of new people looking to interact with every and anyone on their platform. So even if Google+ ultimately flops for the moment it will be the new hot thing online (Remember Xanga, LiveJournal, AolChat, Myspace? They all had their time). As a Content generator, I must admit for me that would be heaven.

I see this as the Golden opportunity to be one of those highly coveted early adopters. I want to plant my roots in the new social network, and within the next 2 - 5yrs if it is as successful as it's projected to be, I will reap my benefits. If however Google+ flops (Because we all remember Google Wave and Google Buzz) I would have only lost an investment of time, a gamble I am willing to take.

Essentially what Google has managed to do is create an organized riot. The internet is literally being flood with requests, and blog posts on how one can get an invite into this social network, and Google is adding fuel to that fire by keeping everyone out. Google+ is such a tease. By keeping it's legs closed it essentially has made itself more attractive. Google+ has it's buzz, consumers follow the buzz, business follow consumers, and then money begins to change hands.

As for Google plus eclipsing Facebook, I'm not sure if that is going to happen. What I do know is that Facebook had plans to funnel the entire web through itself, Google+ is the response. If Google could speak I'm sure it would say "Silly Facebook the internet will be funneled through Google" because it almost literally already is.

Either way I will not fall behind, and I hope you don't either. The race is on to find the Golden Ticket!

Leave a comment if you currently have Google+ and let me know what you think. If you don't have it let me know if you do, or don't want in.

Cheers and Early Adopter Teddy Bears!
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