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Social Media Strategy; Like Assholes, Everybody Has One.

@Klout understands that people have influence despite their economic status. The everyday man, as well as the celebrity, can drive content just by mentioning it (Word of mouth marketing). @Klout can essentially connect brands to the people who essentially have the biggest mouths (Klout score, or size of mouth dependent on the amount of people that take action).

Where do I begin?

I sounded off on twitter today about @Klout and the future marketing possibilities for nonprofits, politicians, and lobbyist utilizing Influencers. During this discussion I got a quick glimpse into the world of Social Media Strategist, and New Media Consultants. The New media/Social media environment is in a very early, very profitable, wild west state at the moment. We understand that this environment has the ability to reach large audiences quickly, and potentially turn a high R.O.I depending on your business. What nobody can accurately explain, or outline is how? It's kind of like the Wacky races. Everyone is in a funny shaped car with different functions, trying to beat out all the other funny shaped cars, to win the attention of consumers which, ultimately can lead to their wallets.

I personally have been implementing my own social media strategy to drive my content. If somehow you are reading this I have been semi successful. However, I do not claim to have the winning combination of outlets that guarantee an increase in exposure, or awareness by following a "few simple steps". The fact stands at this, when it comes to strategy one size doesn't fit all, and if a Social Media Consultant is selling that kind of package, you may as well jump on Facebook yourself, and start crafting your own status. Winning social media strategy is intuitive with the brand, and thus should change to suit the brands needs.

Finally, and most important Social Media Establishment and Social Media Strategy are two very different things. When you cut a check, be sure that you aren't simply paying someone to "setup" a social media presence, but you're paying for them to provide guidelines as well as setting realistic, and measurable goals which can be monitored (accountability is a hell of a concept). In the event that I do find the magic formula, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be selling an Ebook, and providing private consultation to companies, and private individuals. What the hell, I may as well start doing that now.

Cheers and Profiteering Teddy Bears!

Unfinished Business

The Good Samaritan from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.
Special Thanks to Charles Lamour, because this is probably more his film than it is mine. (and I wrote/directed it)

I recently finished revamping the old page here, and I am quite pleased with what all my hours of tinkering with code has produced.  If you haven't been here for a while, or this is your first time I would like to personally welcome you.

On with the show!

I am always rambling on about combining ambition, with action. I consider myself a "do-er" so initiating has never been my weakness, but when it comes to completion that's another story. Whether I'm dreaming or scheming it seems like I'm always chasing the next "big idea". Over the years I can't begin to count how many big ideas I've had, but I can count the amount I've completed. When taking action, follow through is equally as important as everything else, because if you have a million dollar idea, and you put it into the works, but you never finish, you might as well have never started.

Now lets take that notion and completely contradict it.

The short film above was an ambitious project. It taught me more about film making, networking, and execution than any of the books I've read. I am proud of The Good Samaritan because it was my first shot in the dark (film wise). I wrote a halfway decent script, and because of that I got a half way decent film. Production wise it was gorgeous, the actors were amazing, and the crew was comprised of the most talented group of guys to ever grace a set. The short comings of the project fall on my shoulders as a writer and director. I can accept that. (Honestly I wrote it in half a day) The decision to scrap the project didn't fall on my shoulders though. The editor just never finished editing.

The Good Samaritan is unfinished in the sense that the project wasn't edited to a final version. Some will see the fact that it will always be a rough draft as it being my unfinished business, but I disagree. I feel like it completed the higher purpose of making me a better filmmaker. The Good Samaritan was more of a classroom for me, the knowledge I took away from the experience is worth more than having never done the project at all. So the greater lesson is that you can't measure when something is "finished" by one soul view point.

The Good Samaritan is a success in more ways than just one. My first film will remain unfinished, and I am fine with that. I love this piece, not because it's the greatest film in the world, but because it gave me a few lessons on life, and because of that the next one will be infinitely more amazing.

My advice to you is to try, and not get too hung up on unfinished business.

Cheers and Dual Viewpoint Teddy Bears!

Driving While Sleepy (DWS)

The following post contains serious subject matter, please pass this on to anyone you feel may benefit from it.

If you dose off at the wheel, pullover and take a nap. Don't fight it, sleep wins the fight 9 times out of 10.

I am lucky to be alive.

I consider myself one of the hardest working content makers in the game. I am hungry for success, and I am cognizant of the fact that I am at the bottom rung of the ladder. Everyday I climb. Day turns to Night, and back to day, and I'm still climbing relentlessly.

Nothing is more integral to achieving your goals (no matter what they may be) than you. First and foremost you have to make sure you are taken care of, because there is no goal, riches, wealth, notoriety, land, respect, power, future without you (#fact it you are the master key).

Ambition can easily become obsession, there is strength in knowing the difference. On June 6th, 2011 I let my ambition cross that dark line. I was so consumed with completing my latest video in a timely manner that, my mind began to ignore signs that my body had reached it's limit. I started to lose time as in I am falling asleep mid sentence, waking up, and continuing unaware that I ever fell asleep. What's worse my good friend Video Vix[o]n was experiencing the same thing (blacking out) bad part is he was operating a motor vehicle.

We pushed ourselves to the brink and we put our lives, and the lives of others in danger, and for that I owe the world, my friend, my loved ones, the motorist, and the loved ones of those motorist, a sincere apology.

Driving while exhausted is bad business. We walk away with a lesson learned, and the obligation to share it. If you are feeling sleepy while driving the best thing to do is simply pull over and take a power nap. Something as simple as a nap can prevent irreversible devastation to a countless number of lives.

Take a moment, to consider yourself.

Cheers and Thankful Teddy Bears.
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