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Feature Reborn Model - Xin Cole

There is always that one iconic shot that stands out above all the rest. This photo just speaks to me. I love it!

On with the show!

If you haven't heard of Xin Cole by now, trust and believe you will soon enough. Xin has a talent, and cunning that rivals my own. This woman is beautiful, intelligent, and she has a thing for killing Zombies (she knows NukeTown like the back of her hand). Xin Cole is the definition of elegance, Men want her, Women want to emulate her, Puppies want to lick her hand, and be adorable around her. Xin's wit is literally sharper than a Hatori Hanzo edge, and she is definitely not afraid to use it. She's the stuff of both legend, and fantasy. I could go on, and on, but don't take my word for it, allow these photos to speak volumes about the orgasmic goodness which is Xin Cole.

Xin Cole Bound

Xin Cole Seduction
Xin Cole, with her epic awesomness, has managed to stir the pot here in the Reborn Nation. She has carved her name in antiquity, by Shooting a total of four photo sessions with me, thus making her photo collection the largest one to date. There were so many photo's I had to upgrade my Google account to the 20GB for 5 dollars a year plan. Now Ms. Cole owes me a vlog so as soon as I get her on camera again I'll have a vlog of us together.

Xin Cole Up Close

Xin Cole without a cool title

Now that I can reflect on my progress I'm rather pleased with how the Feature Reborn Model segment has turned out (cause all that amazing just happened). So far I've done four F.R.M segments, which makes me 1. totally bad ass and 2. sympathetic to the plight of the average model (it's not as easy as we all think). In my travels I meet many beautiful, and interesting people, some of which I have the honor of making a video with, or shooting a few pics here, and there. For this fact alone I've been viciously labeled a photographer (once you take one picture, all the video work counts for nothing), not because I have formal training, not because I've perfected the craft, not even because I decided that was a viable path for me (Trust me I've raged against the machine).

Expect to see more of Xin Cole not just from me but all over the interwebs. I truly believe that

As always the complete collection can be found within the Photography section up above. Now that I am a photographer, I think it's only fitting that I add photos to the menu of services I provide as Joshen Reborn. So don't forget to check out the services page for a complete price list of goodies to be had. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Xin Cole can be found all over the internet, and a little birdie told me she was available for Bookings!

Professional Portfolio:
Twitter: @XinCole

I don't think I need to say this but, I will anyway Xin Cole is #JoshenRebornApproved

Chairs and Chain Bound Teddy Bears!


I snapped this pic while I was hard at work. It just feels like a keeper.

What am I really doing?

I feel like I've asked myself time and time again. Sitting before the glow of my laptop, working on something or another and I have to stop and think What am I really doing? A simple question, laced with a complex amount of doubt. I'm sure I'm not the only one, any creative eventually reaches that point where they have to take stock of there actions and decide whether what they are doing is worth it, or that it's all been a huge waste of time, and it's time to pack it up. It's a pivotal moment that we all experience. How we carry on varies, but the important part is that we carry on.

When you have a "what am I really doing" moment there are two very basic things that you have to understand,

1. There is no way to gauge at this time the benefit of your actions
2. As long as you're still fulfilled with your work, you're doing something extraordinarily correct.

We have to build up a bit of Momentum to push us through the times of doubt.

It's hard to explain why I continue to move forward, but I put together this short that captures the moments in between the content. The moments where it's nothing but laughter. Momentum moments (clever aren't I?), also I've been searching for a place to put that fancy time lapse I shot the day Video Vix[o]n finished "Viral Never Dies". Speaking of YouTube, if you missed my previous video, here it is for you in all it's glory.

At the end of the day, above all else I'm really just trying to enjoy the moment.

Cheers and Momenta Teddy Bears!
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