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So You Want To Go Viral

Honestly even though I've not gone viral my knowledge on the subject matter is extensive, if you found this post searching for ways on going viral allow me to provide my five governing principles of the viral video, so that your time was not wasted.

1. The subject matter, matters! (Good Content doesn't go viral, Lightning in a bottle goes viral)

2. Going Viral could take years. (It's not about speed, one day someone discovers your content and the mass sharing begins)

3. Put your content in everyone's hands (Mass sharing and linking is the heart of Viral media. The soul however resides in making the content visible. Post it everywhere, and they will find it somewhere)

4. It's not what you make, it's who you know! (I've learned from YouTube and Klout that certain people "influencer's" can drive traffic to something just by mentioning it, the right words from the right person can make all the difference)

5. Stay in the game (Like the lotto you have to be in it to win it. If you don't provide content to go viral, don't expect to go viral)

Now that you have what you came for, tell everyone where you found it!

The holy grail of the internet is deeply seated in the phenomenon of information going viral (Not to be confused with a virus, ironically the one thing nobody wants from the internet). Some of us seek, fame, wealth, companionship, justice, or ultimate evil, the path however is the same. If you want to make your voice heard what you're saying has to go viral.

Now people often have the misconception that media goes viral on the internet when a bunch of people look at it  (Partial truth) The true engine behind viral media isn't in random mass discovery, it's in what people decide to share. A viral video is like a cheap whore that provides good work, she may not be the best looking but because  everyone's talking about her people will keep going to see her.

That said from the very beginning of my internet Journey I have wanted something I've created to go viral, sadly nothing has as of yet. Still I will not give up the good fight, I will continue to create content, in the hopes that the viral gods will visit me. So today I provide for you two videos, one that has failed to go viral (The Adjustment Bureau) and the other my golden child, my great viral hope, the video that pays homage to the mother of all viral videos (Vdeo Bit My Finger).

Last thing I want to leave you with is the fact that I am about to begin my all out assault against Direct TV. They certainly messed with the wrong creative.

Cheers and WarPath Teddy Bears!

Feature Reborn Model - De'Vine Alexander

On Saturday March. 19th history was made, somewhere in the world people did awesome life changing things. This post however, is about none of those things, it's about my first paid photo shoot.

If you know me, then you know that I am in love with video, and I have a respect for photography. People don't really think that there is much of a difference between the two, but they really miles apart. I have never claimed to be a photographer, I'm a guy with the ability to take beautiful pictures, just a Canon owner. With that said, I think I have now earned the mantle of amateur photographer. I have now successfully completed a paid photo shoot, and boy does it feel good. This wasn't one my usual whip the camera out and capture stuff sessions. No! this time I had a plan, a date, a destiny waiting to be fulfilled. I do have to thank my model De'Vine for even thinking that I had an ounce of photographic talent in my body, considering I'm completely self taught in everything new media. I just love gathering accolades, today it's Photographer tomorrow it may be Astronaut. *Sigh* One can dream. Well without any further banter, I present to you, the beautiful De'Vine Alexander.

As with any Photography that I do the complete collection can be found in my photography section.

Cheers and Speedlite Teddy Bears!
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