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The following article explains steps to: Automating a Twitter Account for Free. While an automatic twitter account may seem extremely attractive, you will be walking a fine line between optimization and violating Twitter's terms of agreement. You've been warned.

I like many other budding New Media/Social Media personalities, often struggle with creating a stable audience. The issue usually boils down to people aren't finding your content, (they cant find you) and you aren't efficiently finding new people to present your content to (you can't find them). I spent a few moments looking at my presence across many different social mediums, (YouTube, Twitter, This Blog, Facebook) and realized the problem was the same across the board. I 've decided to attempt to fix this visibilty issue by creating an automated Twitter account. Now you could pay, and get a one stop shop type deal from a plethora of twitter automation services out there, but I found that combining a few different free services works just as well.

(Sending an automatic DM when followed / Auto Following new followers)

I utilize SocialOomph, which is a web based twitter service, to send an automatic direct message to each new follower I gain. This is a crucial step in the automation process! I learned that people appreciate small gestures so in addition to thanking them, I provide a link that I ask them to check out (this is the first time seeing my content just for following). I also utilize SocialOomph to auto follow everyone that follows me (following back can aid in follower retention) while SocialOomph does have a paid professional version, this functionality is provided for free with it's basic service.

(Dealing with Unfollowing / Unfollowers)

You can never have a conversation if only one side is actively listening, so it's important to unfollow those who unfollow you (if they aren't listening anymore, why should you?). The third service I use to optimize this process is called (web based with a free and pro version) I can see a list of who unfollowed me, who's not following back, and my unfollower history to potentially to unfollow, and or block those unfollowers from following me again.

(Monitoring Different Social Networking Accounts)

You may want to monitor or use your different accounts across many social mediums simultaneously, and in my personal opinion (sticking with the free web based service theme) HooteSuite does an amazing job. I can perform many if not all normal functions as I normally would from up to five networks. (The five network limit is for the free version. The pro version provides unlimited networks, insights, and other marketing goodies) I also would like to put in a good word for TweetDeck (Desktop Software), before I found HootSuite TweetDeck was my go to software, to manage all my different social networking accounts.

(Scheduling Reoccurring Tweets /Auto-Tweeting )

Twaitter works perfectly as a free tweet scheduler (Also a web based service). I wrote 96 tweets and they are tweeted in 15 minute increments over 24hrs indefinitely. These tweets include links, and updates (mostly to provide a constant blast of my content periodically through the day). Finally, I believe that the most important part of an automated twitter is that you actually use it. There is nothing people hate more than a bot. By using the account you add the needed human element to justify it's existance as a tool to constantly provide information

(Spam is never good / plus there is a fine line between Optimizing and violating Twitters terms of agreement, which usually ends in Suspension).

This post marks the beginning of my automation of my second Twitter account @RebornIndustry. I will compare it periodically to my first non automated account @JoshenReborn and use Klout as a measure of each ones success at creating visibility for me and my content. Klout is a utility that measures your influence. It looks pass just having a high follower number, and measures your actual reach and engagement with your network over several different social mediums.Currently @JoshenReborn has a Klout score of 39 and @RebornIndustry has a Klout score of ten both I consider to be extremely low, so lets take a measure after a months time and see if the constant burst of content has helped me to reach, and engage a wider audience ^_^

At the end of the day, it's about bringing a horse to water forcing it to drink and hoping that the horse continues to come back of it's own free will, with a few friends.

As I find ways to fix the visibility problem on YouTube, and Facebook for free I'll be sure to let you know.

Cheers and Strategic Marketing Teddy Bears!

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