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"Savori" for the foodie in us all (Package)

The culinary arts are one of the most enjoyable art forms around. Fact of the matter is that food is the only art form that can be enjoyed by all five of our senses (Yes, you can hear the snap of a fresh vegetable, the flow of juice from fruit, the sound of different textures breaking down as you chew them). Foods role has evolved from more than simple sustenance, to being one of the most pleasurable experiences this life has to offer. We love food, and like all things, it's a bit sweeter when we share.

This is why I am now offering my fourth, and final videography package, Savori.


Savori has been adopted to mean food so delicious you can taste it with the eyes. The Savori package will fit best for those who are serious about all aspects of food. From Chefs, to Patrons, anyone can book the Savori package. Foodies can now chronicle their best eatery's, Chefs can share recipes, and Mom can have her own cooking show. With the Savori package the options are limitless. Savori also covers capturing video for special blog posts, covering food related events, or meetups. Remember Savori for anything related to delicious food, and dining.  Packages starts at $100, book a consultation today via the contact page.

Tips to Attract an Audience: Loyalty Programs/Rewards

You may notice the fancy red tag to the left of my page, click it, and start earning while I both educate, and entertain you. This is how I am integrating loyalty/reward programs to build both brand awareness, and to attract an audience.

I've been slowly building a viewership for quite sometime, and I recently stumbled across Punch Tab via a good friend of mine. Punch Tab provides a turn key program model, and an effective vehicle for bloggers, and other web developers to create retention.

Loyalty Programs can instantly incentivize every visit, share, and comment of your content, which encourages your viewers to perform those actions. The name of the game is content engagement, and customer awareness. The more eyes on your content the better you will be in the long run. When you're struggling to maintain low numbers, programs in this model can provide a legitimate boost of traffic at no extra cost to you.

This does present a certain question in morality to anyone who has a respect for their own content. Am I buying my views? In short no, but in the long haul yes. You are balancing a very fine line. If your content is good you may not even require a loyalty program to have recurring visits, but it never hurts to provide that bit of extra to the people that support you. On the other hand you may have golden content that just doesn't bring the numbers. Discovery rates are dropping as the internet becomes even more populated with user generated content on several mediums. Any moment you can convert a viewer into a brand ambassador is a moment you should capitalize on. If you have the tool at your disposal, use it.

Cheers and Popular Teddy Bears.

Life. Lived. (Package)

The next videography package I'm offering is just to chronicle life. If you're out having fun living, this is the package for you. If you're playing video games with friends, or simply hanging out for hours, you're living. This is the package for the every man, guaranteeing that every experience is unique, because your life is unique.

Life. Lived.

There are those moments when you are out, living life to the fullest, and rightfully so, because life is meant to be lived. When you're out living like it's going out of style, record it. When you're out enjoying a once in a lifetime moment immortalize it on video. Even if you're just having a day with friends this is your life. Live it. Book a videographer to chronicle your life lived. Packages start at $50, book a consultation via the contact page.

Real Reality (Package)

I was once approached by an individual who was interested in creating his own reality style show. At the time I didn't have the resources, or the technical know how to execute this ambitious endeavor, while still trying to maintain the high standards I've set for myself. I'm at a different place in my career now, and I'm ready to expand. So I'm offering the Real Reality (package)

Real Reality 

Real Reality aims to get to the root of everything. Reality Tv is saturated with the rich, the famous, the stupid, and the un-interesting, which is not even close to "reality" for most of us. Reality Tv is fake! If you believe that you're more interesting than any other reality star on television, you now have a chance to prove it. Real Reality will assign a videographer to you for a 24hr period. Real Reality will give you the complete experience, a confessional, a crew, and for those who book multiple experiences a spot on the reunion show. Real reality makes reality tv accessible to real people.  Package starts at $300, book a consultation today via the contact page.

Real Reality is your chance to have your own reality show. Why not invest in an opportunity, and open doors for yourself at the same time?

Cheers and Entrepreneurial Teddy Bears

My Shopping Experience (Package)

So I'm walking down 59th, and Lexington, and the street is buzzing with shopping activity. I was hit with a stroke of divine inspiration, which has lead me to create a new package. If you're located in NYC, and you love shopping either alone or with friends why not record the experience. Women deserve to be the center of attention, and some have legendary shopping trips. As of today I'm adding a few services to my page including the "My Shopping Experience"

My Shopping Experience (Shop Story)

Avid shoppers, and amateurs alike should be able to share their shopping experience with the world. Share your Shop Story, or opt to just have a private video for your own use. "My Shopping Experience" will give you your own personal videographer to chronicle you're day of fun. Each experience is special. Some customers want to highlight how much they save, while others want to show there is no limit to how much they can spend. No matter what your style, you deserve to be the center of attention. Stand out from making a simple haul video, and share your shop story. Book your shop story today. Package starts at $100, book a consultation today via the contact page.

I will be giving away the inaugural recording for free, so that I can have an example of what this type of magic includes. Leave a comment, let me know what you think, yaay or nay.

This changes everything.

Cheers and Entrepreneurial Teddy Bears

The Dark Knight Rises

So I saw the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" and I must say for a lack of better words I utterly, and completely jizzed in my pants. I can't wait. Also that was possibly the most awesome touch down scored in history. Video released as an Apple exclusive now on the internet for all of us to enjoy.

Christopher Nolan, I salute the fuck out of you.

Look out for it this summer.

Another Year, Another Apocalypse

I prepare for the worst, so I'm ready to handle everything else.

 It's Dec. 20th 2011. I feel Christmas, and the New Year looming right around the corner bringing 2011 to a close, and ushering in 2012. Yes, finally it's here! Another year of failed new years resolutions, another year for people to claim on twitter as their own, another year for all known outlets of human communication to proliferate, and nurture the fear that the end is near.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about ladies, and gentleman, the Mayan long count calendar comes to an end next year, and you know those Mayans are the root of all human knowledge. If they didn't account for life beyond 2012, then that obviously means there will be no life after 2012.

I personally learned my lesson about buying into the apocalypse after Y2K. I remember that year I was very ill, suffering through an asthma attack on NYE, and worrying that at 12am the power would go out, and I wouldn't be able to use my nebulizer. I was watching MTV's new years rocking eve, and I could've shit my pants, during the countdown. No Doubt performed REM's "It's the end of the world as we know it" after the ball dropped, and life went on.

I will not buy into the 2012 hysteria. I feel sorry for all the people who legitimately fear for their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, the people who spend money, and change their whole way of living. I feel for those people who wait for that countdown till the end in hopes that their preparation makes them a survivor, and nothing happens. I feel for those people who donate their entire life savings to a leader who promises that they have the inside track to survival, and the only way to make it is to join up with survival scheme X. (Pointing my finger at you Patrick Geryl)

Besides with the way the world is now, an apocalypse may be exactly what we need. Like a wild fire, it's the clearing of the old to make way for the new.

If the world does go to shit, and society as we know it falls apart, I won't shed a tear, because I've been waiting for the scales to shift in my favor long before 2012 rolled around. Think of it this way, at the very least during the apocalypse we are all on the same page. Here's to a prosperous 2012 whether it's the end, or it's not, I'm ready for it.

Cheers and Survivalist Teddy Bears.

5 Timelapses You Have To See!

I am a big fan of utilizing timelapse in video, especially when you can do it efficiently enough to press a story forward. Today I saw an amazing timelapse piece entitled Address Approximate, and I thought to myself, "I like timelapse, I like lists, and I own a blog, how could I possibly combine the three? So without any further jibber jabber, 5 timelapse videos I feel are a must see for those who love the visual candy.

1) Address is Approximate by The Theory (Brilliant)

2) Bathtub IV by Keith Loutit (Awesome piece, Awesome project)

3) Sky by Philip Bloom (I am a huge fan of Mr. Bloom, and I look up to his work)

Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

4) Timelapse - The City Limits by Dominic Boudreault (After seeing this I ordered my first intervelometer)

5)Parallel Parking by Imajig (Not for it's artistic value but because I find it hilarious)

Please note that the order in which these videos are posted means nothing.

Cheers and Time Warped Teddy Bears

So I'm writing a book.

Official Announcement

 I teamed up with my good friend Janelle Andrea, and we have decided to throw our hats into the arena of literature. It's not a huge stretch that two long time bloggers would write a book, but the fact that we would go from having all our aspirations rooted on the internet, to wanting to be in print is unheard of in these parts of the woods. Then again just being distributed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and having a stack of books on display next to Stuff Hipsters hate at Urban Outfitters would be good enough for me. I too dream the dream.

So the big question is what is this book about Joshen? The answer everything. This book is going to move mountains, shake things up, make people laugh, cry, and fall in love. It's your average everyday guide to not fucking up in this game called life, and as a person who has stumbled many times on my path to success/ruin I feel like I've picked up a few note worthy tips to share.

Wait, there is more. In the spirit of "we enjoy how information is disseminated online we will also be including info-graphics, because although neither one of us is very artistically inclined, I personally love to draw, and Photoshop my ideas into mind blowing nuggets of truth. So in the coming year look out for a post where I celebrate the completion of said book because writing it, has truly been a bitch, and a half.

Cheers and New York Times Best Selling Teddy Bears!

Dear Santa from Outer Space.......

I would have wrote a letter to the Santa Claus of our universal sector but I'm afraid that his spam blocker is way too strong, and he may have lost his Christmas spirit when he realized just how many people wouldn't have a chimney because so many of them have been displaced from their homes in these horrible economic times. Thankfully since we found Kepler 22b, and it possess water, and summer timeish weather, it's a safe assumption to think that the planet has some form of life. The laws of physics clearly state "where there is life there must be a Santa Claus".

I have been through so much in such a short time, I may dub this my quarter life crisis, but that's a post for another time. It's been tough, but this week I regained the bit of myself that is motivated to create. So I made this video. It's not really a video, that I expect to find a huge audience. It's a video I made for myself, to get all the things that I had on my mind out into the open, and to feel that familiar bolt of creative energy surge through my body. I don't want to go off on an I'm back, and better than ever rant, because the reality is although I'm here and trying to pick up the pieces, I'm wounded.

So let us let the healing process begin.

It's the holiday season and I've always loved this time of year. It fills me with hope, and good will, but most importantly hope. Life often feels as if it's hopeless and just having that little extra bit of faith to keep me going is the greatest gift of all. So lets strike the lights, call the scene, and go for take two. I refuse to give up on myself, and I'm hoping you don't give up on me either.

Cheers and Resilient Teddy Bears!

Creators Block

I was struggling to make a vlog. Vlogs are the easiest form of video to make, and I was struggling.

Making new content always came so easily to me. Every project is a joy to make and another notch of fun on a belt that has no end. I've been struggling through a very dry period for me as a creator and the horrible video I'm posting below is a testament to this period. I know that in order to make good content I first need to create for myself a good life. I'm more unsatisfied with life no more than ever before. I've made more progress professionally this year than ever before. With that said, when your profession is being creative, and you cannot create you have a problem on your hands. I am trying to buckle down, and ride through the storm. If I don't continue to create without limit then whats the point?

I've never been afraid to share with you my worst so that we can celebrate when I'm at my best.

Cheers and Stuck Teddy Bears!

Final Cut Pro Vs. Avid, and Why it Doesn't Matter.

My timelines always end up with like 20 tracks *this is not one of my timelines.*

Which piece of software wins between Final Cut Pro, and Avid? Which software makes you a true editor? The answer is neither, and shame on you for entertaining such foolish thoughts. 

It is this "true editor" mindset that has lead me to give up on looking for editing gigs, and I will tell you why. It seems like if you don't edit on either Final Cut, or Avid, then you just aren't editing. I understand that these mediums are the industry standard, but it's a very narrow minded way to look at an art form, because that's really what editing is. If I call a taxi service, and I ask them to take me from one point to the next, I don't follow that sentence with if the driver is not driving a BMW, or a Mercedes please don't even bother.

The tool by which you get the job done with may vary in complexity, but all that matters is the end product. Now I'm no fool. I understand that if you wanted some type of motion tracking, detailed color correction, or you need heavy composting, and I edit with movie maker or iMovie then you can't hire me, because I am not able to complete the project due to technical limitations. Asking for FCP or Avid almost directly eliminates that problem completely. The downside is while you eliminate the junior editors you also inadvertently eliminate much seasoned editors who can complete your project, but are excluded, because they work more efficiently on a different non-linear editor.

There are other professional grade editing software besides Final Cut Pro, and Avid. Anyone ever here of Sony Vegas Pro? What about a little piece of software from a startup company stop me if it rings a bell, Adobe Premiere?

We live in a time where the average Joe is shooting, editing, and distributing a new age of home movies via YouTube, and sites in the same vein. This I'm sure creates a lot of noise for employers. The way I deal with the situation is by removing myself from the equation. 
  1. I'm a decent editor, but there are motion graphics guys, and people playing around with after effects out there that could wipe the floor with me. 
  2. My editing station sucks, as I have the slowest laptop computer on the planet, which makes the editing process comparable to a physical castration. 
  3. I rather shoot, than edit any day of the week, (This varies sometimes I actually love to edit, I won't lie).

Even though I've removed myself from the argument, I still see where it falls apart. Fact is what a person edits with should be of little consequence. It's the editor that matters. So before you go requesting tools and run into average Joe who bought final cut and couldn't put together a slide show. Ask to see a reel. After all you're looking for a person to do the job not shopping for software.

Hopefully I've laid this one to rest.

Cheers and Creative Teddy Bears! 

Innovate or Bust

Idea for a lightweight stroller that easily goes up and down stairs. Vote for it here

"Innovation wipes clean the wretched stench of stagnation" - Joshen Reborn

This is officially the first week of me being back from my hiatus, and what a week it has been. I have had time to look back at my past achievements, and the progress I've made professionally, and financially, and I  am extremely proud, but improvements must be made. While freelancing has been awesome, the opportunities are very few, and far in between which leads me to think that at the rate I am going, I will not realize my ambitions within my lifetime. This realization always seems to be the catalyst to facilitate change. I am trying to increase my output of creative content by focusing on innovation.

One change I've made to my routine is creating at least one new invention every week to submit to While this has not yielded any type of profit for me as of yet, I feel like Quirky is a good fit for a people like me, who possess both the imagination and drive to create, but lack the resources to bring our ideas to fruition. Quirky would actually be my second stab at inventing. When I was about 16 I went to an invention facilitation company to help me patent a broken bulb remover. I was told by the head of the company that my idea was amazing but he couldn't enter a contractual agreement with a minor, and we went our separate ways.

Following the theme of innovation I created a another blog today, as well as put in some work on a new YouTube channel. is a comprehensive list of  all things Awesome, and unAwesome. I am hoping that what started today as a simple list will turn into a massive aggregation of reader submitted websites, articles, pictures, video, and original music. All this content will then be filtered to eliminate the mediocre leaving only the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. This is the second blog under my wings, and I have high hopes for it, because this is new exciting territory for me.

I want something that I've never had, so I must do things I've never done. Innovation will hopefully be the change agent responsible for moving me from this stoic period of life towards some actual living. At the very least I'll have a new batch of original work to help me move onward and upwards.

Innovation is not a choice, it's an inevitability.

Cheers and Innovative Teddy Bears!

Tips to Attract an Audience: Finding Sponsors

here is the video I made in support of my new sponsor

I'm still technically on my hiatus, but a few things have happened which I feel are absolutely blog worthy. I announced that I would be taking a two week break from content creation on Sept.27, and that very week I found my very first sponsor. Now I've thrown around the joke that I'm looking for every, and any sponsor. The joke goes along the lines of all companies that need a face, I'll push your product, even if it's cigarettes, tobacco, firearms, or carcinogenic baby blankets. Seriously though choosing who you will allow to sponsor you is not something that should be taken lightly (taking the money now may not be the most lucrative option). My strategy is to "choose a brand that I can stand behind", because if you lose your credibility this new found sponsor relationship is useless. Even if you gain a few dollars, losing your credibility could result in losing your audience (the risk is too high a price, an audience's worth is limitless).

I can stand behind, offering a cheap option to such an essential branding tool. Without I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now

So the big question is how did I do it? The simplicity of the answer surprised even me. I sent a simple email proposing what I had in mind, and the reply was absolutely. I think the most important part in creating this new relationship is that I already had a body of work that the brand could refer to, and say "this is good stuff". Reach out to more than just the recognizable brands. There are a ton of start-ups, and successful businesses that may not have the recognition of, lets say, Facebook, but they certainly are worth paying attention to. Seek out a brand, the odds of you finding them is greater than them stumbling into you. Where should you look? Try a networking event, it doesn't really matter what for either. Pay attention to the sponsors of the event because they may be interested in also sponsoring you, or your event. Pop Chips is a great example of a brand that's willing to work with creative professionals. 

Cheesily I want to say that this is me finally seeing the reward of putting out good content, but I don't think it's that simple. This I believe is the only logical direction for me to head in after putting so much work out for such a long period of time.

Cheers, and Paid for by Teddy Bears!

Bloggers Night Out "The Recap"

Sizzle Reel style Recap of BloggersNightOut

So last night I made my way down to Pranna to schmooze, and schmingle at Bloggers Night Out. It was a night for fashion bloggers to have their say, and boy what a night it was. I met some really awesome people, and I got a ton of amazing footage, granted I am the furthest thing from being a fashionista, but like any other event where I'm a fish out of water I connected to people on a basic level. Fact of the matter is we all write, we've had a few drinks, and we want to have a good time!

Highlights of the night:

  1. I spun the item wheel and won a pair of shoes that I am positive I will be giving away, to one lucky lady who either follows this blog, or subscribes to my YouTube channel, or both for double the chances!
  2. After I acquired said shoes women then all instinctively asked me if I will be wearing the shoes.
  3. Open Bar from 8 to 9! Just enough drinks for me to get an acceptable work buzz, the key to many successful event shoots.
  4. The end of night gift bag full of other things I cannot use, but will also be giving away! Pictures below

In short the event was a success, and the following young ladies should by very proud of themselves. Lets give a round of virtual applause to:

 Now, if you missed it I gave you an awesome video you can watch on repeat to tide you over till the next event. Time for me to start reaching out to the insane number of people who slipped business cards into my pocket. I still can't find something to out class the feeling I get from meeting new people.

Cheers, and Magazine Cover Teddy Bears!

The Doctor Who inspired "Time Locked" Video

One of those iconic shots that doesn't come along everyday.

Limitless creation indeed.......

Doctor Who, and Torchwood "Miracle Day" are a part of my regular T.V. rotation. Also a part of this rotation is TrueBlood, and Alphas, but I digress. I realized that absolutely no one knew I had an affinity for the Doctor Who series until I whipped out my sonic screwdriver on BlogTV to signal the beginning of a "lightning round". I wanted to immediately rectify the situation the only way I knew how, and that was by making a video.

I immediately got to work on "Time Locked", which was a very ambitious project from the start. I had roughly a week to get this video out in time for the mid season return of Dr. Who. Sad to say "Let's Kill Hitler" aired, and the video still was not complete. My plan to release a video to herald the return was a failure, but the video is out, and I think it's the best I could do to say "Hi, I'm a fan and I would like to contribute something small to the larger Doctor who universe."

This video is far from perfect, but it's special. It's one of those "labors of love" that I hear people talking about. I could never have done this alone, which is why I need to thank all the people who made this possible.  I'm grateful for the generosity of Andy over at The Way Station who was kind enough to let me shoot in his bar with his Tardis. Without Andy none of this would be possible. I also would like to thank Girl Gone Geek, without her I wouldn't have known that The Way Station exists, and finally I need to thank my good friend VdeoVxn for lending me a hand during the production process.

I consider myself a pretty faithful Whovian, and I am proud of Time Locked. I want it to be known that I am a  fan even though I often voice personal opinions that may not be very popular with other Doctor Who fans. (Russell T. Davies told a better story in comparison to Steven Moffat, and Neil Gaiman's episode "The Doctors Wife" was the best of the season thus far followed by the Silence arc.) Then again it's the dissent that leads to those heated amazing conversations I love so very much.

I won't stop with Time Locked, one day when my resources are able to materialize my imagination, I'll do another fan fiction style video. Until that day.

Cheers and Time Vortex Teddy Bears!

Small Gestures Shake The World

The NYC earthquake was a tiny ingredient in creating an amazing day.

I often talk about the things that go wrong, or the things I wish to achieve, but for some reason or another I just cannot attain. Today was different. Today August 23. 2011 I was absolutely livid, because I had what I can only describe as a good day. It wasn't because I gained a coveted One million subscribers on YouTube, nor did I win the lottery, or secure a life changing business deal. It was a day full of small positives, and it made all the difference. To think all of this centered around my first earthquake experience living in New York.

Around 1:55 my good friend VdeoVxn accused me of shaking the desk that we both happened to be editing at. During this accusation I countered with a very mature "Yeah, ok. Dude you're shaking it with your foot" we both remained still for a moment and noticed that we still felt a small swaying sensation. Only to hear the neighbors then shout that their house was moving. Within that ten second period we knew that something was happening. I wanted to be the first to upload on the matter, so I grabbed my camera and created the messiest, funniest, most real video I could create within the moment. A video that didn't need any editing, and was sent right to the internet. Within 20 minutes that video's views were frozen at 314. A sign that the video had garnished a mass amount of views and the rest of views were being authenticated. We like to call it the viral effect. I've been dreaming of such a video for quite sometime now. Today it happened.

As that was taking place I noticed a mention from @KingofTheWeb they let me know that my video "Save a Creative" was featured on the homepage of, which would be the first time anyone has so publicly recognized any of my videos, and shared it to such a wide audience. It was a big moment for me which came from such a tiny gesture.

Finally, today I met Chloe. A beautiful young woman who had such a sunny disposition. She was so interesting that I bought her a frozen strawberry lemonade, hand delivered. She smiled.

None of these things have drastically changed my world, but what they did do is help to create a complete experience. If someone would have told me that wonderful times would be born from feeling the small shake of a 5.9 earthquake I would have written them off as insane. Yet here I am penning, and sealing this day as amazing. Appreciating the small gestures is what gets you through the tough times. I will remember this day the next time I am stuck trying to figure out how I can take my career as a content creator to the next level. There is truth in the statement that the whole is only as good as the sum of it's parts.

Cheers and Livid Teddy Bears!

"We need this Pack" Searching for community.

I am enjoying this season of TrueBlood so much that I'm going to use it as a tool to discuss a topic that's been on my mind as of late. That topic being, community. Now if you're paying attention to the "sub par b-plots" this season you will know that the best of the lot is about Alcide, and Debbie joining the wolf pack who's territory they accidentally moved into (this plot is also bleeding into the Sam Merlot/Luna plot and is becoming quite interesting). Debbie tells Alcide that she requires community to keep her sane, she's literally begging for Alcide to help fulfill this need. It's good for her and it will be good for them. It's Debbies overwhelming need to be accepted into a community that is the core of my thoughts.

I felt for a long time that I could do this all by myself. By "this" I mean create media, find an audience build an empire, and grow into the entity I aspire to be. I knew then as I know now that this while very possible is not the way to go. I need community, and I am sure someone out there feels the same way that I do. I have experience content from both sides of the spectrum. I was once a nameless YouTuber who digested content, enjoyed it and kept moving (No interaction). Now I create content, that's hardly ever seen by the community (Again minimal interaction). In both situations I felt as if something was wrong, and I required more from the situation to be happy.

It almost makes me feel a bit daft, because YouTube is a community to begin with, so why am I so alone? Answer is I'm not alone, and speaking with my good friend Fragm3nt3d today reminded me that I awkwardly have found a small community of creatives to work with, to laugh with, and to be the support that I desperately need in my darkest hours.

I acknowledge this modern conundrum, how can one be alone in a crowded room? We have so many social media outlets so many different ways to share you almost have to want to be alone. Problem is we have become increasingly more self involved. We log on we post about ourselves we log off. We respond to people who talk to us first. People don't take the time to listen or meet anyone new because they all just want to "share". We have become socially self absorbed. You become invisible in a crowded room when everyone looks into a mirror.

My advice, and the point of this post is to just let everyone know that "everybody needs somebody sometimes" It's impossible to be alone on the internet. Reach out, and find someone, talk to someone. Take a general interest in another, and build a community. At the end of the day, the point of the web is to connect us all.

I'll leave you with a bit of content.

Cheers and Social Animal Teddy Bears!

Tips to Attract an Audience: Monetization

This the first video that I'm monetizing on YouTube, I'm hoping that I've done so in a tasteful way.

I've noticed that an audience will turn it's back on you the moment it thinks you have sold out. Sadly these days it seems that selling out is defined as "any point which an artist decides to receive compensation." If you're still building your audience my advice to you is not to worry about monetization at all. I've had an Adsense account for a very long time, and I'll tell you without the audience it's not very effective. Second you don't want to turn anyone off by using the M-word at all (money).

If people think you're only after money you lose the genuine connection. Once the connection is lost the need to return, or share you with their friends is also lost. In the equation to find your audience retention is equally as important as attraction.

So if I'm not working on monetization, what should I be working on? The simple answer is distribution. Finding new channels to funnel your content through should be your highest priority. In fact I'm learning that content aggregators that have small communities can be efficient in the early stages of the mass sharing needed for content to go viral. A good example being Tip'  they have a small community circulating business related news which has managed to reach me on several occasions. Right behind distribution is retention. Reward your loyal followers for staying with you and they will continue to stay (do a contest, or a giveaway). Also don't ever doubt the power of a well placed show of your gratitude, let them know just how important they are to you.

If however you do have an audience, and you're ready to monetize I will be doing a post on affiliate marketing very soon, so you have a reason to come back! (see I'm already working on retention)

Cheers and Money Foregoing Teddy Bears!

Tips to Attract an Audience: Bloopers!

I have a new found respect for bloopers.

Even the most creative content creators, hit the proverbial wall. Searching for, or expanding your audience can be a daunting task, when the people can't connect to your more seasoned refined content (Your perfect pieces). When these moments arise we should remember to incorporate one, or all of  the three most common factors all people share. Sexual desire, our own mortality, and our humanity itself. The blooper real reassures the viewer that the person on the other side of the screen isn't perfect in fact they are just as imperfect as anyone else.When the viewer places the content creator on a pedestal it becomes very easy for them to forget that we are only human after all. Which brings us to the blooper real.

I never realized the importance of a decent blooper reel until just yesterday. Viewers want to connect with what's real, and there isn't anything more real than when a person completely fails at whatever it is they are attempting to do. I also realized while editing the first two episodes of my show that 75% of what I didn't say was funnier to me than what I actually said. 

Latest Episode of Interestingly Sexy

So my advice when attempting to find, or retain an audience show them who you really are, and what better way to do that than buy showing them you at a less than perfect moment, it's relate-able, it's funny and it doesn't require you to do any extra production work. The magic essentially creates itself. If the appeal to humanity fails, you could always troll, gather mass hate, and became infamous. That works too. 

The pilot episode of Interestingly Sexy, as well as all my other videos can be found at the top of this page within the video vault. Check it out!

Cheers and Tipster Teddy Bears!

Baxi Luna 3 10E error (Helpful Guide)

I must say that this has been the one and only time Google has failed me. I shall remedy that by adding my knowledge into it's vast compendium.

I was trying to be productive yesterday, and work on some videos, but I had to deal with this dreaded 10E Baxi Luna 3 comfort fi 310 error. Now the problem was simple enough my boiler needed to be re-pressurized, but there was absolutely no helpful information anywhere online to guide me in such a simple task. I ended up having to call my electrician while he was at home, and he walked me through it step by step over the phone. Now I'm no HVAC expert, but if you're having this issue, and can't figure out how to fix it and we happen to have the same boiler here you go a video, and a written step by step guide to fixing the problem!

Baxi Luna 3 Comfort pressurizing video

  1. Cut the power to the boiler (If you know how also cut the gas).
  2. Check the pressure gauge it's numbered from 0 to 4 it should be some between 1 and 1.5.
  3. Next to the pressure gauge is a water spout that releases pressure if it's too high. Keep this in mind of you accidentally raise the water pressure too high.
  4. Look right under the boiler and you will see a long red knob. Turn that counter clockwise and the boiler will fill with water. You can hear the water rushing in.
  5. Fill until you have the desired pressure of 1.5 and turn the knob clockwise.
  6. Do Not Fill Past The 1.5 Mark. You Have Been Warned.

Well Joshen what happens if you raise the pressure too high? well I got the advice from an expert all the way in the U.K. Allan also known as @thegasengineer has been in the business for 25yrs, and he provides "professional service across the Central Belt, covering Edinburgh, The Lothians, Falkirk, Stirling & Lanarkshire." So if you need some HVAC services, throw your business his way you will be in good hands. Link to his website here.

The Danger of Over-pressurizing Your Boiler:

"Water expands as it heats, which if the pressure is too high to start with, will get the boiler near the safety blow-off. The safety blow-off is normally about the 3bar. So it will blow-off, lose pressure, top-up too high, blow-off..vicious circle, etc." 

All resulting in you not having any hot water, and possibly screwing up the boiler. 

Now I'm not sure just how many Baxi Luna 3's are out there in the wild, but I do know every person in my apartment complex has one, and if this helps just one person then my work is done! I would also like to thank @thegasengineer for responding to my plea for help on twitter, and explaining to me the dangers of raising the pressure too high. 

Anatomy of Viral Media.

New Friday Segment! Yes..Every...Friday.

"Attract an Audience, That attracts an audience. That's how you grow your audience" - Joshen Reborn

So I've been experimenting with the content I create, looking for what is easily found, what's most re-shared what brings in a new, and loyal audience (i.e. Followers/Fans/Subscribers). I created a new segment which incorporates all that I learned thus far, and it is something that I can do consistently. So if you were looking for those key elements of media that attracts thousands of views here they are.

  1. Utilize hot topics - You want to make what you are creating as easy to find as possible. People will stumble across random things every now, and then, but if you create what people are searching for at the time you improve your chances of it being found. (I learned this after creating this very simple vlog on planking which numbers wise did amazingly well.
  2. People relate to people - It's the human factor that people are attracted to. The internet is simply another realm for humans to be social animals, and they are literally looking for something real among a sea of things that are fake. Be genuine and infuse your personality into the content. It's the most basic level for people to connect to you on.
  3. Keep it short but interesting - It's generally accepted that anything less than 5 minutes is suitable time for a video. People are extremely busy doing nothing, and that's how they would like to keep it. The vast majority of people looking for content are A. bored at work or B. Bored at home. The bored at work crew need a quick entertainment fix so they can quickly revert to looking busy. While the bored at home crew needs a quick entertainment fix so they can move on to the next entertainment fix.
  4. Sex still sells - If you tag on a bit of eye candy that never hurts. In fact there is a reason why the vast majority of the internet is made of pornographic material.
Following these four basic tips I've come up with a show that's 3 - 5 minutes in length that highlights things that were either interesting or sexy to me. The best part of the show has to be that I genuinely enjoy what I am sharing and that translates via video. If you would like more tips on how to go viral refer to my previous post here "So You Want To Go Viral

There is the other side of viral media, the more instant side. The side we most desire; one night you go to bed a nobody, and when you wake up the next morning everyone knows your name. You could end up recording something one in a million like an amazing stunt, accident, pet trick, or a FAIL, and go viral that way. If you want to take a gamble for a one hit wonder be my guess. You will get the views, but will you get the fellowship. True value is found in being able to recreate the magic over, and over again.

Consistency is rooted in organization

Cheers and visually pleasing Teddy Bears!

Content Generation is about "Hits and Misses"

Shoe Change from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.
This was part of the video below but I cut it out for time puposes,

In my time as a content creator I've learned that  there is little grey area for the things you make. It's either you make a hit, or you completely miss. Every idea I have I could swear to high heaven that it's the greatest idea yet. I always have the "this is it" moment where I know this is the straw that will break the camels back and I'll finally experience some sort of success. Sadly that excitement doesn't always translate to something tangible. A few of my videos have done extremely well for my standards, and others have done poorly.

With that said I'm a bit disappointed with my latest video. It just didn't do it for me (which is strange cause I'm it's creator). I don't think what I had in mind translated well onto screen, and because of that my video suffered. I have to consider this a personal miss. I also have to learn to be ok with the fact that some of my videos are going to suck. I just have to suck it up and make another. Here's the video in question.

I was told that to be successful on this path, I have to either educate, be super talented at something, or piss everyone off. I don't know if I can do just anyone of these things awesomely well. That scares me, because I can see the truth in this statement.

I fear becoming so discouraged with my craft that I quit. The only time you ever truly lose is when you quit. We must never quit.

Cheers and Content Producing Teddy Bears!

Google+ and it's Golden Ticket.

I've made crucial mistakes on Facebook, Twitter, and even on my current love YouTube, simply by not being an early adopter. Early adopters usually have a leg up when it's time to capitalize on the web, because they have had more time to establish an audience. Think about the term Twitter celebrity, at one point in time, not so long ago, nobody would have thought that Twitter would be able to generate an income for it's most popular users. The same applies for Facebook, and YouTube, wherever you can create an audience there is money to be had.

So lets make three things painfully Clear

  1. If you are an internet entity you should join Google plus, because as we the internet race into Google's open arms in record numbers, the odds of your visibility, and consumer engagement (as an entity/Business) increasing becomes much higher.
  2. If you adopt on to a platform early, and it becomes insanely popular in the near future, you had precious time to establish an audience. Which makes you look like a prime candidate to engage in any type of profit sharing.
  3. Once Google opens it's doors if the current demand is any indicator, there will be plenty of new people looking to interact with every and anyone on their platform. So even if Google+ ultimately flops for the moment it will be the new hot thing online (Remember Xanga, LiveJournal, AolChat, Myspace? They all had their time). As a Content generator, I must admit for me that would be heaven.

I see this as the Golden opportunity to be one of those highly coveted early adopters. I want to plant my roots in the new social network, and within the next 2 - 5yrs if it is as successful as it's projected to be, I will reap my benefits. If however Google+ flops (Because we all remember Google Wave and Google Buzz) I would have only lost an investment of time, a gamble I am willing to take.

Essentially what Google has managed to do is create an organized riot. The internet is literally being flood with requests, and blog posts on how one can get an invite into this social network, and Google is adding fuel to that fire by keeping everyone out. Google+ is such a tease. By keeping it's legs closed it essentially has made itself more attractive. Google+ has it's buzz, consumers follow the buzz, business follow consumers, and then money begins to change hands.

As for Google plus eclipsing Facebook, I'm not sure if that is going to happen. What I do know is that Facebook had plans to funnel the entire web through itself, Google+ is the response. If Google could speak I'm sure it would say "Silly Facebook the internet will be funneled through Google" because it almost literally already is.

Either way I will not fall behind, and I hope you don't either. The race is on to find the Golden Ticket!

Leave a comment if you currently have Google+ and let me know what you think. If you don't have it let me know if you do, or don't want in.

Cheers and Early Adopter Teddy Bears!

Social Media Strategy; Like Assholes, Everybody Has One.

@Klout understands that people have influence despite their economic status. The everyday man, as well as the celebrity, can drive content just by mentioning it (Word of mouth marketing). @Klout can essentially connect brands to the people who essentially have the biggest mouths (Klout score, or size of mouth dependent on the amount of people that take action).

Where do I begin?

I sounded off on twitter today about @Klout and the future marketing possibilities for nonprofits, politicians, and lobbyist utilizing Influencers. During this discussion I got a quick glimpse into the world of Social Media Strategist, and New Media Consultants. The New media/Social media environment is in a very early, very profitable, wild west state at the moment. We understand that this environment has the ability to reach large audiences quickly, and potentially turn a high R.O.I depending on your business. What nobody can accurately explain, or outline is how? It's kind of like the Wacky races. Everyone is in a funny shaped car with different functions, trying to beat out all the other funny shaped cars, to win the attention of consumers which, ultimately can lead to their wallets.

I personally have been implementing my own social media strategy to drive my content. If somehow you are reading this I have been semi successful. However, I do not claim to have the winning combination of outlets that guarantee an increase in exposure, or awareness by following a "few simple steps". The fact stands at this, when it comes to strategy one size doesn't fit all, and if a Social Media Consultant is selling that kind of package, you may as well jump on Facebook yourself, and start crafting your own status. Winning social media strategy is intuitive with the brand, and thus should change to suit the brands needs.

Finally, and most important Social Media Establishment and Social Media Strategy are two very different things. When you cut a check, be sure that you aren't simply paying someone to "setup" a social media presence, but you're paying for them to provide guidelines as well as setting realistic, and measurable goals which can be monitored (accountability is a hell of a concept). In the event that I do find the magic formula, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be selling an Ebook, and providing private consultation to companies, and private individuals. What the hell, I may as well start doing that now.

Cheers and Profiteering Teddy Bears!

Unfinished Business

The Good Samaritan from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.
Special Thanks to Charles Lamour, because this is probably more his film than it is mine. (and I wrote/directed it)

I recently finished revamping the old page here, and I am quite pleased with what all my hours of tinkering with code has produced.  If you haven't been here for a while, or this is your first time I would like to personally welcome you.

On with the show!

I am always rambling on about combining ambition, with action. I consider myself a "do-er" so initiating has never been my weakness, but when it comes to completion that's another story. Whether I'm dreaming or scheming it seems like I'm always chasing the next "big idea". Over the years I can't begin to count how many big ideas I've had, but I can count the amount I've completed. When taking action, follow through is equally as important as everything else, because if you have a million dollar idea, and you put it into the works, but you never finish, you might as well have never started.

Now lets take that notion and completely contradict it.

The short film above was an ambitious project. It taught me more about film making, networking, and execution than any of the books I've read. I am proud of The Good Samaritan because it was my first shot in the dark (film wise). I wrote a halfway decent script, and because of that I got a half way decent film. Production wise it was gorgeous, the actors were amazing, and the crew was comprised of the most talented group of guys to ever grace a set. The short comings of the project fall on my shoulders as a writer and director. I can accept that. (Honestly I wrote it in half a day) The decision to scrap the project didn't fall on my shoulders though. The editor just never finished editing.

The Good Samaritan is unfinished in the sense that the project wasn't edited to a final version. Some will see the fact that it will always be a rough draft as it being my unfinished business, but I disagree. I feel like it completed the higher purpose of making me a better filmmaker. The Good Samaritan was more of a classroom for me, the knowledge I took away from the experience is worth more than having never done the project at all. So the greater lesson is that you can't measure when something is "finished" by one soul view point.

The Good Samaritan is a success in more ways than just one. My first film will remain unfinished, and I am fine with that. I love this piece, not because it's the greatest film in the world, but because it gave me a few lessons on life, and because of that the next one will be infinitely more amazing.

My advice to you is to try, and not get too hung up on unfinished business.

Cheers and Dual Viewpoint Teddy Bears!

Driving While Sleepy (DWS)

The following post contains serious subject matter, please pass this on to anyone you feel may benefit from it.

If you dose off at the wheel, pullover and take a nap. Don't fight it, sleep wins the fight 9 times out of 10.

I am lucky to be alive.

I consider myself one of the hardest working content makers in the game. I am hungry for success, and I am cognizant of the fact that I am at the bottom rung of the ladder. Everyday I climb. Day turns to Night, and back to day, and I'm still climbing relentlessly.

Nothing is more integral to achieving your goals (no matter what they may be) than you. First and foremost you have to make sure you are taken care of, because there is no goal, riches, wealth, notoriety, land, respect, power, future without you (#fact it you are the master key).

Ambition can easily become obsession, there is strength in knowing the difference. On June 6th, 2011 I let my ambition cross that dark line. I was so consumed with completing my latest video in a timely manner that, my mind began to ignore signs that my body had reached it's limit. I started to lose time as in I am falling asleep mid sentence, waking up, and continuing unaware that I ever fell asleep. What's worse my good friend Video Vix[o]n was experiencing the same thing (blacking out) bad part is he was operating a motor vehicle.

We pushed ourselves to the brink and we put our lives, and the lives of others in danger, and for that I owe the world, my friend, my loved ones, the motorist, and the loved ones of those motorist, a sincere apology.

Driving while exhausted is bad business. We walk away with a lesson learned, and the obligation to share it. If you are feeling sleepy while driving the best thing to do is simply pull over and take a power nap. Something as simple as a nap can prevent irreversible devastation to a countless number of lives.

Take a moment, to consider yourself.

Cheers and Thankful Teddy Bears.

Feature Reborn Model - Xin Cole

There is always that one iconic shot that stands out above all the rest. This photo just speaks to me. I love it!

On with the show!

If you haven't heard of Xin Cole by now, trust and believe you will soon enough. Xin has a talent, and cunning that rivals my own. This woman is beautiful, intelligent, and she has a thing for killing Zombies (she knows NukeTown like the back of her hand). Xin Cole is the definition of elegance, Men want her, Women want to emulate her, Puppies want to lick her hand, and be adorable around her. Xin's wit is literally sharper than a Hatori Hanzo edge, and she is definitely not afraid to use it. She's the stuff of both legend, and fantasy. I could go on, and on, but don't take my word for it, allow these photos to speak volumes about the orgasmic goodness which is Xin Cole.

Xin Cole Bound

Xin Cole Seduction
Xin Cole, with her epic awesomness, has managed to stir the pot here in the Reborn Nation. She has carved her name in antiquity, by Shooting a total of four photo sessions with me, thus making her photo collection the largest one to date. There were so many photo's I had to upgrade my Google account to the 20GB for 5 dollars a year plan. Now Ms. Cole owes me a vlog so as soon as I get her on camera again I'll have a vlog of us together.

Xin Cole Up Close

Xin Cole without a cool title

Now that I can reflect on my progress I'm rather pleased with how the Feature Reborn Model segment has turned out (cause all that amazing just happened). So far I've done four F.R.M segments, which makes me 1. totally bad ass and 2. sympathetic to the plight of the average model (it's not as easy as we all think). In my travels I meet many beautiful, and interesting people, some of which I have the honor of making a video with, or shooting a few pics here, and there. For this fact alone I've been viciously labeled a photographer (once you take one picture, all the video work counts for nothing), not because I have formal training, not because I've perfected the craft, not even because I decided that was a viable path for me (Trust me I've raged against the machine).

Expect to see more of Xin Cole not just from me but all over the interwebs. I truly believe that

As always the complete collection can be found within the Photography section up above. Now that I am a photographer, I think it's only fitting that I add photos to the menu of services I provide as Joshen Reborn. So don't forget to check out the services page for a complete price list of goodies to be had. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Xin Cole can be found all over the internet, and a little birdie told me she was available for Bookings!

Professional Portfolio:
Twitter: @XinCole

I don't think I need to say this but, I will anyway Xin Cole is #JoshenRebornApproved

Chairs and Chain Bound Teddy Bears!


I snapped this pic while I was hard at work. It just feels like a keeper.

What am I really doing?

I feel like I've asked myself time and time again. Sitting before the glow of my laptop, working on something or another and I have to stop and think What am I really doing? A simple question, laced with a complex amount of doubt. I'm sure I'm not the only one, any creative eventually reaches that point where they have to take stock of there actions and decide whether what they are doing is worth it, or that it's all been a huge waste of time, and it's time to pack it up. It's a pivotal moment that we all experience. How we carry on varies, but the important part is that we carry on.

When you have a "what am I really doing" moment there are two very basic things that you have to understand,

1. There is no way to gauge at this time the benefit of your actions
2. As long as you're still fulfilled with your work, you're doing something extraordinarily correct.

We have to build up a bit of Momentum to push us through the times of doubt.

It's hard to explain why I continue to move forward, but I put together this short that captures the moments in between the content. The moments where it's nothing but laughter. Momentum moments (clever aren't I?), also I've been searching for a place to put that fancy time lapse I shot the day Video Vix[o]n finished "Viral Never Dies". Speaking of YouTube, if you missed my previous video, here it is for you in all it's glory.

At the end of the day, above all else I'm really just trying to enjoy the moment.

Cheers and Momenta Teddy Bears!

Feature Reborn Model - Cherish

"When one door closes, another one opens with Hennessey" these are the words I used to bring a close to my  Good Friday. I think that I may still hold the title of "Luckiest man alive" because I pulled something from nothing (I divided by Zero). I wanted to shoot a few photos to test out the strength of my homemade lighting setup (which you can see Video Vix[o]n testing out for himself up above) and my "Plan A" fell through. I was left without a subject, and I had no video concept so in other words, I was shit out of luck. Suddenly from the sky Cherish falls into my lap. She was willing to help, and just like that I was shooting another amazing, ambitious woman. Cherish is an upcoming makeup artist who I hope to be working alongside, on many lucrative future projects. In this economic and intellectual recession, ambition is hard to come by, so when I find it I appreciate it. Enjoy a sample of the amazing shots I took that day!

I am back, from being without a computer for atleast 14 or so days, so just being able to come back and resume our conversation feels wonderful. I am stepping back into the New Media ring secure in the thought that my production value has just been dramatically increased, thanks to the new lighting. Enough about me though lets take a look at Cherish. I literally gave myself a pat on the back for these pics, but the only reason they came out so great was because she is absolutely amazing.

Cherish Vlog from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

As always we ended the session with a little bit of Vlogging and a whole lot of love. If you would like to see the entire collection, or check out any of the other feature Reborn Models they can be found in the photography section at the top of the page. I just hope that I don't mislead people into thinking I'm a photographer, because I'm really not (just being honest). I am just a filmmaker, who has an eye for creating a frame.

Cheers and Strobe Light Teddy Bears

So You Want To Go Viral

Honestly even though I've not gone viral my knowledge on the subject matter is extensive, if you found this post searching for ways on going viral allow me to provide my five governing principles of the viral video, so that your time was not wasted.

1. The subject matter, matters! (Good Content doesn't go viral, Lightning in a bottle goes viral)

2. Going Viral could take years. (It's not about speed, one day someone discovers your content and the mass sharing begins)

3. Put your content in everyone's hands (Mass sharing and linking is the heart of Viral media. The soul however resides in making the content visible. Post it everywhere, and they will find it somewhere)

4. It's not what you make, it's who you know! (I've learned from YouTube and Klout that certain people "influencer's" can drive traffic to something just by mentioning it, the right words from the right person can make all the difference)

5. Stay in the game (Like the lotto you have to be in it to win it. If you don't provide content to go viral, don't expect to go viral)

Now that you have what you came for, tell everyone where you found it!

The holy grail of the internet is deeply seated in the phenomenon of information going viral (Not to be confused with a virus, ironically the one thing nobody wants from the internet). Some of us seek, fame, wealth, companionship, justice, or ultimate evil, the path however is the same. If you want to make your voice heard what you're saying has to go viral.

Now people often have the misconception that media goes viral on the internet when a bunch of people look at it  (Partial truth) The true engine behind viral media isn't in random mass discovery, it's in what people decide to share. A viral video is like a cheap whore that provides good work, she may not be the best looking but because  everyone's talking about her people will keep going to see her.

That said from the very beginning of my internet Journey I have wanted something I've created to go viral, sadly nothing has as of yet. Still I will not give up the good fight, I will continue to create content, in the hopes that the viral gods will visit me. So today I provide for you two videos, one that has failed to go viral (The Adjustment Bureau) and the other my golden child, my great viral hope, the video that pays homage to the mother of all viral videos (Vdeo Bit My Finger).

Last thing I want to leave you with is the fact that I am about to begin my all out assault against Direct TV. They certainly messed with the wrong creative.

Cheers and WarPath Teddy Bears!
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