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The Rent Damn High and The Milk Damn Expensive!

New video classic JRTV writing, I love it!

I made an executive decision to lead off my onlsaught of content with a three part video in response to the 2010 Gubernatorial debate. To cut to the chase Jimmy McMillan is incredible, the rent is too damn high, and Karate experts don't have to acknowledge the presence of their opponents, especially ones with such low power levels. It's classic JRTV, and just a bit of advice from the editing room, light blue gloves, and a light green screen, just don't mix.

Moving on here is my submission to the Sprint Epic contest. I titled this video Epic Bomb, but Sprint claims that I have some third party logo, music, or product in the video. The music was done by me by mouth, the logo is the Video Reborn logo owned for all intensive purposes by me, and there are no products in the video. I think my 30 second short was solid but I guess sprint thought otherwise. My guess at the rejection, either the video creeped Sprint the hell out, or they just don't approve of the use of the use of pentagrams. Either way I am moving on to AT&T's Simplify your life contest.

Last bit of media talk for the day, I am still on the search for models for my Feature Reborn Models segment, and for my super secret Dave Smartmen video. I am also seeking a Prostitute to interview but the ladies of the night have gone from abudant to scarce in 3.5 seconds flat. What fun this year has been minus the whole sick for 2 weeks episode. I won't stop until I have thoroughly entertained the world.

Cheers and Outraged Politcal Teddy Bears!

Whip my hair! (Smith's Takeover)

So right before I left for work today, I saw a Facebook post about the official Willow Smith Whip My Hair video release, and I just had to stop what I was doing, and watch it. The video is what I like to call a moving painting, the concept is brilliant, and the song is solid. Willow sounds like a grown woman and she's only 9. I noticed immediately that Willow more than Jaden posses the trademark Smith ears.

Those Smith kids are walking money catchers I have heard several times from several different people that Will needs to start selling his talented magic semen. It's like the child of a Smith is made of pure talent, and money. I am starting to think the video was leaked because I can't find it anywhere else. It's been removed from (Well as of now it' on Vevo and Will's fan page so I can embed to my hearts desire.)

I also released my bid at viralosity today with a fun little video titled Bailey goes hard. I wanted to do a JRTV but I had no time and no concept so I let the hillarity which is real life take over. I will be working on my "what happened to me" update video, and my entry video into the Sprint Epic 4G contest, so this week will be a good week for content just have to be patient is all.

In racist news, yesterday because I hadn't shaved or had a haircut in two weeks a friend of mine (Friend A) said I looked like a muslim. Another friend of mine (Friend B) interjected that's a tad bit insensitive at which point Friend A responds "no a good muslim the ones that wear beanies, and sell bean pies not the terrorist kind." This was a special moment because it describes the very real atmosphere here in NY at the moment, summarized in one ignorant exchange between friends.

I don't even think I need to say this but I will, Willow Smith is Joshen Reborn Approved!

Cheers and Hair Whipping Teddy Bears!

Reborn is Reborn? (can't call it that, sounds lame)

I was laying in bed fighting against the dying of the light for about two weeks straight, and on the second week I was magically cured, and thinking about all the video's I didn't do, and how off my own schedule I was. So here is the official statement of what happened to me.

On or around Wednesday October 6th I experienced chills while working with the kids, by the next day I was running a 104.5 fever (which now oddly sounds like a oldies radio station, like I was hot for some oldies) which prompted me to call out of work. On Friday I had begun to violently vomit, I vomited to the point that the only thing left for me to throw up would be my own stomach acid. I then proceeded to throw up stomach acid and a bit of blood which according to doctors "burned my insides" By Saturday all my Flu like symptoms had passed, but now eating and or, drinking anything left me in agonizing pain. I was very tired. and feeling extremely weak, I wanted to eat again. I went to the hospital on Sunday, they assessed my lack of health insurance gave me some drugs, and a few prescriptions, and sent me on my way (I need to get some of that Obama Care I've been hearing about)

I slowly healed my insides over the next week and here I am on Sunday well enough to blog, determined enough to enter a video contest and strong enough to take back this City that was once my playground.

So here is what I did before I got sick:

Shot a short film I wrote with my new friend Charles Lamour titled The Good Samaritan

Shot a Music Video with Charles Lamour titled I Love My Truck

Speed Action from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Started shooting a short film I wrote titled Proposition 187

Went searching for that damn 10k in Gold

Searching Govenors Island from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Saw the social network

Just saw The Social Network from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Did some other things that were both awesome and exciting but at this point I don't remember what they are.

Now I am off to reclaim my former glory. Like the title said Reborn is Reborn, which would make this my third coming. Divertido Divertido Divertido!

Thanks to all the people that wished me well! I <3 you!

Cheers and Healthy Teddy Bears!
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