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So I had to release a stand alone video on my channel today. *Gasp*, that is correct it wasn't a JRTV. I wrote Unfriended as a skit for the JRTV that hasn't been released as of yet. The JRTV is titled Unfriend Unfollow Unsubscribe and it was a verying ambitious pursuit as it pertains to making a JRTV because it is a video that I couldn't make by myself which is why I invented JRTV in the first place.

Unfriended however was one of those lightening in a bottle moments where you think you are doing something small and it takes on a life of it's own. It's no secret that I am looking forward to The Social Network so, don't be surprised if my content has a social networking theme for now. Quite frankly, I am just happy that I am sticking to my two video a week schedule.

I am enjoying my new Facebook page and just watching as my reach expands slowly outward. I love meeting new people, they are always so shiny. I also wanted to take the time to acknowledge some awesome content that isn't my own.

I saw the fan trailer for pokemon apocalypse on saturday and I was blown away. The production value is spectacular and as someone who has owned every version of the game since 1995 I appreciate this as one of those special things that only someone with a pure love of the story could do, a trailer that only a true fan could make.

Cheers and Gritty Reboot Teddy Bears!

New Media (NYTF) and You!

Friday's VIdeo

Last night I went to the New York Television Festival (NYTF) and I was hoping to take in some free content and have a few laughs, which did happen, but something else happened as well. While taking in the presentation from My Damn Channel and listening to Mr. Harry Shearer speak, I started to see in a very tangible way the progression of New Media. The term is thrown around and has taken on the abstract meaning of user content that is not created or provided by the evil media gods of the past (TV, Radio, Print), but this isn't entirely correct. New media according to the most credible source known to man (Wikipedia)

encompass the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word, with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, computer-enabled consumer devices and most importantly the Internet. New media holds out a possibility of on-demand access to content any time, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around the media content. What distinguishes New media from traditional media is not the digitizing of media content into bits, but the dynamic life of the "new media" content and its interactive relationship with the media consumer.

That is the essence of everything I am working to achieve. I am providing this new style of content which is, accessed on a broad spectrum of devices, trying to achieve the same old goal of entertainment. I watched as a room full of "all the right people" people who worked for, and gave up on old media spoke on monetization of the industry, they provided a quick look at how businesses are utilizing new media, and how the artist who produces the content has a rape free environment in which they can do business. New Media is expanding faster than a teenage boy watching softcore porn, and is becoming the new industry where a business can live fast, and die young. Which means there is a dollar to be made and it's up to us independent types to figure out how to make it. The monetization of New Media and Social Media is the silent gold rush. 

It's all very exciting to see what you do for hours at a time in the privacy of your own home with a camera and some editing software may one day be the standard way in which content is provided to the masses. 

Double video post because I am now on a two video per week schedule. Enjoy

Cheers and New Media Teddy Bears!

Feature Reborn Model - Natasha

The Best Shoot IMO, I took of Natasha that day!

So during my darkest hour while I was almost certain that my efforts to shoot the most important scene of #VideoReborn's first music video had failed, I took out my Camera and tried my hand at some semi-serious photography. The back drop was decent, and my Model/Muse for the day Natasha was beautiful, and there so why not? We also did a vlog, which I haven't done in ages!

Rooftop Vlogging - BTS Ball in a Cup from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I want to say that I hold Natasha very high in my heart of hearts. She showed so much support and basically integrated herself into every aspect of making Saturday a success. Without her this wouldn't have been possible I am certain.

So there you have it, all the best photos as well as a long overdue vlog, from all the Heineken we had on set, I would say the shoot was sponsored by Heineken but sadly no. One can only dream.

And FYI the shoot turned out to be a success so the wheels are turning and all lights are green. This will be the most successful and elaborate project that we ever put together.

Cheers and Multi-talented Teddy Bears!

We Lost Our Gold, Episode 8

While I was awaiting the release of episode 8, I began to reflect, and I came to the conclusion that I am no closer to finding this god damn money than I was at episode 1. So to save what's left of my sanity, I blog.

Well New York City is now in the proverbial mad dash, because the final episode of WelostOurGold is scheduled to be released today, and I can only imagine a sea of people running to and digging up random places in NYC, because they think they've "got it!" I refused to blog, or say anything about we lost our gold until now because I felt like the less people that knew the better, then maybe I would have a real chance of finding that gold. Now though my outlook has changed drastically.

Look at us working hard to find this money.

I feel like my greed has slowly been driving me mad over the course of these 8 or so weeks. Looking for clues cutting up videos connecting links that honestly are not there, seeing things that are not there. The videos have me mad with a gold fever and although I will be part of the screaming hoard of New Yorkers running and fighting to dig up a random spot in this beautiful city, I know that the chances of any of us finding that money is very slim.

We have all missed a Key detail in this map construction process that I feel is more related to video editing than is related to video watching and deciphering. So as an editor I will take my time and find this thing. Or follow the sea of nerds and just start digging faster right next to them because this kind of free money situation doesn't come along too often.

The city may flow red with the blood of the innocent tonight........or not, I'm just saying treasure makes people do crazy things!

By the way I will find this gold.

Good Luck!

If you havent seen my new video it will be in the video vault along with a trove of other goodies enjoy!

Cheers and Pirate Happy Teddy Bears!


I am guilty of letting my monetary pursuits dictate many of my actions. That get money mind set, while good for keeping me focused and moving, causes anxiety and stress when money is coming in slow or not at all. That being said, this has nothing to do with money at all. On sunday the 5th I had the opportunity to direct one of the scripts I posted in the feature script section a while back.

BTS - Good Samaritan from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

The talent gathered under the watchful eye of Charles Lamour, the Director of Photography, assembled in Bushwick Brooklyn and captured a bit of lightening in a bottle. There was no monetary gain in sight, no guarantees of fame and fortune, no corporate sponsors, just a group of talented individuals who wanted to make a film.

It was exilarating, it was a glimpse into the future I've so desperately been trying to build and at the end of the day all I could offer was my gratitude. Thanking everyone for their time and energy. Secretly I was thanking them for breathing life into me, for showing me the depths of my aspirations, for believeing in something that for so long only I could see. It was a wonderful day in Brooklyn and all I have to show for it is this behind the scenes clip that barely does it any justice.

One film down and an infinity more to go. No time to waste. Then again time is never wasted when you do it for the passion.

The Social Network

I heard the line "you better lawyer up" in a trailer and thought it was both the funniest and most epic them one human being has uttered to another in a very long time. It's hood with a hint of class that only litigation can provide.

I feel like I spend my life responding to things so this week I am taking the initiative to forecast. To boldly venture into the unknown void stare it in the eye and announce my supremacy. What better topic than The Social Network. On October 1st a film will be shown that defines the past decade, Social Networking has ingrained itself at the very core of how we communicate today. How relationships are formed and ended has been dramatically altered by the existence of the social network. I am hoping the movie gives a bit of insight into the mind of a man that proposed funneling the entire internet through Facebook (World Domination) a man who if I am not mistaken is the youngest billionaire ever. I did read earlier that Mark may not be too ecstatic about the movie. The article said the movie would "hold up a mirror" to the company and let it take a good look at itself. The movie was described as telling a story that Mark wanted to be left untold, so don't expect to see any ads on Facebook promoting The Social Network before it's release. That kind of treason could get your page deleted, which would inevitably mean you are deleted from existence because if your not on Facebook where are you?

Since I am on my Social Network kick I made a video on the subject matter.

I am also loving the Cover of Creep done by the Vegas Choir. It's the song that plays during the trailer. I am feeling it so much it gets it's own bit of play time right here right now!

Last but not least, an actual trailer for the social network just for the hell of it.

Oh I directed The Good Samaritan on Saturday in Bushwick it was an awesome experience with an even more awesome cast and crew. Behind the scenes footage coming soon, in fact a whole post on the magicalness of the experience will follow. I just love leading such an amazing existence.

"One thing I don't know why"

It's scary how quickly time is flying by. It makes me painfully aware of my short comings and failures. Although on special nights like tonight all I can see is success. I posted my 20th video on Youtube tonight and I am feeling pretty good about it. For some it's a meaningless reason to celebrate. I've made no money and quite frankly my situation is very similar to the one I was in 3 yrs ago given a slight change of setting.

I feel like it's time to celebrate and so I will. I've had the opportunity to reconnect with the awesome which is KitVonB. I now have a bottomless respect for TheJadedNyer and her incredible ability to release new content constantly and consistently. I am creating business relationships that appear to have the ability to yield great fruit. Above all this though, I am happy with the prospect that tomorrow will be a new and spectacular day.

So as time fly's and we all grow old, lets keep in mind that the we will only have regrets at the very end if we waste time doing nothing.

Ambition + Action = Success

Cheers and Timeless Teddy Bears
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