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Colin Kane PhootShoot Awesome Day!

I love my blog so much. To be honest I feel completely horrible because I've been neglecting it so much. It's like I'm a bad father, *sigh* I'm here now and I want to be part of your life so lets play catch...up. Let me share a little bit of this thing I call life. I realized that I have less to write about the more my shitty ass job destroys my soul. Still there are the rare occassions when I do something just so awesomely Joshen that it sparks a fire under my ass and I hop right back into creating my own media dynasty. Last weekend I had the honor of being part of mega photographer (click) Monte Isom's (me) photo shoot for the extremely talented comedian Colin Kane. Now I wanted to wait a few days till more shots were released onto the internet which I could borrow and show you the amazing magic which was the shoot but I'm afraid that this short clip it and this picture will have to do.

Colin Kane Blog Fodder from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Safe to say I never made it to the show. #Fail

In other news, I released a music video I did for the bed intruder song. It was a pretty quick and simple shoot but I was extremely pleased with the results.

We all know how much River Song hates spoilers (Dr.Who reference for all the people asking wtf are you talking about?) Well to be frank I am not too keen on them either but I do love a good teaser. So here is the inside track on what I've been working on alongside Video Vixon and Elroy Isaac, not trying to give away too much lets just say reality show, short film, Crazy expensive canon cameras and a giant laser in space which is powered by the sun.

Work is coming to a short break and I am thinking it may be time for me to move on to something where I can utilize some of my more interesting skill sets. Like my ability to tame the most savage of beast, or my people skills.

Oh hell I am in a good mood double video drop! Boom Bam Pow!

No worries, be happy. I am back "on it" check the video vault for new videos! I am actually ahead in my normal video production so there will be a ton of smexy content for all of you to enjoy. So please stop filling up my inbox with hate mail, and bomb threats. However if you want to send something nice feel free to message me at

Cheers and Photogenic Teddy Bears!

Because I am losing my mind.

Artwork By AlexAndHerMus1c

I took a break today from the hustle and flow of my regular busy self to visit my good friend and the latest addition to my blog roll DeVine Alexander. She was having a recording session and I thought that at the very least it would be a decent change of pace.

spend so much time doing my own projects worrying about my own creative process I forgot how refreshing it could be to just be in the presence of someone else doing their own thing. I hate having to do an update post but I like I always say my writing is a compilation of my life experience. I am absolutely not living so my page is blank.

I was rather excited that I got my first official hate comment it said “Fake and gay” if the haters can find me it won't be long till everyone else will.

Not to mention it's fun to just do a bit of back breaking labor sometimes. In more pressing updates I was robbed for every red cent I own. As my new video will explain someone in Kentucky magically got hold of my card information and went to town. It took me about 3 whole days until I started to break down mentally. I had to break out the old pen and pad and write my way back to a stable mental ground, here is what I wrote.

I didn't go home for Christmas. 
It really is the only holiday that matters.
It's a symbol for all the things I used to have and now miss. 
Warmth, security, togetherness, a family. 
It is funny how the smallest things can set off the wrong chain of memories, things I thought I had long forgotten. 
You move through life constantly trying to forget the memories that have become painfully permanent.
I felt my stomach growl today for the first time in about three years. 
The last time was on that grassy field sleeping with the ducks. 
The wrong memories, no matter how far you come, how much you feel things have changed at the core it's all still the same, all it takes is that one spark to bring all those lost things flooding back in, all the wrong memories. 
The memories are a paradoxical race with no beginning or ending clearly it exists but it's very existence is impossible. 
Thankfully the same old positive things apply. 
It can all be made calm again with the pen and the pad.
 I can still bring my mind back from the brink by scratching out a few words and watching the page bleed with ink. 
I am still the result of my ambition. I am still guided by purpose.
 Still I am undoubtedly the most amazing individual I know. 
The world's  luckiest man. 
The pen reminds me, without risk there is no profit. 
The pen reminds me that it is always darkest before dawn.
 The pen is the only reason I live life like it's going out of style.
 I can count on the pen. 
True power, my power. 
With each struggle I easily earn the title Reborn.

Joshen Reborn

It's not always all puppies and sunshine over in the Joshen Reborn camp. Sitting here waiting for the dawn.
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