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True Blood is fang banging good!

I need to thank the amazing beauty that is Jessica for helping me bring this photo to life. It came out way better than my highest expectations. I think we work well together!

So I thought there would be no life after Heroes, turns out I was partially correct. I found undead life after Heroes and it's name is True Blood. In fact I have to say that season one of True Blood was some of the best television I've seen in a while. So I'm two episodes into season 2 of True Blood and I'm having a few issues with the story progression. For the most part the story is still solid, I see a clear direction for the season. The political climate of the vampire world is the focus now that the Church of the Sun is no longer a threat. Still there is one issue I'm having.

My qualm is with the transition from episode to episode. Really, hanging as Sookie shoots at a werewolf, and then doing that bit of bullet time was a bit cheesetastic. The episodes are ending and leaving me more confused than in a state of suspense.

I will however give the writers a big thumbs up for the addition of all the vampire sex scenes added this season. We have Eric literally fucking the shit out of a stripper, Franklin taking Tara into the "void" with the power of his dick, and Bill kill fucking Lorraine in a strange sexy kinda way. You won't get any of that watching Twilight!

In other news........

My poll question about autotuning the president is in direct relation to this video which in my opinon may be in a bit of bad taste. Bad taste or not it's freaking hilarious and I could watch it all day.

and if you thought that was good I can't stop singing this one

Now that I think about it with all this new media style content at my disposal I hardly ever miss television. It's as if my body is going through some sort of transformation, I'm evolving into a creature that will one day only exist on the internet.

Cheers and Digital Media Teddy Bears!

Caution Video Reborn at Work {part 2}

I feel like this picture says it all. It says determination, fortitude, work ethic, ambition and finally it says man in plastic bag suit. This was the moment that I knew that Video Reborn was going to get to work. My partner VdeoVxn here got the momentum flowing by expertly creating the plastic bagger and Random Crime Boss in his video response to "Hey Kids were Superheroes" which is now in the video vault if you haven't seen it.
After that video was a complete and utter success we set our sights on becoming superstar recording artist

You indeed read correctly, we recorded our first single and quite frankly after the video for it is released we expect great things. I just feel like we are going to shoot to the top of the charts, despite the fact that we have no musical experience or talent. In this day and age success isn't measured by the amount of talent you have, in fact if Tela Tequila has taught me anything it's that you don't have to do much of anything to achieve incredible levels of fame and fortune.

Final Fight from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Later that day I created this character and the shenanigans don't stop here. I've been busy, and I've been having fun nothing new about that. I also finished a new JRTV which is on my Youtube channel which I would like everyone to subscribe to either by clicking my fancy subscribe button on the right or going to my channel there link provided so now there isn't any excuse. Here's a little bit of the footage that never made it into the show

FYI The video vault will have all the videos I've created with the exception of Video Reborn Vlogs which will still be a staple over at and minor blog fodder. Everything else is inside. Also the feature script page will be updated with scripts that I either have in production now or are being produced. Rarely will I ever write something completely fresh and post it up (Unless I am extremely proud of my work and see the need to toot my own horn a little) 

Cheers and Industrious Teddy Bears!

Caution Video Reborn at Work {part 1}

build over ice in hardball glass
  • 1 oz bacardi dragonberry rum
  • 1/2 oz cranberry juice
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • 1 tsp sugar or simple syrup
  • 4-6 lime wedges
muddle lime wedges & sugar in your hardball glass. throw a couple ice cubes in that hoe. add bacardi dragonberry rum along with lime juice and shake well. top it off with cranberry juice & throw a hentai party.

I want to begin this amazing post with a toast! To Kitvon B. Aka Karrie B, the amazing blogger, bartender, socialista, who named this drink after me! *Raises Glass and takes a sip* Have a Joshen Reborn it'll get ya drunk!

SlotA, Add2 Video Reborn Drop from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

This was the beginning of a series of awesome events. I did some CookiBox film work, and I had the pleasure of meeting these two remarkable young professionals, SlotA and Add2. They were true champions and like true Champions they gave Video Reborn a quick drop which was pretty cool. I had no idea that this day would spark a work ethic inside me like never before. In fact the only thing that I didn't do ironically enough is update my blog which I'm doing now so ha! Suck on that.

I would like to interrupt this post with a bit of footage that didn't make it into the most recent JRTV which like the Hey Kids were Superheroes video can be located on my YouTube Channel which everyone should subscribe to by either clicking the button to the right or by heading over to the channel itself *Cough*

In the future from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Seriously though I hate to use cheesy buzz words but I feel like I am "on it". I am on the path to advancing my professional career, I am on the path to making myself truly happy for the rest of my life, I am on a path of discovery and fun and booze oh my!

I started working on a feature script which was inspired by @alfa_music's album. It's titled Chasing Isabelle, and it is so far away from what I usually write, it's like I'm a young virgin writer all over again. I'm just excited to be truly doing exactly what I want to be doing right now! In this moment.

Thought of the day: It's the best of days that make those darker times seem so distant. It sparks hope and fuels even greater pursuits than the ones already in progress. Revel in them while you can because like everything else they pass away in time.

Cheers and Mild mannered Teddy Bears!

@Alfa_Music is the Bees knees!

Joshen Reborn, with yet another series of unrelated events that somehow all end up relating to each other. A brief look into the randomness which I call my life, I got a consultation for laser hair removal for the old face, I saw an amazing concert level performance, awkwardly bumped into Cocoa Sarai, and it all ended with me realizing that Sex in the City 2 sucks.

If you're confused, get in line. What I will explain is the amazing performance by the phenomenal music sensation, that goes by the name of Alfa. I was browsing flip cams, at the Bestbuy on Union Square, when I heard a sweet voice floating on the airwaves. It was a very petite young woman playing guitar and singing rather beautifuly on a very tiny stage. She was accompanied by John on the bass and Zack on the drums. I watched her along with a rather impressive crowd of Bestbuy customers and die hard fans alike.

Alfa at Best buy from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Alfa at bestbuy part 2 from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Long story short, I just had to buy her cd. We chopped it up briefly and she agreed to take a picture with me. Which a random professional photographer took with my N900, he didn't focus so it came out kinda blurry. #Fail, mr professional photog. Then the pro took a super crisp pic with his beautiful camera that had that giant lens #win! Whenever I see it surface onto the net, if it does I'll post it up.

So I've been listening to her album Second Skin on repeat. I am not sure I have to say this but I will anyway. Second Skin is definitly Joshen Reborn approved! I was broken up that I had to miss the video premiere at level 9, but I am sure that this won't be the last time I will be privileged with the honor of watching Alfa perform.

Official Music Video

Links and contact info, because the follow up is worth it!
itunes Second Skin

Cheers and Charmed Teddy Bears!

Joshen Reborn Approved! "Never Leave" ill-O

I feel like I am fortunate enough to know some of the most amazing people on earth. I am always going on about the talent, the random drinking, the shows, the footage, and the models that come in and out of my life. I am surrounded by a star studded cast, and my homie Ill-O is no different. In our own rights, we all seem to be on some kind of superstar grind, so I never took the time to recognize just how bright his celebrity is shinning. That is a mistake that I feel I need to apologize for, #ahem Sorry. Moving on, I have to say that Ill-O did a spectacular job with this music video.

The Never Leave music video is skillfully shot, creatively edited, and it highlights, the evolution of Ill-O, from a teen dance sensation, to the more refined, and complicated artist we knew he would one day become. It's not all the time that you can track the maturity of an artist through a catalog of their work. O is on a steady rise to the top, but I hope that Ill-O doesn't allow absolute power to corrupt absolutely.

I remember speaking with Ill-O once, a very long time ago, we were just kicking it, talking about life, laughing, and I told him "you don't have to worry when I become famous I won't forget you" and he said "nah homes I won't forget You" and we just broke out laughing. That's the real O, the man behind the artist. To this day despite his growing success, he is still humble still that dude that's down to have fun.

Ill-O you have not been forgotten in fact you are Joshen Reborn Approved!

Cheers and Musically Inclined Teddy Bears

Intoxicated Observatons!

Is it sad that I have to start another story with "one night I was out drinking". Anywho I saw a beautiful waitress and I decided that a bit of harmless flirting wouldn't hurt, so I did, she showed me her tattoo and I had to get a picture of it, but not her? My drunken mind operates on a different wave length. I remember how amazed she was that I was ordering two drinks at a time, I just don't like to wait is all. Later that night..........

The worlds Largest Skateboard from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I realized that when I've reached the alcoholic point of no return I become very easily impressed by the very large and very tiny. I also seem to run into the most random things, then again while drinking my tendency to wander around is exponentially increased.

This is all part of my effort to release some of my unreleased footage. It's kinda fun releasing extraneous blog fodder.

Cheers and Lazy Teddy Bears!

The Amazing Jaded NYer

The Amazing Jaded NYer from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

In my line of debauchery I am privileged to both have amazing experiences, and meet equally amazing people. Often I whip out some type of recording device and do a mini video snippet for the blog. It's basically video food for my blog, so I cleverly titled this type of video Blog Fodder. Now I am extremely lazy and tend not to release the Blog Fodder. I feel like that non release of decent content should change, so I am going to start in random order with the behind the scenes stuff from the inaugural episode of Sista Sports.

This would be my first meeting with The Jaded NYer, who happens to be amazing. I feel like Jaded did everything I wanted to do with my life, and on top of all of that she manages to still be one of the guys, while being an extremely pretty girl. I'll tell you that is not an easy feat to pull off. So here is the camera shy Jaded NYer for your viewing pleasure. 

If you haven't seen that episode of Sista sport's you're both lame and late but you're good friend Joshen can rectify that for ya with links. Sista Sports, and here is a link to the pilot of the day VideoVixon

Hopefully I will edit and upload more of my sideline adventures before that old "fuck this, I want to do something else" feeling kicks in and I start drawing up plans to fit Kangaroo's with Jet Packs. Why Kangaroo's you ask they are the only animal with a pocket, they can conceal a gun in that pocket. The other animals wouldn't know what hit them. 

Cheers and Super Star Teddy Bears!

An awesome collab in the works.

This is my last bit of Youtube fodder. I really enjoyed making it. I learned that looking at myself in a bra is both funny and disturbing. But speaking of the youtube community I put my name out there for a collaboration video and I got word back that I'm in. For me this is equivalent to getting into the Justice Leauge.

I have to say that the youtube community has to be some of the most creatively nurturing people on the internet. It's not very often that you find that platform that you know you belong to. If I was a theater actor youtube would be my equivalent of a broadway stage. I love it.

I am just constantly encountering the most awesome of awesome people. I am putting my two cents on a collab with a user named snowlioned and I am excited, even though I am only contributing about 15 seconds of footage, it's the participation and consideration from my video making peers that make it all worth while.

Look forward to the official Paperbag man trailer coming soon. Paperbag Man, Cold Justice.

Cheers and Team oriented Teddy Bears.

A new Hero is Born!

Suit Up! from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

This ladies and gentleman is the story of PaperBag Man. One afternoon mild mannered videographer Josh was laughing as his friend, who's identity will remain a secret, returned in defeat from his attempt to become the Vigilante known as Dead Ass. Josh content in the total fail Dead Ass was went to the kitchen to grab a bear from an ordinary paper bag. Josh sustained a papercut and immeadiately began to feel drowsy. He fell to the floor feeling all the paper in the room rushing to cling to his body, his senses were overwhelmed and he passed out. Little did he know that the paper bag was both radioactive, and made of a magical ancient tree. Hours later he woke up, the room was clean and his papercut was healed. Josh was amazed to see that he now had paper vision and the ability to generate paper, in fact he could now pretty much do anything with paper except fly. With his new found ability, no matter how obscure it was, Josh took it upon himself to become the super powered hero PaperBag Man.

Paper Bag Man Heads to Crime Alley from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

To be continued.........?

Cheers and Super Powered Teddy Bears

Twitter lied to you

I noticed that certain people on twitter have a problem that I feel I should address. Just because you have XXXXX amount of followers the reality of the situation is you still really aint shit. Anyone can follow someone and have them follow you back. Followers do not I repeat do not make you popular. Twitter popularity is measured in respect. Respect as in do these people interact with you? Do they respond to your tweets? do they click your links when you drop them? Twitter is more than just a numbers game it's a tool that if used wisely can provide companionship, funny jokes, sexy broads, money, and fame.

So before you go puffing your chest out about how many followers you have, remember it doesn't necessarily mean shit. Refine your argument and come back at me.

In other news I tried chatroulette the other day for the first time and it was interestiing to say the least. Now I can't honestly answer no to the following questions, have you ever seen another man masterbate? Have has a man ever masterbated to you? Has a man ever ejaculated to you? Have you ever been paid to perform a sexual act, and the list goes on.

Cheers and Tweeting Teddy Bears!
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