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Street Fighter Legacy / Vid Vix Vlog - Hot Shit!

It's been a while since I blogged about content that I didn't create myself but sometimes you come across something so incredibly amazing that you have to share it with the world, even with the ever looming threat of a law suit on your ass. This street fighter legacy video I can honestly say is 100% better than all the Street Fighter movies I have ever seen combined, especially that lame ass Legend of Chunli movie. Please take a moment to behold for yourself

I just go Gaga for good content!

Speaking of good content I gotta show some love to the work of the homie, Video Vix[o]n continues to go in on his videos! I don't expect any less from him but this had me rolling. It was so classically hilarious that it has earned the right to be immortalized in this blog post.  If your looking for some Joshen Reborn videoish come back later we cooking up a mess of shit, including never before released blog fodder now ready for release

Vid Vix Vlog - 5.26.10 from Video Vix[o]n on Vimeo.

Cheers and New Media Teddy Bears!

Are you where you expected to be?

Joshen at the Havoc Crush from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

This video is like a snapshot of life for me right now. I am just living life right now and doing what I love to do, create.

A friend of mine asked me a cliche question that is usually followed by the same cliche answer.

Friend: Are you where you expected to be at this age?
Me: No but then again is anyone ever where they expected to be?

It made me think back to the way I used to see the world. I thought back to a time where possibility was only limited by my imagination and limitation was non-existant. I thought about how much less trust I have for people in general. I thought about my rose colored glasses and how difficult it was to see the world without them.

With all that said, I have to say that I am the most happy and content I have been in a while all because I have purpose. I wake up knowing exactly what and who I have to be and each day is a step in that direction. I am so on the proverbial "it".

Thought of the day: Expectations can never out way reality. When they do you end up with depression

Cheers and Ambitious Teddy Bears!

On my Reaper shit......

On my Reaper shit from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

This is just a little bit of the type of shit I do on camera that never, ever, ever, has the chance to see the light of day. I just finished shooting a Joshen Reborn Tv and felt happy enough to just randomly do this little song and dance. Speaking of footage that never gets to see the light of day, I have tons and tons of real life events that I caught on camera just waiting for me to edit and share with the world. I call this abundance of footage blog fodder, because they usually make for excellent blog post. Sadly I am my own worst enemy once again because I just can't seem to find the time to edit any of this mystical and magical footage.

I am very fascinated with the Grim Reaper character and he has been beaten to death but if I could find a suitable setting for him I will consider including him in one of my upcoming projects.

Moving on!

If I want to continue to call myself a blogger I think that I have to blog a little more often. Which will allow me to segue into the thought of the day, and what a thought it is

Thought of the day: To provide an accurate definition of self, is equivalent to announcing your role in the grand scheme of things. Action is character.

Cheers and Universally Divine Teddy Bears!

What would you do?

I saw something the other night on what I believed is the travel channel, or it could have been the discovery channel, anywho it was a special on where food really comes from, a group of people from what I would consider consumer nations are subjected to working the jobs of the people we never see, that deal with the farming, and killing, and bottling, and mass production, of what we eat.

The group then comments on the suffering that the native people have to go through to provide us with that cheap finished food products we all know and love.

On that program I saw the alternatives that people go through if they choose to not work in the factory or fields. They went down to the local prostitution district and spoke to a group of young hookers. That's when it happened, they asked the prostitute why she choose this life and she responded that she is responsible for her family and she began to cry when she realized her 12yr old daughter would have to make the same choices.

Here we are in the states whimpering about a recession when our poor have to be some of the most privileged in the world. I spoke with a very intelligent co-worker who informed me of the suburban housewife situation. Apparently a house wife in Chappaqua had to resort to prostitution just to maintain her standard of living.

I was listening to City High and I really thought for a mother it has to be one of those things that can only be concieved through love. Really "what would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he's hungry?"

I think that in the grand scheme of things, I will no longer look down on the oldest profession because there are many layers leading to that road. The human connection has been lost between the "dregs of society" and I want to restore that first within myself than with those around me.

Thought of the day: Action should only be judged through context"

Cheers and Internally torn Teddy Bears.

Video Reborn "Exclusive"

Video Reborn Opening from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I took a brief moment this morning to make a brand spanking new Video Reborn opening sequence. Video Vixon designed the graphic and I bought the idea to life. That's how our partnership works we do things almost on automatic building on each others momentum. Sadly I have been neglecting my own projects which in internet talk means I am quickly declining in relevance if I was ever relevant.

In other Video Reborn news I recieved word that the theatrical version of "Transaction" was not selected to be screened at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. News that was not very well recieved in the Reborn Nation but after I gave a personal statement that this was not a defeat but a signal that we should step our efforts up to the next level the angry and disappointed mob was calmed and once again jubulant.

The only failure I could possibly experience would be a complete cease and desist of all grind and hustle.

Cheers and entrepreneural Teddy Bears

Behind the Booby Chronicles

If you follow my debauchery on twitter then you know that ever so often I tweet about a random pair of breast that made my day. Now I know that at first it may seem a tid bit offensive to some but if people knew how I truly feel about breast I am sure they would realize that my appreciation is of the purest nature.

I believe people find beauty in strange places. Some enjoy the summer rain, or a panoramic view of a valley from a top a hill, I feel the same way about breast. Nature got it right when she developed breast. They provide sustainance, they are soft, some are firm and they bring so much joy and pleasure to the world.

I just thought one day something so wonderful deserves to be chronicled especially when you come across an exceptionally wonderful set. Call me a hopeless romantic but my love affair with breast is timeless, it knows no beginning nor end and I hope that I may continue to appreciate them for years to come

Cheers and 38DD Teddy Bears

Terrorism + Timesquare = PB & J

Sometimes I feel like the best and worst thing I could have possibly done is follow my blog through analytics. When you see those discouraging visitor counts at times it makes me question whether what I am doing has any merit. While at other times I feel like a virtual celebrity, this roller coaster can't be good for my self esteem.

In other non Joshen Reborn related empire building news I've been reflecting on the recent Time Square bomb scare, and the fact that New York seems to be the center for mass fuckery. I came up with two things after a deep thought session.

1. There really is no place in the world that I would rather live
2. There should be some sort of state compensation for living in New York.

Allow me to elaborate, I believe the old adage that if you could make it hear you can make it anywhere is true. Career wise the city provides me with all the opportunities I would ever need. Why leave a place that posses so much possibility, in fact people often leave there hometowns to come here. I would be a fool to leave, especially because I love it here.

Second I was thinking how Alaskans get a little payout for having to live with the pipeline. In a few more incidents it's going to be official that NYC is a terror center and as such I would like a little something to counteract the added risk of living here. Nothing too extravagant maybe lowering the MTA fair and stabalizing it at 1.50 again or providing some sort of citywide tax free day one day every 3 months.

All I am asking for is a little something to ease the sting of terrorism is all.

Joshen on Broadway

You may know by now that I am very big on living life, experiencing new things for me is what the game is all about. So it should come as no surprise that I randomly went to my first Broadway show last night. I saw The
Addams Family and to put things simply I loved it.

I am coming to the realization that I may have tapped into a love for theater that I never knew I had. The performance was spectacular and the characters definitely came alive for me while staying true to the core Addams Family that I grew up with on television. Which I guess would be the point to present familiar characters in a new way that also magically remains very familiar.

I certainly hope that there will be many more visits to the theater in my future. Maybe one day I will have the joy of seeing one of my many characters immortalized on stage.

If you have the time and about 100 bucks for a ticket I suggest that you see it. Worth every penny.

Thought of the day: Fear has to be the most common and ridiculous reason why people miss out on actually living life.

Cheers and stage left Teddy Bears.

The 2010 Pokemon World Championshp

Every now and then something happens that takes you back to an amazing place in your childhood, a place long forgotten by the mind but not by the heart. This is one of those things, for me. The 2010 Pokemon World Championship for HeartGold/SoulSilver. I read the post and I was instantly transported back to 95, blue version, I was a scrappy new trainer just trying to make it in the world with a squirtle by my side. Now I have the opportunity to play, win money, a trip to Hawaii, and have bragging rights to say I am the champion after the elite four you face me!

In other news, I met an amazingly cool female with what has to be the hottest tattoo that I ever been privileged to grace my eyes on. She had a Vaporean that could swim when she wiggled her arms. So crazy.

I am going to start training post haste, I may have to sacrifice a piece of my soul to play the necessary hours required to become the strongest trainer I can be, but hell this kind of opportunity only comes around once in a lifetime, and I am not talking about a video game tourney. I am talking about the chance to fufill a childhood dream. A beautiful pure whim of a dream

before I forget, here is the last episode of Jrtv for your viewing pleasure

Cheers and Thundeshock Teddy bears!
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