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Douche Bag Dad

So I took the time to do something that I have not done in a long time. I created a new character from the depths of my imagination and I am quite satisfied, with the end result. My friend @Pinkpopcorn threw a nugget of wisdom at me that got my gears turning, she said "parents are just regular people and sometimes you have to curse them out". For the first time I was able to see past the title of parent, see past the unconditional love, see past the birthing, and the years of school, food, and punishments, to the human. I saw my parents as the imperfect human beings that they are and am finally ready to counteract the wrong that they have done and confront them about it.

But enough about me, just behold this amazing character. He is crass and handsome. D.B. Dad gives terrible advice has little to no priorities and is ready to pass his lack of wisdom down to a set of young impressionable ears. I didn't include this footage in my latest JRTV but it was so funny to me that I had to put it somewhere.

Douche Bag Dad from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

You don't understand just how much joy things like this bring me, I just love creating!!

Super side bar. The Jaded Nyer is like the greatest woman on the planet. She has won my heart by taking the fastest route available (she went through the stomach), I will gladly be a slave in the Jaded Media Empire.

Thought of the day: Drag is not a 4 letter word, it was originally an acronym created by Shakespeare for theater purposes, Dress Resembling A Girl. Thank you Rupaul, thank you.

Cheers and mal-adjusted Teddy Bears

World premiere of Window Heat

I come bearing gifts rest assured I've been busy taking this career I call life to the next level but enough about me let's talk about us!

This is the much anticipated "Window Heat" music video. I really like flexing the old film making muscles, and what better way to do so than by seeking out the most beautiful talented women I could find and have them "go in" on a Video Reborn project.

For the behind the scenes footage don't forget to stop over by Telisa D . As always it would be a great idea to check Video Vix[o]n for the latest and greatest in film and fuckery and last but in no way least Pink Cookiz for the real New York hip hop scene.

Collaboration is the bees knees, I just love making magic with new people.

Something fun is brewing I feel it in my bones.................[Cliff hanger]

Cheers and Parody making Teddy Bears.

From the Ashes "Second Edition"

Earlier this year I wrote a post entitled From the Ashes, it was one of my more personal post's because it dealt with my private life and emotions.

"I titled this post from the ashes, because it is personal to me, fire has a destructive nature which is often misunderstood to be evil. Fire demolishes and transforms paving the way for something new to rise from the ashes. I feel that my entire life has been a trial by fire. I am sure that it's this same fire that has tempered, purified and fortified me into the man I am today"

Today I feel the fires of change roaring in my direction once again, and as always I accept them with open arms. It always amazes me to see what new version of me will spring up out of the Ash. What new talent, power, weakness, will come about with my rebirth, because it seems to me that all things move in a cycle of origins and endings.

I am afraid, fear clouds my judgement, which leads to me making poor decisions. I don't fear the change, I fear that when the time comes and I have to act, I won't know what to do. I am not sure just how I will find my way out of this one.

I think that I need to fall back into my writing, let it protect and guide me. I have to dust off some of these old projects and actually finish them.

Thought of the Day. Talent should only be measured by the amount of joy it brings you, third person perspective is nice but not necessary.

Maybe I got that from a fortune cookie, or maybe true happiness really does lay in self actualization.

Cheers and Transformer Teddy Bears!

Exclusive Nightmare on Elmstreet Footage

The Joshen Reborn team has done it again. I am so glad that I decided to raise those salaries. Those brave men and women procured a never before seen trailer, that we could release to all the loyal viewers, I am so excited to see what this imagining of the classic monster has to offer the new generation.


Joshen on the Subway

Finally the promised subway footage I filmed the other day is ready. No real post for today, but this is a real post so I guess it counts.

NYC Subway, Covering all bases.


I am currently editing some footage I shot on the 2 train earlier. It was a trip, I had a great time with it and I think this is going to be the best episode of JRTV yet. To the two lovely ladies that took the time to copy down my url, thank you so much for making me feel like a million bucks, and to the rest of that train to all the other people who rode, thank you for making feel retarded and excited and like the super power personality I aspire to be.


In the meantime you could watch my other video's Click Here

All these Beautiful Shades of Gray.

In the course of events, Some people are destined for certain things. Vague, yes I know but let me ramble on for another eight or so lines and I think I will be able to make myself clear. Some are born with great ability or a predisposition to good, and they become the firefighters, the policemen, the astronauts, they defend, they are our heroes. Others are born with a the need to destroy and demolish all things good or bad. They become the very worst of the criminals the villains.

For the rest of us it's not so clear cut where we are supposed to fall, we strive to land in one category or the next but always seem to end up in some weird shade of gray. It's the gray that scares us. We want to label something black or white because then we know how to treat it, but it's a little bit harder to label gray because there is so many different shades of gray that we wouldn't know where to begin. I know now that I fall into this gray area, apparently I am a good person, with many virtues, that possess dark qualities but that all depends on which angle the light is hitting me from.

Then we have the gray moments in life, where something happens and you aren't sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, or just a thing. One sentence could bring solace to one person, be humorous to the next person, and be incredibly hurtful to another. It's hard and confusing living in the gray but I suspect that I can't live any other way.

If I had my way, we would all embrace the Gray. The uncertainty adds to the spice of life, and on the flip side the unknown is quite scary. With each passing day, one could go from anticipation to terror, and I think that's the best part of the story. In an unexpected turn of events the gray has left me in a state of uncertainty.

Cheers and Undefined Teddy Bears!

Alice in Wonderland.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the new approach to the story which was more like a continuation rather than a retelling of the original. I was very impressed with the characters and the dialogue but I felt that Wonderland itself could have been a tad bit more wonderful.

It seemed like the place itself was too real, just another forest with a tea-party happening outside. The plot revolves completely around this place so it's a bit redundant to state that the setting is key in a story like this. Evening though in my opinion wonderland was a bit lack luster, the movie itself entertained the hell out of me.

I am afraid we are all completely mad, not to worry though the best people usually are.

Update in my personal life I am about to replace my long lost DS. I absolutely need the new version of pokemon. I have yet to be dissappointed by any of the games and it feels like I am doing a dis-service to myself by allowing this installment to pass me by.

Flip cam and higher quality video will have to take a backseat. Atleast till next paycheck. Note to self I feel like posting a rant video going in on Kat Stacks. It's just not fair, I work hard and have nothing to show but she......... Video coming soon.

Cheers and completely mad Teddy Bears.
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