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Nippsey Hussle at SOB's

So the following night I went back to SOB's and I did my film thing solo. I think because of the monopod I had one of the best vantage points. Surprise performance. Money falling of the stage what more could you want. I'll let the footage speak for itself

Cheers and Thug Teddy Bears.

Stalley, Madison Ave Boys, Sean Chrys inside SOB

Well I was inside, SOB's the other night just living life and taking in some hip hop performances, with my boy Video Vixon. Just another day in the life of Video Reborn. I also had to say that the Mad Ave Boys were pretty ballsy to do a rock set, to a crowd that clearly was expecting hip hop. Video Vixon was on the monopod and I took the opportunity to put my N900 camera to the test, video and stills included.

SOB's Tuesday night Raw. from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Sean Chrys, Made sure I got the spelling right. He did his thing. I really liked the ode to the ladies.
The Madison Ave Boy's during their set. Lucky ass Video Vixon got a shirt from them.

Not only did I go to SOB's on Tuesday night, I went again on Wednesday and did a bit of monopoding. I have to say I captured some of the most raw and riveting footage in the place. More to come....................

Cheers and Hipster Teddy Bears!

The Directors Cut of "Transaction"

Well guess what I finally got around to making. Oh shit, that's right, it's here, the directors cut of Transaction along with some behind the scenes stuff to make your mouth water and your soul sing. Even though my last blogpost was uber emo and sad, I had to get it out there and lets not forget I own this medium, I do what I please.

This post though is one I can be proud of. Enjoy! after we get word back from the film festival I'll make up my mind on whether I will post the final version of Transaction or just move on to doing other things. Maybe I'll film how many rats I can find at different subway stops. Maybe not.

Transaction - Directors cut with commentary from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Like the man said if your not Video Reborn right now it suck's to be you. For more behind the scenes footage head on over to Video Vix[o]n and watch the stuff, that I was to lazy to edit render and publish.

I cry tears of blood.

Dear Ngai;

I am writing this letter because it's really long over due, I wanted to thank you. You are in no way perfect so try not to get a swelled head after you read this. You took so many bad situations and turned them around like nobody could. You've been a friend to me even when everyone ridiculed and wrote me off. Sometimes I can sense a frustration in you a sadness that's so strong it almost seems like too much for one boy from Brooklyn to handle but somehow you persevere.

You laid down a foundation that made it possible for me to succeed. You made decisions that may not have always been the most easy but they were often the most wise. You slept outside in the cold, on the train so that I never had to. You spent your days planning calculating perfectig a formula so that I could reap the benefits long after you were done. I almost feel guilty because you've done so much for me and I haven't given anything back to you. Your selflessness while forgotten by many will not be overlooked by me.

I will come back for you so keep the faith. Remember the days you need to shed tears, I shed those tears beside you. The days you are most in need I will be your closest friend, and we will celebrate in achievement when all is said and done.

You're never alone, you most definitely are an amazing individual and it's because you made the decision to be that way a long time ago.

Forever in your debt

Joshen Reborn

Don't forget to hit upload.

I had a moment just now where I realized that I basically based my future, the rest of my natural life, is based on the click of a mouse. After contemplating how insane that is, one thing was clear to me, "I really wouldn't want it any other way". I should have seen this coming, my love affair with the internet started way back when on a 56k modem and a vtech desktop running windows 98.

The power of user generated content is far beyond my scope of things. The voice of the people magnified to a universally audible decible.

I was thinking that we are a very fortunate generation, of people to grow up in an age when ideas are so quickly and easily exchanged. I feel like I almost have a responsibility to the free thinkers, philosophers, educators, entertainers and communicators that came before me to make sure that my voice my views and all that I am and ever will be is consumed by as many different people as possible.

Everytime I check my Google anaylitics account I am amazed at all the new countrys that I recieved a visitor from. It makes me a bit giddy sometimes, but that's just the little girl in me, I guess.

I feel that user generated content is one of the most complete forms of free speech. It is the proverbial soapbox that can not be silenced and with any soapbox the viewer is free to tune out at anytime. Which is why I am completely opposed to any country regulating the internet.

Enough of that though. I signed the submission form and mailed in my entry to the Brooklyn international film festival yesterday footage included :

Signing the BIFF entry form! from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I'll post the directors cut with commentary along with behind the scenes stuff tomorrow for sure. Until then I am off to adventure

Cheers and Vlogger Teddy Bears.

We Declare War!

I am just about complete with my submission for the Brooklyn film festival, Manhattan Short fest, and The La Shorts Festival and with the conclusion of that project I feel I should set my sights on bigger fish. I dusted off plan Alpha1776 code named  Minutes to Midnight, the time has never been more appropriate.

I am ready. I consulted with my most trusted and favored fictional creation, Happy Bear, and he agreed with me that it's time for a power play. We are ready to takeover and create our own new order. So we agreed that we should begin by declaring war on some sort of superpower, super celebrity, alien race, or nameless faceless universal foe, and with that declaration of war we will finally have a medium to assert ourselves and our ideologies.

The world doesn't listen even when it seem's like your shouting at the top of your lungs. You could be starving, cold, crying and people will find a way to turn a blind eye. That's not going to happen to me. I want everyones attention and I will have it. I am declaring war. I am organizing a takeover and I am going to do it with my own two hands. I am publishing my content, I am finding an audience slowly but surely, and I am having the time of my life. I will not stop until Joshen Reborn isn't just making a buzz, I want to make noise.

Life lesson, pay attention to the plight of Chris Brown. He is trying to re-establish his relevance, but the only time I see him, it seems he is making some kind of plea to fans to restore him to his former glory. Chris Breezy if you want this thing, like I told you on twitter, you have to put in real work. It doesn't matter who you are, was, or will  be, nobody is going to "give" you anything. I don't expect anyone to hand me anything either, so me and General Happy Bear, we are going to take it.

So many targets, such little time.

Watch us!

Cheers and Adorable War Mongering Teddy Bears!

Blame it on the Pop!

So I've been filming for the Brooklyn International Film Festival which has lead to some serious neglect of the old blog here, I treat her so bad, she just may pick up and leave me one day. The good news is that I am done with the shoot and now I am on to editing, the bad news is I want to submit another complete film so this week I may not post anything super exciting or mega entertaining. I am extremely pleased that the film is finished and it's almost exactly the way I thought it should look. Win or lose, I have some great content to bring home to the old blog when it's all said and done.

I did film another episode of JRTV for your viewing pleasure!

Ok so I am once again on to the next one. I've been listening to blame it on the pop! DJ Earworm, that's just great music. I feel a tad bit guilty that my blog is falling to the side but Joshen Reborn can only do so much at once...........

Cheers and Pop Star Teddy Bears
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