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My treaty on relationships

I just filmed two short films! We did all steps of production in just about a day, now it's just the editing and uploading which will most likely be done on Monday. In the meantime and in the spirit of valentines day I am going to share with you a little article I wrote on the topic of relationships.

I want my relationship to be touch screen.

I watch the world around me evolve. The rate of change is almost exponential. When I was five years old, I can remember using a rotary phone; today the phone I use is a mini computer completely wireless with a touch screen. What I am getting it is that things change, and at a fairly exponential rate. So with all this change taking place around us why do we continue to practice such archaic rituals in our daily lives? It’s time to stop beating around the bush and get to the nitty gritty of the matter, when it comes to that very long four letter word, relationships. We have a mold that society has provided for us, we find a suitable mate, we show them the most polished version of ourselves making sure to hide all the imperfections that are also kind of crucial to our character. It’s then understood that we will be monogamous. We will stay clear of most types of sexual deviancy, except for the type that has a widely accepted underbelly (S&M), Finally this will lead into some sort of long term contract deal.

Don’t get me wrong the formula works, and some say if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, but why not innovate, and make it better? Lets begin with step one finding a suitable mate, with sexuality being as flexible as it is, one may find themselves attracted to several different types of genders and breeds, so why not find everything you are looking for, Step 1 should be find a suitable mate or mates! Next we should deal with a type of accepted dishonesty that tends to destroy many relationships. We present a certain fantasy to our prey, we continue to dazzle and amaze them with the illusion we present but at some point the illusion starts to fade and our mates begin to see our true colors. So I propose that we show the best and worst of ourselves from the beginning, and we should also establish certain boundaries in the beginning, if you know you like to occasionally have sex with a goat, that shouldn’t come out after 3 years of marriage.

So maybe we should spend an equal amount of time easing the person into the things we aren't very proud of and learning about the things they aren’t proud of within themselves.

Step 2 should be changed to present a realistic view of yourself and expect the same of your partner, you will be surprised how many people will accept that you chew with your mouth open and occasionally pee the bed.

Step 3. Monogamy does have some fringe benefits it tends to cut down the transmission of stds, it helps to keep jealousy down to a manageable level and turns sex into an exclusive act between two people. Just because monogamy is the norm doesn’t mean that it’s the only alternative. People don’t exactly equate sex with the same value, for some sex is a sacred act taking place in the temple of the body, for others sex is a past time, that goes great after dinner and before sleep. Where ever you fall on the spectrum, the fact of the matter is that just because you are involved and attracted to one person doesn't mean that you will not be attracted to anyone else. We should express our needs, despite the fear and embarrassment we think it will produce. We should remember that the worst answer you could receive are the infinite variations of the word no. So ask to add another girlfriend or boyfriend to the mix, or at least to have that threesome you’ve been fantasizing all your life about.

We need to have an open mind about things that we find to be weird. By creating and communicating our true desires, we can tailor our relationships anyway we want. Everything goes as long as you and your partner agree to whatever it is that you discuss. That’s the omega secret a word that is bounced around in almost every article on romance and relationships, communication. Communication isn’t the fluff that we have come to know and love. It isn’t asking a million times how her day is, or saying I love you to a nauseating extent, it is talking about the issues that matter. It’s about voicing your likes and dislikes. About talking about your fears and desires, and ultimately finding a healthy medium, and facilitating an environment for you and your partner to grow closer to each other.

In the end, despite what the mold dictates, I think we should all remember that not every relationship ends in marriage.

Cheers and romantically enthralled Teddy Bears!

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