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Joshen Reborn a paying balletomane, Affirmative!

I could sum up my first experience at the ballet generically by describing the ambiance and listing the actors and talking about who missed a step and who danced the most elegantly but I won't, because I feel like every word I say would be an appeal from an unqualified authority, a fallacy. I will however relay to you in the best words I can find what my physical senses perceived to be as enjoyable.

The first thing I want to comment about is the Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, it's exactly what I expected it to be and more. It gives off an air of high class and sophistication. Honestly I felt severely under dressed showing up in my basic work clothes, but like my co-worker Will Yum said "It's OK you'll look like your a student" and I surely did look like a high-school student book bag and all. The very first observation I made upon reaching my seat was that the seats seamed fairly small even though the velvet lining kept them quit comfortable. The chair design was actually ingenious, they provide enough height that you see clear past all the rows ahead of you, and they are angled perfectly so that no matter where it is that you are sitting your view of the stage is optimal. Guess what these seats don't recline, which is perfect. (I wish that movie theaters would someday adopt that design so that the usual jerk who sits so far back in his chair that he is practically in my lap would be forced to sit up!)

I was seated in the third ring left, which like I said gave me a perfect view of the cool live orchestra and the stage. In front of me two very polite older ladies decided to spark a conversation that went a little like this

Little Old Lady #1 : Is this your first ballet young man?
Joshen Reborn : Yes, why yes it is and I am so excited!
Little Old Lady #2 :  Why is that?
Joshen Reborn : I just feel like a live musical performance can enhance anything that is being performed
Little Old Lady #1 : Well the young Ballerina, dancing Aurora is just so beautiful and talented
Little Old Lady #2 : I wouldn't recommend this to be your first experience though
Little Old Lady #1 : Don't worry it's going to be lovely, enjoy!
Joshen Reborn : I am sure I will, thank you so much.

The orchestra began to rev up and with one loud boom the lights dimmed and the play was on. I thought that the dancers were out of sync at first but then I realized that the asymmetry was intentional, because in a later scene the foot work and the synchronization was dead on. The dancing was so very clean, from my untrained eye it seemed almost flawless with a few physical feats of super dancing fortitude thrown in for that wow effect, with the audience responding with applause as if on cue.

I remember that someone once told me that with enough people on stage you can make any performance look good, I think that this concept is exponentially amplified tenfold when the dancers have talent, even during the moments when there were at least 20 plus performers on stage, things didn't get muddled or confusing, the synchronization was there and it was indeed lovely. 

All in all I have to say that this was classic storytelling, told through dance, and yes I very much so enjoyed it. It was refreshing to be in such a large audience and feel as if I was the only person in the crowd. It was so quite that I felt like I was alone at certain moments, only to be reminded that I was not by the booming burst of applause.

Finally I have to put in my votes for the best of the best
The hottest dancer goes to the Lilac Fairy - Rebecca Krohn
The coolest entrance was the Fairy Carabosse on hench man drawn chariot - Marika Anderson
Coolest exit goes to Prince Desire for jumping on to a Lilac Fairy powered sail boat - Tyler Angle
The most entertaining performance is a tie between the Dancing kitty cats and the Jesters.

I also would like to point out how incredible cool the use of the flash grenade was, I really did not expect that at all. In all my night at the ballet can be summarized in two words, hardcore epic. Sleeping Beauty is Joshen Reborn Approved.

Cheers and highly sophisticated Teddy bears.

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