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Even an angry bunny, can't defeat HAPPY BEAR!

Yes despite the poor picture quality I feel like this video came out exactly the way I wanted it to. Like I said before, it's from humble beginnings that the best origin stories come from. I have an endless amount of ideas and projects to work on and I am going to try and do them all. I also wanted to take a time out and pat myself on the back for being able to see a new level of maturity in myself.

I spoke to a very old friend who wether I like to admit it or not owns a piece of my heart. There aren't that many people that's have those damn heart shards of mine, but it was so nice to reconnect with the one I lost. It's one of those rare times in life when I can say that I am putting my best foot forward on all fronts, which is good.

I think that I am going to add creating a global love of happy bear to my list of things to do before I die. From the moment I drew him all he has done is bring joy into my life. I just want the rest of the world to be able to have the same opportunity. He is just the most adorable little thing I ever made.

In the not so happy bear department I am disappointed in the fact that some people around me aren't experiencing the same growth in the maturity sector. I help a young lady write one short paper and she thinks she can dump an entire course load on me. She doesn't know it but she is definitely losing favor with me. Taking a mile when you were given an inch is so not Joshen Reborn approved.

Living on a prayer forever.

I often find myself in a certain zone where I end up listening to one song on repeat. I am not sure what really triggers this type of musical tunnel vision but when it comes my mood, my thoughts, are usually all centered around the song and it's themes. Right now I am going through one of those musical tunnel moments. The song, Living on a prayer by Bon jovi, is just spinning over and over with brief interruptions by Forever by Drake.

It may just be the music but I feel like I am entering a period in life where everything is just hanging in the balance. Life, love, school, success it all just seems to be teetering between ruin and glory. I realized that in terms of becoming the best I can be I have a long way to go, but it's the humble beginnings that make for the most interesting back story. From day to day it feels like all I have is a prayer that everything is going to work out the way I want it. I just have to use what I have because as little as it seems, as small as my footsteps forward are, they really are all that I've got.

There is a problem with my writing in terms of developing things and giving things flesh and feet. I have to work on that and I certainly plan to. This week I released two of many works that are going to come from me. They are not perfect but I didn't expect them to be. Things are rolling and that's just what I need. I have to make moves because I can't live on a prayer forever.

Music is so important it helps to keep us on the level and unbalanced. It guides us to the answers we already have within ourselves. It's just an essential piece of my day, I love it.

Cheers and Optimistic Teddy Bears.

Straight Forward

Well this past Friday and Saturday I did exactly what I told you guys I was going to do I made a few short films. Now I really wanted to make the silent film I have been talking about but thanks to snowmageddon 2010 here in NYC my plans had to be changed. If it wasn't for the help of Video Vix[o]n known of this would be possible. I am fairly happy with the finished project and being the person, that I am striving for perfection in my craft I see areas for improvement mainly in the audio department.

I wanted to blog on why this was made and to defend my right to make such a video regardless of my sexuality, but I don't see a need to defend before I am even attacked. I see now, that it takes a level of bravery to step out your comfort zone and stand behind something you are proud of, even when you know others will scourn and ridicule you.

Enough with the chatter, I had fun making these two shorts, and just to be straight forward with you I would do it again. With that said just remember that this is the beginning, it's a brave new world and we are the pioneers who dare to venture out.

Straight Forward from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.


Cheers and Trunk shot Teddy bears!

My treaty on relationships

I just filmed two short films! We did all steps of production in just about a day, now it's just the editing and uploading which will most likely be done on Monday. In the meantime and in the spirit of valentines day I am going to share with you a little article I wrote on the topic of relationships.

I want my relationship to be touch screen.

I watch the world around me evolve. The rate of change is almost exponential. When I was five years old, I can remember using a rotary phone; today the phone I use is a mini computer completely wireless with a touch screen. What I am getting it is that things change, and at a fairly exponential rate. So with all this change taking place around us why do we continue to practice such archaic rituals in our daily lives? It’s time to stop beating around the bush and get to the nitty gritty of the matter, when it comes to that very long four letter word, relationships. We have a mold that society has provided for us, we find a suitable mate, we show them the most polished version of ourselves making sure to hide all the imperfections that are also kind of crucial to our character. It’s then understood that we will be monogamous. We will stay clear of most types of sexual deviancy, except for the type that has a widely accepted underbelly (S&M), Finally this will lead into some sort of long term contract deal.

Don’t get me wrong the formula works, and some say if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, but why not innovate, and make it better? Lets begin with step one finding a suitable mate, with sexuality being as flexible as it is, one may find themselves attracted to several different types of genders and breeds, so why not find everything you are looking for, Step 1 should be find a suitable mate or mates! Next we should deal with a type of accepted dishonesty that tends to destroy many relationships. We present a certain fantasy to our prey, we continue to dazzle and amaze them with the illusion we present but at some point the illusion starts to fade and our mates begin to see our true colors. So I propose that we show the best and worst of ourselves from the beginning, and we should also establish certain boundaries in the beginning, if you know you like to occasionally have sex with a goat, that shouldn’t come out after 3 years of marriage.

So maybe we should spend an equal amount of time easing the person into the things we aren't very proud of and learning about the things they aren’t proud of within themselves.

Step 2 should be changed to present a realistic view of yourself and expect the same of your partner, you will be surprised how many people will accept that you chew with your mouth open and occasionally pee the bed.

Step 3. Monogamy does have some fringe benefits it tends to cut down the transmission of stds, it helps to keep jealousy down to a manageable level and turns sex into an exclusive act between two people. Just because monogamy is the norm doesn’t mean that it’s the only alternative. People don’t exactly equate sex with the same value, for some sex is a sacred act taking place in the temple of the body, for others sex is a past time, that goes great after dinner and before sleep. Where ever you fall on the spectrum, the fact of the matter is that just because you are involved and attracted to one person doesn't mean that you will not be attracted to anyone else. We should express our needs, despite the fear and embarrassment we think it will produce. We should remember that the worst answer you could receive are the infinite variations of the word no. So ask to add another girlfriend or boyfriend to the mix, or at least to have that threesome you’ve been fantasizing all your life about.

We need to have an open mind about things that we find to be weird. By creating and communicating our true desires, we can tailor our relationships anyway we want. Everything goes as long as you and your partner agree to whatever it is that you discuss. That’s the omega secret a word that is bounced around in almost every article on romance and relationships, communication. Communication isn’t the fluff that we have come to know and love. It isn’t asking a million times how her day is, or saying I love you to a nauseating extent, it is talking about the issues that matter. It’s about voicing your likes and dislikes. About talking about your fears and desires, and ultimately finding a healthy medium, and facilitating an environment for you and your partner to grow closer to each other.

In the end, despite what the mold dictates, I think we should all remember that not every relationship ends in marriage.

Cheers and romantically enthralled Teddy Bears!

Create and share!

This beautiful sketch was done on the N900. Got to love my imagination. Caterpillars love leaves!

I am running late for work but I am never running too late to share with you the finest group of viewers to grace the internet. Thanks to my spectacular N900 I can break free from the ball and chain which is my laptop. I have big plans for this weekend real big plans but before I go into those I need to take a moment to make a comment on my last weekend.

First and foremost I feel that congratulations are in order for a roadtrip perfectly executed, good work Video Vix[o]n our trip to New Paltz was one for the record books. I did manage to crank out the post about the ballet from New Paltz, if you haven't had a chance to read that one I highly recommend you do so it is definitely a good read. In hindsight I may have been able to do more this weekend but my old friend alcohol made a guest appearance this weekend and completely threw everything off track, such wonderful hijinx.

Sadly the weekend is long over and it's time to refocus. I really want to get a solid timeline down for this weekend so that there is no excuse for me not to have a plethora of new content to share, besides the wonderful, mystical, magical pieces of art I already create.

1. The silent film I have been raving about will definitly be shot, edited and rendered this friday and hopefully posted up sometime saturday.

2. I will finally launch the Joshen Reborn Channel. After much planning I decided to settle on producing 3 shows. The lineup will go as follows Joshen Reborn t.v (J.R.T.VJ, Sex on a stick, and My Zombie Roommate.

3. I really wanted to get the process rolling of hosting the blog over on my own website and domain. It's definitly a big boy move but I feel like Joshen Reborn is growing up, it may be time to take a risk and leave the blogger womb.

4. I've been thinking about investing in an hd camcorder but there is so much happening at the moment that I think it's best that I wait and really make an informed decision.

5. Finally I feel that a celebration of my awesomeness as well as the awesomeness of others. I think that there is an abundance of talent in this city and it should be celebrated. Maybe I'll call it New York Awesome, that sounds so good.

The final thing I wanted to do was provide a one more Joshen Reborn approved experience. If you absolutely positively have to purchase a cheap energy drink try arizona rx energy. 5 hour enrgy shots have a bitter medicine taste followed by a I'm so sleepy side effect. Not what you want to be doing on the road.

Cheers and artistically gifted teddy bears!

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Joshen Reborn a paying balletomane, Affirmative!

I could sum up my first experience at the ballet generically by describing the ambiance and listing the actors and talking about who missed a step and who danced the most elegantly but I won't, because I feel like every word I say would be an appeal from an unqualified authority, a fallacy. I will however relay to you in the best words I can find what my physical senses perceived to be as enjoyable.

The first thing I want to comment about is the Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, it's exactly what I expected it to be and more. It gives off an air of high class and sophistication. Honestly I felt severely under dressed showing up in my basic work clothes, but like my co-worker Will Yum said "It's OK you'll look like your a student" and I surely did look like a high-school student book bag and all. The very first observation I made upon reaching my seat was that the seats seamed fairly small even though the velvet lining kept them quit comfortable. The chair design was actually ingenious, they provide enough height that you see clear past all the rows ahead of you, and they are angled perfectly so that no matter where it is that you are sitting your view of the stage is optimal. Guess what these seats don't recline, which is perfect. (I wish that movie theaters would someday adopt that design so that the usual jerk who sits so far back in his chair that he is practically in my lap would be forced to sit up!)

I was seated in the third ring left, which like I said gave me a perfect view of the cool live orchestra and the stage. In front of me two very polite older ladies decided to spark a conversation that went a little like this

Little Old Lady #1 : Is this your first ballet young man?
Joshen Reborn : Yes, why yes it is and I am so excited!
Little Old Lady #2 :  Why is that?
Joshen Reborn : I just feel like a live musical performance can enhance anything that is being performed
Little Old Lady #1 : Well the young Ballerina, dancing Aurora is just so beautiful and talented
Little Old Lady #2 : I wouldn't recommend this to be your first experience though
Little Old Lady #1 : Don't worry it's going to be lovely, enjoy!
Joshen Reborn : I am sure I will, thank you so much.

The orchestra began to rev up and with one loud boom the lights dimmed and the play was on. I thought that the dancers were out of sync at first but then I realized that the asymmetry was intentional, because in a later scene the foot work and the synchronization was dead on. The dancing was so very clean, from my untrained eye it seemed almost flawless with a few physical feats of super dancing fortitude thrown in for that wow effect, with the audience responding with applause as if on cue.

I remember that someone once told me that with enough people on stage you can make any performance look good, I think that this concept is exponentially amplified tenfold when the dancers have talent, even during the moments when there were at least 20 plus performers on stage, things didn't get muddled or confusing, the synchronization was there and it was indeed lovely. 

All in all I have to say that this was classic storytelling, told through dance, and yes I very much so enjoyed it. It was refreshing to be in such a large audience and feel as if I was the only person in the crowd. It was so quite that I felt like I was alone at certain moments, only to be reminded that I was not by the booming burst of applause.

Finally I have to put in my votes for the best of the best
The hottest dancer goes to the Lilac Fairy - Rebecca Krohn
The coolest entrance was the Fairy Carabosse on hench man drawn chariot - Marika Anderson
Coolest exit goes to Prince Desire for jumping on to a Lilac Fairy powered sail boat - Tyler Angle
The most entertaining performance is a tie between the Dancing kitty cats and the Jesters.

I also would like to point out how incredible cool the use of the flash grenade was, I really did not expect that at all. In all my night at the ballet can be summarized in two words, hardcore epic. Sleeping Beauty is Joshen Reborn Approved.

Cheers and highly sophisticated Teddy bears.

This week I become a man, N900 ftw!

Before I begin I just want to say, that I had a blast making this cartoon. I love doing little snippets of crappy art for my blog. I mean it's just so fun to make. and now on with the show.......... ^_^.

All the stars have finally aligned themselves in just the right way. This week I am the closest I have ever been to actually owning that ever so elusive phone the N900. If this is the first time you are reading my blog I have two things to tell you, first hey welcome I am Joshen Reborn and this is my insanitarium, second I have been chasing this phone for months. I literally created my own fiasco around it called the N900 gate, it was nuts.

The time is finally right for me to buy this behemoth of technology,  I finally have the money, a steady job so the money can be replaced, and the need for a new phone as my old one (N91) god bless her soul is on the fritz. I was going to do a post on my love of 80's rock and the movie Deep Impact but I feel like we need to put an end to this chapter of my life. I am about to take a geeks right of passage into manhood.

Sometimes I wonder what is it about gizmos and gadgets that make my heart just go pitter patter with glee? Whatever it is , I know that it is thoroughly satisfied that this day is finally here. All I have to do is not die before friday and I'll be super. Trust me, I have a team of scientist working on keeping me alive for the next 4 days, if all goes well I'll be waking up from my cryogenic sleep in 4 days time to head to the Nokia Store. While the N900 is such an epic win I think it's time I address an epic fail before I lose my train of thought.

On an epic fail side note I have to say, that I don't see any logical application for the Ipad other than using it as a very fancy plate. Why would I need a big ipod touch? How stupid am I going to look on the NYC subway with my fancy Ipad, it's like saying here I am, I have this big useless hunk of technology, Im not really using it to do anything but show off that I have one, please rob me now!

Ipad is an Ifail, and yes I JoshenReborn stand by that statement. Maybe in it's second or third generation I'll see some sort of innovative application for it, (Like a mega kindle) some use for it in the Ifamily. Until that time though, buy an Iphone, buy an Ipod touch, if you want an Isomething, but buying an Ipad is just no es bueno.

Cheers and Nokia branded Teddy bears
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