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I am sure I don't have a severe case of insomnia but I have seen consecutive sun rises for about the past 4 days, so I am starting to worry (just a little). I do however credit my spike in creativity to my insomnia. Some things you just don't think about unless;

  1. You are on your deathbed
  2. You are on heavy psychadelic drugs
  3. You have some severe sleep deprivation
I'll give you a sneak peak into the insanity of insomnia, I've been trying to solve several temporal paradoxes, who does that? I did get a very useful burst of inspiration to go back and re-evaluate my basic treatment for a screenplay I wanted to write, after the whole solve a paradox thing. I considered writing the screenplay almost like a lost cause because Kick-ass has been produced and the themes between Kick-ass and The Rise of Shen Phoenix are very similar but they are not the same. When I get a chance I'll post the entire treatment for feedback maybe that will help me. I just want to somehow breath new life into my idea, so that it is once again it's as close to the originality flame as I can get it, but thats boring wannabee writer talk, nobody wants that.

What the people do want is to hear about my misadventures. I took a great risk today and I let an unknown barber cut my hair, now some may say this isn't that great a risk, but the link between a male and his barber is almost sacred. Consider it the bond shared between a unicorn and it's rider. For some it's a travesty against nature to let an unknown cut your hair. I am fairly pleased with the results though. So pleased that I will allow that very classy young gentleman to cut my hair on a regular basis.

Moving on, the work week is about to begin for me again, and I still haven't drawn up a lesson plan. For those that don't know I teach chess after school at a beacon program in the city. I wanted to stay on top the game and be as organized as I can be, good thing I know what I am doing, if there is one thing I know how to do it's play a decent game of Chess, and Sonic the hedgehog 2.

Heading back to the topic of not sleeping, I may ride the insomnia train just a bit longer. I want to start working on a detective story I jotted down in some of my old notes, and I have a feeling that the extreme twists and turns I need, my current imagination in it's non altered form just isnt capable of. Maybe I am part Vampire or Owl. 

I added ComicCon to my list of things to do, almost finished with the first season of my mini series. Writing it has been such a challenge, and I am expecting that filming it will not be an easy feat. I still want a mechanical pocket watch and an N900. I must work harder!

Thought of the day: Self sacrifice, is never easy. The process is a kin to turning lead to gold, who doesn't want gold in the end?

Cheers and cute sleep deprived caffeinated hares!  

1 comment:

Video Vix[o]n said...

insomnia... i remember i've created some of my best creative feats with lack of sleep. I think when you lose sleep, the fluids in your body work extra hard to keep your brain functioning and some of those fluids unlock subconscious pockets of genius, or that's at least how i just imagined it to be.

I know the feeling of the barber-man bond. On New Year's Eve, i had another dude cut my hair and it was a good cut, not gonna lie. Though I might go back to my regular barber, i will put my trust in other who know the trade of cutting hair as well...

(I read the post before and just didn't want to comment on all of them, but congrats on the 100 viewers and Tim Matt Dave sounds like he'll be the one to lead us all, lol)

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