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Greatness isnt Easy.

I just realized that the quality writing I provide the world with is a unique talent. I produce entertaining and informative pieces of literary art. From this blog I have all the ammunition necessary to blow your mind, and I commit to said mind blowing on a near daily basis. I just never really thought that it was difficult to produce quality content, but I was wrong. In fact I deserve a pat on the back for being in the game for so long and being so unsuccessful, yet so damn entertaining.

Also I want to give some Kudos to my readers, back in the day on Xanga we called them E-props, and you could get up to 2 per commenter. I give to each of my readers two e props in fact, if you follow me on twitter @joshen1 Ill make sure you get said e props.

Speaking of twitter, I was commenting on the fact that a whole twitterverse has evolved right under my nose and I had no clue. Official Tila Tequila, and the #TilaArmy are at war with the #Tilaresistance, Twitter has it's own pantheon actually and it's based on the amount of followers it goes a little something like this, actually I am feeling a bit lazy so I am going to just post a conversation I had on the whole issue;

    Lol ok
    Something else I need to tell you about twitter
    Dark and powerful forces
Lightning Kaiser 9:57 pm
Joshen Reborn 9:57 pm
    The Tila Army
    Followers of Tila Tequila
    She controls them
Lightning Kaiser 9:57 pm
    her tweeple?
Joshen Reborn 9:57 pm
    Threatens them with blocks and unfollows if they dissobey
    they meet in real life and such
    She runs the tila army hard body
    but beside the Tila Army
    is the Tila Resistance
    Ran by Tila is a whore
Joshen Reborn 9:58 pm
    They have a constant struggle everyday
    Each of their followers fussing and fueding
    140 shots at a time
Lightning Kaiser 9:59 pm
    How do you know this?
Joshen Reborn 10:00 pm
    I am friends with part of the Tila Resistance
    And I read official tilas twitter
    She is a iron dictator
Lightning Kaiser 10:00 pm
Lightning Kaiser 10:00 pm
    I gotta read this
Joshen Reborn 10:00 pm
    Dont get involved man
    Just wait for our generalissimo
    Smilinstan lee
    To give his orders
    he will tell us which faction to join
Lightning Kaiser 10:01 pm
    Im not gonna get involved
    just gonna observe
Joshen Reborn 10:02 pm
    Twitter is full of splinter groups
    I think Miley Cirus commanded the most powerful one
    With 2 million followers
    when she closed down her twitter
    they flooded the sight
    Crashing twitter
    When Chris brown closed his twitter
    Aint shit happen
    life went on
Lightning Kaiser 10:04 pm
    you're like a Twitter historian now
Joshen Reborn 10:05 pm
    The Tila Resistance
    Got Tila's real cell number and they flamed her today
    Tila Resistance is organized
Lightning Kaiser 10:06 pm
    is it that serious?
    there's a whole world Im not up on
Joshen Reborn 10:07 pm
    Her cell number is out
    You want it?
    You want to call Tila Tequila
Lightning Kaiser 10:07 pm
Lightning Kaiser 10:07 pm
    By the time I get it, it'll probably be off
Joshen Reborn 10:08 pm
    Yeah they said she changing it
Lightning Kaiser 10:08 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:08 pm
    But I mean
    they will get it again
    Ill just wait till they twit it
    within 30 seconds
    then Ill call you and it
    and we will talk to Tila
    about how much we loved the dark knight
    ask her if she liked it too
Lightning Kaiser 10:09 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:10 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:12 pm
    It's crazy how a whole world has evolved before our eyes
Lightning Kaiser 10:13 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:13 pm
    without us ever noticing
    Millions of people
    all living their lives conversing second to second
    140 characters at a time
    trending topics
    Miley Cirus was like it's hitler
Lightning Kaiser 10:16 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:17 pm
    The twitter pantheon goes as such
    Ashton Kutcher is Zeus
    He has the most followers on twitter
    Followed by brittney spears Hera
    Ellen Degeneres Ares
    Barack Obama Apollo
    Oprah Winfrey Aphrodite
Lightning Kaiser 10:18 pm
    i need to get up on twitter
Joshen Reborn 10:18 pm
    And John Mayer Atlas
    Those are the top 6
Lightning Kaiser 10:18 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:18 pm
    in that order
Lightning Kaiser 10:18 pm
    I follow John MAyer
Joshen Reborn 10:25 pm
    Lol me too
    John Mayer carries the world on his shoulders
    thats why he has the raccoon eyes!
    Perez Hilton Vs. TIla Tequila
    Twitter wars
Lightning Kaiser 10:34 pm
    That lady is annoying
Joshen Reborn 10:34 pm
    She was
    but she gave us a few key tweets
Lightning Kaiser 10:35 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:35 pm
    Knowledge gained #1 Tila was engaged to the heiress of the Johnson and Johnson empire
Lightning Kaiser 10:35 pm
    Im shocked someone actually commented "Team Tila"
    Yeah, you didn't know?
Joshen Reborn 10:35 pm
    I had no idea
    Key tweet #2 Tila stated her own Gossip Blog
Joshen Reborn 10:36 pm
    key Tweet #3 Perez hilton has nice dogs
    as a background
Lightning Kaiser 10:37 pm
    and he looks like a pig apparently
Joshen Reborn 10:38 pm
    John Mayer wouldnt like us hanging out
Lightning Kaiser 10:38 pm
Joshen Reborn 10:38 pm
    On the bad side of twitter
Lightning Kaiser 10:38 pm
    I don't JM would care
    for him
    theres only one side
    his side
Joshen Reborn 10:39 pm
    He carries twitter on his shoulders
    His deep and meaningful words are product of his plight
    and his burden
    Ashton Kutcher
    also doesnt go for the bafoonery
    And he is twitter Zeus

The conversation goes on but this is most prudent. I feel like I have something to offer, so I'm going to shut up and just offer it. I am going to start writing my thoughts on fear, and I'm going to ask some children about their fears while I'm at it, I feel like children have both the most irrelevant but most frightening fears to deal with. Like being murdered by a mythical creatures in the middle of the night, thats just classic.

In short what I do hear is important, and much more so than what everyone else is doing most of the time, thank you!

Cheers and Vampire tweeting Teddy bears!

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