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Only on Christmas

I always loved Christmas, I am not sure what it really is about this time of year, but I almost feel lighter. Now don't think this is a materialistic thing for me, I grew up dirt poor so many a Christmas there was no gifts, and lets not forget the many Christmas/New Year combinations I spent in the Hospital struggling to live. (The joys of growing up with chronic asthma) I just truly love the essence of the season, it's almost as I can feel the hope radiating from people all around me.

I am a huge supporter of hope, my goals, talents, ventures and aspirations are all well and good but hope is the secret variable in the equation that drives me. It keeps me moving forward even when moving forward feels impossible. Hope is that little bit extra I need when I have to dig deep and I know I have nothing left. I may be too old to still believe in Christmas miracles, but I do, and I hope that I never stop believing.

Propostion 187 Trailer from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I also created a trailer for a short film that I never had the opportunity to complete. Still I hold on to hopes that maybe in the coming year I will shoot the entire thing over and finish it right. I need to re-focus and realize that I am a writer first and thus I should be doing a lot more writing. I also need to rely on the team aspect of this film making grind because if I continue to run a one man show I am going to burn out.

Thought of the day: Christmas heralds the end of the year, it's the last hurrah before we start having regrets about all the things we haven't accomplished, and start planning things we may never achieve. This year I said would be the year I created a media empire, what I achieved was equivalent to a drop in a bucket, but still I have made progress I have something to show, and that is more than most. I am leaving certain things behind with the closing of the year. I will not be taking a lot of the negativity that crept into my world in the last couple of months. What I will take with me is a new appreciation for the arts, a renewed zest for life, and my hopes for the future.

In the meantime I'm going to fire up Pandora with a ton of Christmas music, eat way too much sweets, and apologize to anyone I may have wronged all in the name of peace. Tis the season..........

Cheers and Goodwill towards Teddy Bears!

The Tortured Artist - My photo Journey inward

When I saw this dog I knew I had to get a picture of him, because I could instantly relate to him. I saw a sadness in him bought on by nothing more than the passage of time. A love of the familiar, and a hate for stagnation. I saw within this dog a dreamer, a loyal friend, and companion. Finally I saw in this dog a broken spirit, waiting for a promise that may never be fufilled. It was so cold on the day I took this picture, and this ordinary brown dog just sat on the porch facing the same direction silently waiting. The waiting is what we have most in common.

While you wait you realize that the world around you is closing in. With each passing day the space you are allowed to occupy while you wait becomes smaller, and smaller, until there is no place for you. Just like this little bit of nature, a creek sandwiched between a highway and a railroad station. There is no room for actual nature in a bustling metropolis, the same as there is no room for the artist in a capitalist - consumerist society. The artist is labeled starving, because the system wasn't designed to cater to or for said artist. You are forced to exist an anomaly, find a place to remain natural among all that is artificial.

Finally we have the perfect world. The photo of a reflection of what true joy is. So many layers it is hard to tell if what we see ever actually existed. You see the smiling faces of customer and employee, one willing to part with hard earned money, which by the way is quickly becoming scarce and the other greedily accepting the money and adding to a wealth they will never see .01% off. I want to work at Pop Tart World and be paid my worth. A dream for a fool and a dog.

Video making is tough. I've learned that hate is abundant, and rewards are few, and far in between. How can you make your heart beat to the tune of another drum? The real question is why would I want it to?

Ambition, Action, Perseverance, my mantra as I sit on this porch, an average brown dog, waiting.

Proper promotion punctuates progress.

I am starting to realize that I should always remember that I am blogger first. I am adding so many titles beneath my name, and I feel like I may lose track of what's important.

I am going to tap myself on the back for that bit of alliteration that actually contains a few nuggets of wisdom. In my quest to create a media machine, I have learned many lessons along the way. I've learned that if you want to generate income no matter what you are doing on the internet, or off, you require four basic elements to create a decent foundation talent, intelligence, friends, and luck.

Talent wise, I think I already stressed the importance of creating the best content you can, but I am not sure I ever explained that good content is not only extremely entertaining, the production value also should be extremely high. When you put effort into making a more polished product it adds curb appeal to your content. Imagine if you will a piece of shit on video, the shit is all pixelated and grainy and it looks like a brown blob, now if the shit was in HD and the viewer could see the bits of food in the shit, and imagine textures and pick up the mild differences in color on different parts of said shit the experience of viewing the shit would have shifted. So we have two shit videos of the same piece of shit but one of them is more effective in grossing out the audience because of the higher production value.

The lesson here is if you are going to make shit make that shit sparkle like gold!

Moving on to intelligence, you have to think of yourself as a business and once you achieve that task you have to separate the self from the business. Now you (the business) have to start planning for things that you may have never even considered in the past (like lawsuits, copyright claims, and angry women who you ignore). You should also be thinking of new ways to reach more people with your product (which for me would be myself). I discovered that setting aside at least 30 dollars every month for an advertising budget goes a long way. After you exhausted all your friends, and family, and you realize that your content is stuck within a circle of people which it doesn't seem to be able to escape from you have to discover a way to get new hits, and creating a ad through the many popular social networks may be the way to go. Every impression is a new eye that knows your name and every click is a new person interested in what you have to say and until your content is self sustaining why not shell out a few budget dollars to expanding your business through marketing.

The lesson here is that you have to be the business, and the cardinal rule of business is it takes money to make money, so invest in yourself and try a bit of advertising.

Saying Friends as a foundation to success is just my way of dumbing down networking. Put simply it's going to be difficult to do whatever you are doing alone, and at some point a third party will have to get involved if you want to reach your maximum potential. Sometimes we create an awesome piece of work and it goes nowhere, it lingers stagnant because you don't have the kind of reach needed to push it to the next level. Guess what, someone else has that ability and you may just need to be working something out with that person. Sometimes it's not about what you know, but who you know (cliche but very true). So if you have a way in take it, if you know someone who is a master at promotion, and you need promotion reach out. Second, if someone reaches out to you don't turn a deaf ear, because the right collaboration may not appear to be super sweet at first, but the hidden benefits may be boundless.

Lesson here is people are an asset, use them. You are an asset, people will use you. Thus the world turns.

Last a bit of luck never hurt anyone. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to literally make your career. It never hurts to be one of the first people to do something. Example the veterans on YouTube have had time to slowly build a die hard following which I am sure is a huge factor for their success today. It seems like an overnight success to us who haven't seen the years of work, but clearly see them reaping rewards. Timing is crucial even when you are not aware that it is.

Lesson here stroke a bunny and pray for better days!

Cheers and Better Business Teddy Bears!

Baby compositing steps - Google Buzz Lawsuit (Day in my life)

A bit of random photography. I've been putting different major moves into motion all weekend. Today I wanted to take a creative me day. So I grabbed my camera and fired up photoshop

Baby steps from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I had one of those rare moments today when I just fired up my editing program with no particular project in mind and just messed around. All I could think of was a lake at night, and anyone who has seen any of my video knows I have a thing for lights. I just have this need to add glows and rays to things. I did this all out of a clip of a few particles of dust, I am calling it compositing baby steps because I am really just getting my feet wet as it comes to advanced motion graphics and advanced compositing. Adding explosions and fires is easy but creating a clean and polished video is hard. So I guess I'm practicing.

I received a rare email from Google alerting me that I was part of a Class Action settlement revolving around some Google Buzz controversy. Now I am the first to admit, I love all things Google and there is a 80 percent chance that I would never sue Google for anything, the other 20 percent accounting for negligence on Google's part that ends up getting me hurt, and Human/American greed. The issue being addressed was Google Buzz which some claimed violated their privacy rights, because they were automatically enrolled and personal information such as contacts and what have you were shared with others.

Sadly I must admit that this is true. One day I woke up and I was also apart of Google Buzz, I was following random people and it was all very much not of my doing. I can also proudly admit that I don't feel like Google gave away any information that anyone couldn't find by simply Googling me. After much deliberation I decided that I will do nothing and accept the terms of the settlement. Google has distributed 8.5 million into a fund for this suit in particular but not one red cent of that money will reach it's way to me. It's going to non profits and blah blah blah. Oh did I mention that every person in the U.S. with a Google account is part of the suit?

Just to be clear, this is not a settlement in which people who use Gmail can file to receive compensation. Everyone in the U.S. who uses Gmail is included in the settlement, unless you personally decide to opt out before December 6, 2010. The Court will consider final approval of the agreement on January 31, 2011. This email is a summary of the settlement, and more detailed information and instructions approved by the court, including instructions about how to opt out, object, or comment, are available at

Excerpt from my first class action suit *Tender Moments*

In other Reborn related news,

Election day is coming to a close so my three part epic political video trilogy is over *Sad face* It was fun while it lasted, hopefully the next trilogy I make will have the honor of gracing the silver screen.

FYI, It felt good to do such a weird and yet totally honest post, granted that the Teddy Bear is both weird and funny I like the way the picture came out.

Cheers and Self Appreciating Teddy Bears!

The Rent Damn High and The Milk Damn Expensive!

New video classic JRTV writing, I love it!

I made an executive decision to lead off my onlsaught of content with a three part video in response to the 2010 Gubernatorial debate. To cut to the chase Jimmy McMillan is incredible, the rent is too damn high, and Karate experts don't have to acknowledge the presence of their opponents, especially ones with such low power levels. It's classic JRTV, and just a bit of advice from the editing room, light blue gloves, and a light green screen, just don't mix.

Moving on here is my submission to the Sprint Epic contest. I titled this video Epic Bomb, but Sprint claims that I have some third party logo, music, or product in the video. The music was done by me by mouth, the logo is the Video Reborn logo owned for all intensive purposes by me, and there are no products in the video. I think my 30 second short was solid but I guess sprint thought otherwise. My guess at the rejection, either the video creeped Sprint the hell out, or they just don't approve of the use of the use of pentagrams. Either way I am moving on to AT&T's Simplify your life contest.

Last bit of media talk for the day, I am still on the search for models for my Feature Reborn Models segment, and for my super secret Dave Smartmen video. I am also seeking a Prostitute to interview but the ladies of the night have gone from abudant to scarce in 3.5 seconds flat. What fun this year has been minus the whole sick for 2 weeks episode. I won't stop until I have thoroughly entertained the world.

Cheers and Outraged Politcal Teddy Bears!

Whip my hair! (Smith's Takeover)

So right before I left for work today, I saw a Facebook post about the official Willow Smith Whip My Hair video release, and I just had to stop what I was doing, and watch it. The video is what I like to call a moving painting, the concept is brilliant, and the song is solid. Willow sounds like a grown woman and she's only 9. I noticed immediately that Willow more than Jaden posses the trademark Smith ears.

Those Smith kids are walking money catchers I have heard several times from several different people that Will needs to start selling his talented magic semen. It's like the child of a Smith is made of pure talent, and money. I am starting to think the video was leaked because I can't find it anywhere else. It's been removed from (Well as of now it' on Vevo and Will's fan page so I can embed to my hearts desire.)

I also released my bid at viralosity today with a fun little video titled Bailey goes hard. I wanted to do a JRTV but I had no time and no concept so I let the hillarity which is real life take over. I will be working on my "what happened to me" update video, and my entry video into the Sprint Epic 4G contest, so this week will be a good week for content just have to be patient is all.

In racist news, yesterday because I hadn't shaved or had a haircut in two weeks a friend of mine (Friend A) said I looked like a muslim. Another friend of mine (Friend B) interjected that's a tad bit insensitive at which point Friend A responds "no a good muslim the ones that wear beanies, and sell bean pies not the terrorist kind." This was a special moment because it describes the very real atmosphere here in NY at the moment, summarized in one ignorant exchange between friends.

I don't even think I need to say this but I will, Willow Smith is Joshen Reborn Approved!

Cheers and Hair Whipping Teddy Bears!

Reborn is Reborn? (can't call it that, sounds lame)

I was laying in bed fighting against the dying of the light for about two weeks straight, and on the second week I was magically cured, and thinking about all the video's I didn't do, and how off my own schedule I was. So here is the official statement of what happened to me.

On or around Wednesday October 6th I experienced chills while working with the kids, by the next day I was running a 104.5 fever (which now oddly sounds like a oldies radio station, like I was hot for some oldies) which prompted me to call out of work. On Friday I had begun to violently vomit, I vomited to the point that the only thing left for me to throw up would be my own stomach acid. I then proceeded to throw up stomach acid and a bit of blood which according to doctors "burned my insides" By Saturday all my Flu like symptoms had passed, but now eating and or, drinking anything left me in agonizing pain. I was very tired. and feeling extremely weak, I wanted to eat again. I went to the hospital on Sunday, they assessed my lack of health insurance gave me some drugs, and a few prescriptions, and sent me on my way (I need to get some of that Obama Care I've been hearing about)

I slowly healed my insides over the next week and here I am on Sunday well enough to blog, determined enough to enter a video contest and strong enough to take back this City that was once my playground.

So here is what I did before I got sick:

Shot a short film I wrote with my new friend Charles Lamour titled The Good Samaritan

Shot a Music Video with Charles Lamour titled I Love My Truck

Speed Action from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Started shooting a short film I wrote titled Proposition 187

Went searching for that damn 10k in Gold

Searching Govenors Island from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Saw the social network

Just saw The Social Network from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Did some other things that were both awesome and exciting but at this point I don't remember what they are.

Now I am off to reclaim my former glory. Like the title said Reborn is Reborn, which would make this my third coming. Divertido Divertido Divertido!

Thanks to all the people that wished me well! I <3 you!

Cheers and Healthy Teddy Bears!


So I had to release a stand alone video on my channel today. *Gasp*, that is correct it wasn't a JRTV. I wrote Unfriended as a skit for the JRTV that hasn't been released as of yet. The JRTV is titled Unfriend Unfollow Unsubscribe and it was a verying ambitious pursuit as it pertains to making a JRTV because it is a video that I couldn't make by myself which is why I invented JRTV in the first place.

Unfriended however was one of those lightening in a bottle moments where you think you are doing something small and it takes on a life of it's own. It's no secret that I am looking forward to The Social Network so, don't be surprised if my content has a social networking theme for now. Quite frankly, I am just happy that I am sticking to my two video a week schedule.

I am enjoying my new Facebook page and just watching as my reach expands slowly outward. I love meeting new people, they are always so shiny. I also wanted to take the time to acknowledge some awesome content that isn't my own.

I saw the fan trailer for pokemon apocalypse on saturday and I was blown away. The production value is spectacular and as someone who has owned every version of the game since 1995 I appreciate this as one of those special things that only someone with a pure love of the story could do, a trailer that only a true fan could make.

Cheers and Gritty Reboot Teddy Bears!

New Media (NYTF) and You!

Friday's VIdeo

Last night I went to the New York Television Festival (NYTF) and I was hoping to take in some free content and have a few laughs, which did happen, but something else happened as well. While taking in the presentation from My Damn Channel and listening to Mr. Harry Shearer speak, I started to see in a very tangible way the progression of New Media. The term is thrown around and has taken on the abstract meaning of user content that is not created or provided by the evil media gods of the past (TV, Radio, Print), but this isn't entirely correct. New media according to the most credible source known to man (Wikipedia)

encompass the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word, with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, computer-enabled consumer devices and most importantly the Internet. New media holds out a possibility of on-demand access to content any time, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around the media content. What distinguishes New media from traditional media is not the digitizing of media content into bits, but the dynamic life of the "new media" content and its interactive relationship with the media consumer.

That is the essence of everything I am working to achieve. I am providing this new style of content which is, accessed on a broad spectrum of devices, trying to achieve the same old goal of entertainment. I watched as a room full of "all the right people" people who worked for, and gave up on old media spoke on monetization of the industry, they provided a quick look at how businesses are utilizing new media, and how the artist who produces the content has a rape free environment in which they can do business. New Media is expanding faster than a teenage boy watching softcore porn, and is becoming the new industry where a business can live fast, and die young. Which means there is a dollar to be made and it's up to us independent types to figure out how to make it. The monetization of New Media and Social Media is the silent gold rush. 

It's all very exciting to see what you do for hours at a time in the privacy of your own home with a camera and some editing software may one day be the standard way in which content is provided to the masses. 

Double video post because I am now on a two video per week schedule. Enjoy

Cheers and New Media Teddy Bears!

Feature Reborn Model - Natasha

The Best Shoot IMO, I took of Natasha that day!

So during my darkest hour while I was almost certain that my efforts to shoot the most important scene of #VideoReborn's first music video had failed, I took out my Camera and tried my hand at some semi-serious photography. The back drop was decent, and my Model/Muse for the day Natasha was beautiful, and there so why not? We also did a vlog, which I haven't done in ages!

Rooftop Vlogging - BTS Ball in a Cup from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I want to say that I hold Natasha very high in my heart of hearts. She showed so much support and basically integrated herself into every aspect of making Saturday a success. Without her this wouldn't have been possible I am certain.

So there you have it, all the best photos as well as a long overdue vlog, from all the Heineken we had on set, I would say the shoot was sponsored by Heineken but sadly no. One can only dream.

And FYI the shoot turned out to be a success so the wheels are turning and all lights are green. This will be the most successful and elaborate project that we ever put together.

Cheers and Multi-talented Teddy Bears!

We Lost Our Gold, Episode 8

While I was awaiting the release of episode 8, I began to reflect, and I came to the conclusion that I am no closer to finding this god damn money than I was at episode 1. So to save what's left of my sanity, I blog.

Well New York City is now in the proverbial mad dash, because the final episode of WelostOurGold is scheduled to be released today, and I can only imagine a sea of people running to and digging up random places in NYC, because they think they've "got it!" I refused to blog, or say anything about we lost our gold until now because I felt like the less people that knew the better, then maybe I would have a real chance of finding that gold. Now though my outlook has changed drastically.

Look at us working hard to find this money.

I feel like my greed has slowly been driving me mad over the course of these 8 or so weeks. Looking for clues cutting up videos connecting links that honestly are not there, seeing things that are not there. The videos have me mad with a gold fever and although I will be part of the screaming hoard of New Yorkers running and fighting to dig up a random spot in this beautiful city, I know that the chances of any of us finding that money is very slim.

We have all missed a Key detail in this map construction process that I feel is more related to video editing than is related to video watching and deciphering. So as an editor I will take my time and find this thing. Or follow the sea of nerds and just start digging faster right next to them because this kind of free money situation doesn't come along too often.

The city may flow red with the blood of the innocent tonight........or not, I'm just saying treasure makes people do crazy things!

By the way I will find this gold.

Good Luck!

If you havent seen my new video it will be in the video vault along with a trove of other goodies enjoy!

Cheers and Pirate Happy Teddy Bears!


I am guilty of letting my monetary pursuits dictate many of my actions. That get money mind set, while good for keeping me focused and moving, causes anxiety and stress when money is coming in slow or not at all. That being said, this has nothing to do with money at all. On sunday the 5th I had the opportunity to direct one of the scripts I posted in the feature script section a while back.

BTS - Good Samaritan from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

The talent gathered under the watchful eye of Charles Lamour, the Director of Photography, assembled in Bushwick Brooklyn and captured a bit of lightening in a bottle. There was no monetary gain in sight, no guarantees of fame and fortune, no corporate sponsors, just a group of talented individuals who wanted to make a film.

It was exilarating, it was a glimpse into the future I've so desperately been trying to build and at the end of the day all I could offer was my gratitude. Thanking everyone for their time and energy. Secretly I was thanking them for breathing life into me, for showing me the depths of my aspirations, for believeing in something that for so long only I could see. It was a wonderful day in Brooklyn and all I have to show for it is this behind the scenes clip that barely does it any justice.

One film down and an infinity more to go. No time to waste. Then again time is never wasted when you do it for the passion.

The Social Network

I heard the line "you better lawyer up" in a trailer and thought it was both the funniest and most epic them one human being has uttered to another in a very long time. It's hood with a hint of class that only litigation can provide.

I feel like I spend my life responding to things so this week I am taking the initiative to forecast. To boldly venture into the unknown void stare it in the eye and announce my supremacy. What better topic than The Social Network. On October 1st a film will be shown that defines the past decade, Social Networking has ingrained itself at the very core of how we communicate today. How relationships are formed and ended has been dramatically altered by the existence of the social network. I am hoping the movie gives a bit of insight into the mind of a man that proposed funneling the entire internet through Facebook (World Domination) a man who if I am not mistaken is the youngest billionaire ever. I did read earlier that Mark may not be too ecstatic about the movie. The article said the movie would "hold up a mirror" to the company and let it take a good look at itself. The movie was described as telling a story that Mark wanted to be left untold, so don't expect to see any ads on Facebook promoting The Social Network before it's release. That kind of treason could get your page deleted, which would inevitably mean you are deleted from existence because if your not on Facebook where are you?

Since I am on my Social Network kick I made a video on the subject matter.

I am also loving the Cover of Creep done by the Vegas Choir. It's the song that plays during the trailer. I am feeling it so much it gets it's own bit of play time right here right now!

Last but not least, an actual trailer for the social network just for the hell of it.

Oh I directed The Good Samaritan on Saturday in Bushwick it was an awesome experience with an even more awesome cast and crew. Behind the scenes footage coming soon, in fact a whole post on the magicalness of the experience will follow. I just love leading such an amazing existence.

"One thing I don't know why"

It's scary how quickly time is flying by. It makes me painfully aware of my short comings and failures. Although on special nights like tonight all I can see is success. I posted my 20th video on Youtube tonight and I am feeling pretty good about it. For some it's a meaningless reason to celebrate. I've made no money and quite frankly my situation is very similar to the one I was in 3 yrs ago given a slight change of setting.

I feel like it's time to celebrate and so I will. I've had the opportunity to reconnect with the awesome which is KitVonB. I now have a bottomless respect for TheJadedNyer and her incredible ability to release new content constantly and consistently. I am creating business relationships that appear to have the ability to yield great fruit. Above all this though, I am happy with the prospect that tomorrow will be a new and spectacular day.

So as time fly's and we all grow old, lets keep in mind that the we will only have regrets at the very end if we waste time doing nothing.

Ambition + Action = Success

Cheers and Timeless Teddy Bears

Rollercoaster living!

Colin Kane PhootShoot Awesome Day!

I love my blog so much. To be honest I feel completely horrible because I've been neglecting it so much. It's like I'm a bad father, *sigh* I'm here now and I want to be part of your life so lets play catch...up. Let me share a little bit of this thing I call life. I realized that I have less to write about the more my shitty ass job destroys my soul. Still there are the rare occassions when I do something just so awesomely Joshen that it sparks a fire under my ass and I hop right back into creating my own media dynasty. Last weekend I had the honor of being part of mega photographer (click) Monte Isom's (me) photo shoot for the extremely talented comedian Colin Kane. Now I wanted to wait a few days till more shots were released onto the internet which I could borrow and show you the amazing magic which was the shoot but I'm afraid that this short clip it and this picture will have to do.

Colin Kane Blog Fodder from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Safe to say I never made it to the show. #Fail

In other news, I released a music video I did for the bed intruder song. It was a pretty quick and simple shoot but I was extremely pleased with the results.

We all know how much River Song hates spoilers (Dr.Who reference for all the people asking wtf are you talking about?) Well to be frank I am not too keen on them either but I do love a good teaser. So here is the inside track on what I've been working on alongside Video Vixon and Elroy Isaac, not trying to give away too much lets just say reality show, short film, Crazy expensive canon cameras and a giant laser in space which is powered by the sun.

Work is coming to a short break and I am thinking it may be time for me to move on to something where I can utilize some of my more interesting skill sets. Like my ability to tame the most savage of beast, or my people skills.

Oh hell I am in a good mood double video drop! Boom Bam Pow!

No worries, be happy. I am back "on it" check the video vault for new videos! I am actually ahead in my normal video production so there will be a ton of smexy content for all of you to enjoy. So please stop filling up my inbox with hate mail, and bomb threats. However if you want to send something nice feel free to message me at

Cheers and Photogenic Teddy Bears!

Because I am losing my mind.

Artwork By AlexAndHerMus1c

I took a break today from the hustle and flow of my regular busy self to visit my good friend and the latest addition to my blog roll DeVine Alexander. She was having a recording session and I thought that at the very least it would be a decent change of pace.

spend so much time doing my own projects worrying about my own creative process I forgot how refreshing it could be to just be in the presence of someone else doing their own thing. I hate having to do an update post but I like I always say my writing is a compilation of my life experience. I am absolutely not living so my page is blank.

I was rather excited that I got my first official hate comment it said “Fake and gay” if the haters can find me it won't be long till everyone else will.

Not to mention it's fun to just do a bit of back breaking labor sometimes. In more pressing updates I was robbed for every red cent I own. As my new video will explain someone in Kentucky magically got hold of my card information and went to town. It took me about 3 whole days until I started to break down mentally. I had to break out the old pen and pad and write my way back to a stable mental ground, here is what I wrote.

I didn't go home for Christmas. 
It really is the only holiday that matters.
It's a symbol for all the things I used to have and now miss. 
Warmth, security, togetherness, a family. 
It is funny how the smallest things can set off the wrong chain of memories, things I thought I had long forgotten. 
You move through life constantly trying to forget the memories that have become painfully permanent.
I felt my stomach growl today for the first time in about three years. 
The last time was on that grassy field sleeping with the ducks. 
The wrong memories, no matter how far you come, how much you feel things have changed at the core it's all still the same, all it takes is that one spark to bring all those lost things flooding back in, all the wrong memories. 
The memories are a paradoxical race with no beginning or ending clearly it exists but it's very existence is impossible. 
Thankfully the same old positive things apply. 
It can all be made calm again with the pen and the pad.
 I can still bring my mind back from the brink by scratching out a few words and watching the page bleed with ink. 
I am still the result of my ambition. I am still guided by purpose.
 Still I am undoubtedly the most amazing individual I know. 
The world's  luckiest man. 
The pen reminds me, without risk there is no profit. 
The pen reminds me that it is always darkest before dawn.
 The pen is the only reason I live life like it's going out of style.
 I can count on the pen. 
True power, my power. 
With each struggle I easily earn the title Reborn.

Joshen Reborn

It's not always all puppies and sunshine over in the Joshen Reborn camp. Sitting here waiting for the dawn.

Madmen Premiere!

Just showing off a little bit of the ol Joshen Reborn Celebrity!

This is reason number 895 why I love New York City, walking into a random premiere. So I walked into the Madmen premiere party, and quite frankly it was amazing. Where else can you sit down and watch a premiere with about a thousand of your close friends? A random twitter comment I read summed up the scene quite eloquently it went "There is a sea of humanity watching madmen in timesquare."

My favorite moment in the show had to be the rough slapping Don Draper sex.

Even as the crowd begins to disappear, there is a lingering feeling in the air that something awesomely magical just took place. So yeah Joshen Reborn approves madmen and red carpet moments!

I just love this city, because it loves me back.

Cheers and 60's Ad exec Teddy Bears!

Always New with Joshen Reborn!

Before I begin I just wan't to say to all the people who claim to be my biggest fans, I love you guys. This is crazy to me, for the simple fact that I've never had fans before, it's such an amazing feeling.

Ladies and Gentleman I am super excited and proud to announce that I now can provide T-shirts. Yes, you heard right, the first wave of Video Reborn T's have been created and boy are they smexy. I can finally fill that empty Merchandise page I have just sitting there. I will also have 3 or 4 different styles of Joshen Reborn shirts as well as a Happy Bear shirt, because I know I am not the only one that loves that bear, he is just so darn adorable. Dreams do come true! Here's a quick video of me loving my shirt!

Rocking the latest Video Reborn fashion! from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

In other Joshen Reborn related news, I discovered a typo on my business cards. On my youtube url it says Joshernreborn other than that the cards are beautiful.

Moving on....

VdeoVxn and myself have successfully recorded our first song, and the shoot for the music video is well underway. Now we should all remember I have no musical talent so hillarity is sure to ensue. The song however is so catchy that it has found it's way into regular rotation on my mp3 player.

I must admit that I have slowed down a bit when it comes to all things JoshenReborn due to my extremely tiring fulltime job, but hey "thems be the breaks". The moment I can support myself completely on my video/writing grind best believe I will.

For those of you who haven't seen it here is my latest youtube video. As always all this and more can be found in the video vault.

Cheers and Entrepreneural Teddy Bears!

True Blood is fang banging good!

I need to thank the amazing beauty that is Jessica for helping me bring this photo to life. It came out way better than my highest expectations. I think we work well together!

So I thought there would be no life after Heroes, turns out I was partially correct. I found undead life after Heroes and it's name is True Blood. In fact I have to say that season one of True Blood was some of the best television I've seen in a while. So I'm two episodes into season 2 of True Blood and I'm having a few issues with the story progression. For the most part the story is still solid, I see a clear direction for the season. The political climate of the vampire world is the focus now that the Church of the Sun is no longer a threat. Still there is one issue I'm having.

My qualm is with the transition from episode to episode. Really, hanging as Sookie shoots at a werewolf, and then doing that bit of bullet time was a bit cheesetastic. The episodes are ending and leaving me more confused than in a state of suspense.

I will however give the writers a big thumbs up for the addition of all the vampire sex scenes added this season. We have Eric literally fucking the shit out of a stripper, Franklin taking Tara into the "void" with the power of his dick, and Bill kill fucking Lorraine in a strange sexy kinda way. You won't get any of that watching Twilight!

In other news........

My poll question about autotuning the president is in direct relation to this video which in my opinon may be in a bit of bad taste. Bad taste or not it's freaking hilarious and I could watch it all day.

and if you thought that was good I can't stop singing this one

Now that I think about it with all this new media style content at my disposal I hardly ever miss television. It's as if my body is going through some sort of transformation, I'm evolving into a creature that will one day only exist on the internet.

Cheers and Digital Media Teddy Bears!

Caution Video Reborn at Work {part 2}

I feel like this picture says it all. It says determination, fortitude, work ethic, ambition and finally it says man in plastic bag suit. This was the moment that I knew that Video Reborn was going to get to work. My partner VdeoVxn here got the momentum flowing by expertly creating the plastic bagger and Random Crime Boss in his video response to "Hey Kids were Superheroes" which is now in the video vault if you haven't seen it.
After that video was a complete and utter success we set our sights on becoming superstar recording artist

You indeed read correctly, we recorded our first single and quite frankly after the video for it is released we expect great things. I just feel like we are going to shoot to the top of the charts, despite the fact that we have no musical experience or talent. In this day and age success isn't measured by the amount of talent you have, in fact if Tela Tequila has taught me anything it's that you don't have to do much of anything to achieve incredible levels of fame and fortune.

Final Fight from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Later that day I created this character and the shenanigans don't stop here. I've been busy, and I've been having fun nothing new about that. I also finished a new JRTV which is on my Youtube channel which I would like everyone to subscribe to either by clicking my fancy subscribe button on the right or going to my channel there link provided so now there isn't any excuse. Here's a little bit of the footage that never made it into the show

FYI The video vault will have all the videos I've created with the exception of Video Reborn Vlogs which will still be a staple over at and minor blog fodder. Everything else is inside. Also the feature script page will be updated with scripts that I either have in production now or are being produced. Rarely will I ever write something completely fresh and post it up (Unless I am extremely proud of my work and see the need to toot my own horn a little) 

Cheers and Industrious Teddy Bears!

Caution Video Reborn at Work {part 1}

build over ice in hardball glass
  • 1 oz bacardi dragonberry rum
  • 1/2 oz cranberry juice
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • 1 tsp sugar or simple syrup
  • 4-6 lime wedges
muddle lime wedges & sugar in your hardball glass. throw a couple ice cubes in that hoe. add bacardi dragonberry rum along with lime juice and shake well. top it off with cranberry juice & throw a hentai party.

I want to begin this amazing post with a toast! To Kitvon B. Aka Karrie B, the amazing blogger, bartender, socialista, who named this drink after me! *Raises Glass and takes a sip* Have a Joshen Reborn it'll get ya drunk!

SlotA, Add2 Video Reborn Drop from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

This was the beginning of a series of awesome events. I did some CookiBox film work, and I had the pleasure of meeting these two remarkable young professionals, SlotA and Add2. They were true champions and like true Champions they gave Video Reborn a quick drop which was pretty cool. I had no idea that this day would spark a work ethic inside me like never before. In fact the only thing that I didn't do ironically enough is update my blog which I'm doing now so ha! Suck on that.

I would like to interrupt this post with a bit of footage that didn't make it into the most recent JRTV which like the Hey Kids were Superheroes video can be located on my YouTube Channel which everyone should subscribe to by either clicking the button to the right or by heading over to the channel itself *Cough*

In the future from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Seriously though I hate to use cheesy buzz words but I feel like I am "on it". I am on the path to advancing my professional career, I am on the path to making myself truly happy for the rest of my life, I am on a path of discovery and fun and booze oh my!

I started working on a feature script which was inspired by @alfa_music's album. It's titled Chasing Isabelle, and it is so far away from what I usually write, it's like I'm a young virgin writer all over again. I'm just excited to be truly doing exactly what I want to be doing right now! In this moment.

Thought of the day: It's the best of days that make those darker times seem so distant. It sparks hope and fuels even greater pursuits than the ones already in progress. Revel in them while you can because like everything else they pass away in time.

Cheers and Mild mannered Teddy Bears!

@Alfa_Music is the Bees knees!

Joshen Reborn, with yet another series of unrelated events that somehow all end up relating to each other. A brief look into the randomness which I call my life, I got a consultation for laser hair removal for the old face, I saw an amazing concert level performance, awkwardly bumped into Cocoa Sarai, and it all ended with me realizing that Sex in the City 2 sucks.

If you're confused, get in line. What I will explain is the amazing performance by the phenomenal music sensation, that goes by the name of Alfa. I was browsing flip cams, at the Bestbuy on Union Square, when I heard a sweet voice floating on the airwaves. It was a very petite young woman playing guitar and singing rather beautifuly on a very tiny stage. She was accompanied by John on the bass and Zack on the drums. I watched her along with a rather impressive crowd of Bestbuy customers and die hard fans alike.

Alfa at Best buy from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Alfa at bestbuy part 2 from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

Long story short, I just had to buy her cd. We chopped it up briefly and she agreed to take a picture with me. Which a random professional photographer took with my N900, he didn't focus so it came out kinda blurry. #Fail, mr professional photog. Then the pro took a super crisp pic with his beautiful camera that had that giant lens #win! Whenever I see it surface onto the net, if it does I'll post it up.

So I've been listening to her album Second Skin on repeat. I am not sure I have to say this but I will anyway. Second Skin is definitly Joshen Reborn approved! I was broken up that I had to miss the video premiere at level 9, but I am sure that this won't be the last time I will be privileged with the honor of watching Alfa perform.

Official Music Video

Links and contact info, because the follow up is worth it!
itunes Second Skin

Cheers and Charmed Teddy Bears!

Joshen Reborn Approved! "Never Leave" ill-O

I feel like I am fortunate enough to know some of the most amazing people on earth. I am always going on about the talent, the random drinking, the shows, the footage, and the models that come in and out of my life. I am surrounded by a star studded cast, and my homie Ill-O is no different. In our own rights, we all seem to be on some kind of superstar grind, so I never took the time to recognize just how bright his celebrity is shinning. That is a mistake that I feel I need to apologize for, #ahem Sorry. Moving on, I have to say that Ill-O did a spectacular job with this music video.

The Never Leave music video is skillfully shot, creatively edited, and it highlights, the evolution of Ill-O, from a teen dance sensation, to the more refined, and complicated artist we knew he would one day become. It's not all the time that you can track the maturity of an artist through a catalog of their work. O is on a steady rise to the top, but I hope that Ill-O doesn't allow absolute power to corrupt absolutely.

I remember speaking with Ill-O once, a very long time ago, we were just kicking it, talking about life, laughing, and I told him "you don't have to worry when I become famous I won't forget you" and he said "nah homes I won't forget You" and we just broke out laughing. That's the real O, the man behind the artist. To this day despite his growing success, he is still humble still that dude that's down to have fun.

Ill-O you have not been forgotten in fact you are Joshen Reborn Approved!

Cheers and Musically Inclined Teddy Bears

Intoxicated Observatons!

Is it sad that I have to start another story with "one night I was out drinking". Anywho I saw a beautiful waitress and I decided that a bit of harmless flirting wouldn't hurt, so I did, she showed me her tattoo and I had to get a picture of it, but not her? My drunken mind operates on a different wave length. I remember how amazed she was that I was ordering two drinks at a time, I just don't like to wait is all. Later that night..........

The worlds Largest Skateboard from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

I realized that when I've reached the alcoholic point of no return I become very easily impressed by the very large and very tiny. I also seem to run into the most random things, then again while drinking my tendency to wander around is exponentially increased.

This is all part of my effort to release some of my unreleased footage. It's kinda fun releasing extraneous blog fodder.

Cheers and Lazy Teddy Bears!

The Amazing Jaded NYer

The Amazing Jaded NYer from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

In my line of debauchery I am privileged to both have amazing experiences, and meet equally amazing people. Often I whip out some type of recording device and do a mini video snippet for the blog. It's basically video food for my blog, so I cleverly titled this type of video Blog Fodder. Now I am extremely lazy and tend not to release the Blog Fodder. I feel like that non release of decent content should change, so I am going to start in random order with the behind the scenes stuff from the inaugural episode of Sista Sports.

This would be my first meeting with The Jaded NYer, who happens to be amazing. I feel like Jaded did everything I wanted to do with my life, and on top of all of that she manages to still be one of the guys, while being an extremely pretty girl. I'll tell you that is not an easy feat to pull off. So here is the camera shy Jaded NYer for your viewing pleasure. 

If you haven't seen that episode of Sista sport's you're both lame and late but you're good friend Joshen can rectify that for ya with links. Sista Sports, and here is a link to the pilot of the day VideoVixon

Hopefully I will edit and upload more of my sideline adventures before that old "fuck this, I want to do something else" feeling kicks in and I start drawing up plans to fit Kangaroo's with Jet Packs. Why Kangaroo's you ask they are the only animal with a pocket, they can conceal a gun in that pocket. The other animals wouldn't know what hit them. 

Cheers and Super Star Teddy Bears!

An awesome collab in the works.

This is my last bit of Youtube fodder. I really enjoyed making it. I learned that looking at myself in a bra is both funny and disturbing. But speaking of the youtube community I put my name out there for a collaboration video and I got word back that I'm in. For me this is equivalent to getting into the Justice Leauge.

I have to say that the youtube community has to be some of the most creatively nurturing people on the internet. It's not very often that you find that platform that you know you belong to. If I was a theater actor youtube would be my equivalent of a broadway stage. I love it.

I am just constantly encountering the most awesome of awesome people. I am putting my two cents on a collab with a user named snowlioned and I am excited, even though I am only contributing about 15 seconds of footage, it's the participation and consideration from my video making peers that make it all worth while.

Look forward to the official Paperbag man trailer coming soon. Paperbag Man, Cold Justice.

Cheers and Team oriented Teddy Bears.

A new Hero is Born!

Suit Up! from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

This ladies and gentleman is the story of PaperBag Man. One afternoon mild mannered videographer Josh was laughing as his friend, who's identity will remain a secret, returned in defeat from his attempt to become the Vigilante known as Dead Ass. Josh content in the total fail Dead Ass was went to the kitchen to grab a bear from an ordinary paper bag. Josh sustained a papercut and immeadiately began to feel drowsy. He fell to the floor feeling all the paper in the room rushing to cling to his body, his senses were overwhelmed and he passed out. Little did he know that the paper bag was both radioactive, and made of a magical ancient tree. Hours later he woke up, the room was clean and his papercut was healed. Josh was amazed to see that he now had paper vision and the ability to generate paper, in fact he could now pretty much do anything with paper except fly. With his new found ability, no matter how obscure it was, Josh took it upon himself to become the super powered hero PaperBag Man.

Paper Bag Man Heads to Crime Alley from Joshen Reborn on Vimeo.

To be continued.........?

Cheers and Super Powered Teddy Bears
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