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Time Travel, Lady Gaga, and Cats! Oh my.......................

I have been going off on a tangent that has now become a mission. I wanted to find out all I could on Time travel and to find the reason why it couldn't possibly be practical, considering that I just started dabbling with the time space arena in my fiction. Also in the time that I have not been blogging I have been trying to purchase a sweet "steam punk" pocket watch, no batteries wound. I have wanted to own a pocket watch for some time now but it feels like the moment is right. Back to the time travel thing though, I came across a few interesting concepts that I wouldn't mind sharing with the world.

The notion of traveling forward through time into the future is generally accepted by science. The way that is done, is a person would have to leave the Earth at some undisclosed speed, and then return to the earth at some later time. More time would have passed on the Earth than would have passed for the Traveler. which means the Traveler would return in the future. Exactly how far into the future isn't known but this is an accepted concept in science. If they can digg it so can I.

Then we have the concept of traveling back in time, which nobody seems to accept because of a piece of logic called the Grandfather Paradox. The paradox follows as such, a man uses a time machine to go back in time and kill his own Grandfather before his father was conceived. This would imply that his father never existed and he would have never existed. If the man didn't exist, then it would follow that his Grandpa would be alive. Thus his father would be conceived and so would he. This piece of logic has every probability being it's own negation and thus it seems impossible to go back in time unless, the past cannot be changed, or the moment the traveler arrives back in time he is splintered into a parallel universe with his own timeline remaining constant.

I think that time travel when done correctly can spice up a piece of fiction. It opens up the realms in which your characters my journey and change, plus sometimes it's just incredibly cool to watch. Like this unrelated video I found of a domestic dispute between two cats. Completely off topic but it was hilarious, lets take a short intermission.

I actually find it all very interesting all the nerd speak on time travel. I am still looking for a few talented individuals to fill my characters shoes. I have also been putting some work into the mini-series introducing what will be the third and final main character. From this point on it's all green lights. Taking a moment to connect to my last post, I finally listened to Lady Gaga "The fame monster" but I still don't feel like I can say that it is the best pop album I heard in the past 10 years simply because it was the only pop album I listened to in the last 10 years. I am sure that would be a fallacy of logic, I believe the correct term would be appeal to unqualified authority. I can say that the production value is high and the talent is there and accounted for, I slept on Gaga and almost missed out. To all the people who didn't give her a chance because you have the classic conception that pop is bubble gum trash that is disposable, think again. My friends she is making music.

Haven't done the thought of the day in a while, So shall we proceed?

Thought of the day: Isolation is perfect for those afraid to change for the better or worse. If one desires progress, building relationships is essential, and fun. Networking is the bee's knees.

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