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I think society has it all wrong

I spend an enormous amount of time and energy just thinking. I like to sit and strategize and work things out, it brings me a certain joy just archiving plans in this brain of mine. I also like to formulate my own view points on topics I consider important, like the most painless way to die, or what deadly sin is the most satisfying. By this point you may be asking yourself, "What's the point of all this Joshen? Everyone thinks!" The point is I finally had my realization that I was given a flawed blueprint to life.

I spent my early years watching television, playing video games, collecting comic cards(and other knick knacks), reading Goosebumps and other literature of interest, thinking, and making up grandiose stories that I would play out with my action figures. I then let this trend continue to this very day the only thing that really changed is that I put my stories on paper, instead of using action figures. All my life, my parents, teachers, friends and bullies have been trying to break my out of my habits to pursue more "meaningful" exploits, like becoming good at track or some kind of sport, making a life plan, learning a trade, getting serious about life and putting an end to all the damn dreaming.

The clincher here is that while they were right, they have never been more wrong. These people and many like minded people were in essence molding me to become a productive member of society. To transition smoothly into the working class and lead an "ordinary life" based on monotony, mediocrity and security. I never desired for such a thing. I wanted the riches, a Soda fountain in my living room, a room with every Videogame ever created, a Sport bike, a Mustang GTO convertible hard top, a life size Pikachu plushie, an Eevee statue made of pure gold, and bathers ala Coming to America.

The disconnect happened when I started  to believe that the only way to fulfill my dreams would be to follow the blueprint that society gave me, riddled with terms like life insurance and working degree. Societies blueprint does not lead to my soda fountain, it does however lead to at least having 2.5 bottles of soda in the refrigerator at any given week and that should be enough. I was taking the normal route to become an abnormally wealthy individual. Not just wealthy cash wise, but time wise. Success provides you with things such as self defined hours, and lengthy vacations, play time, things that the ordinary never have. I would also like to add that societies blueprint has a Claus in it that potentially has me working until I die.

I at the ripe old age of 22 realized that it is the thinkers, the "time wasters" the creative that garner the abnormal success, that those stuck in mediocrity look up to and attest that "it must have been hard work that got him there". In all fairness it was smart work that got him there. He worked toward a different type of goal. One that was padded with self actualization and not a K. "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life" that's the goal.

I made my own road-map after I realized that college and my 9-5 at Barnes and Noble just wont cut it in the long run. I realized that my most useless skill of them all was my strongest asset. My imagination would be my ticket to glory, so I honed that into a skill, writing and here I am today a happy starving artist. I have a goal and a realistic means to attain such goal, and I never had to go to technical school or join the army.

Thought of the century: Take the time to discover what you love to do. The risk underscores the spoils, Fear is both shield and crutch. Action is the sword.

If you are confused as to what you want to do with your life, If you are looking to others for some type of step defined road-map to glory, my suggestion to you is to take some time and just think. Trail blaze your own path to glory, it's worth it.

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