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The Cheat for Pay Explosion

So like the rest of the human race, I have been struggling to make a name for myself. Along the way I decided that I make a decent amount of money, by doing other peoples Homework. It's usually some college student who for one reason or another decides "I don't want to deal with this". Some may say that I am praying on the lazy, if they didn't have the alternative of turning to someone like me they would have to do it themselves, or not do it at all, which is very true.

I am more interested in speaking out on the share number of people who are willing to do this. The people who for one reason or another seek my services. We all have that moment when we are seeking a good or service and we are encountered with an employee who seems under qualified and not very knowledgeable as to what procedure is or how to satisfy the needs of the situation. The first thing I do is mentally spout off about how incompetent that person is and then I wonder how the hell did they even get the job? Now I know it's because of people like me who provide them with a low cost ride on the bottom so they can have a chance to make it to the top.

Sadly enough the world is full of people like me who are willing to do what it takes, to not end up destitute and people like them who rather pay a nominal fee, then to expand a few minutes of hard work. It's the circle of life.

Update to the N900 Gate, Black friday has passed and Cyber Monday is here and still no N900 in sight for me. I may have to wait till late december before I own that wonderfully powerful piece of computing device. I will not quite on you N900 you will be mine.

I have a few new business startup plans that I am rather excited to get started I want to actually to get an episode or 2 of this series filmed before I decide to move one step further. I need to handle these current ideas before I move on to the new shiny ones. Commitment is going to be my new middle name, because I am not going to stop. I am actually going to complete all my assigned projects, attempt to see my goals through to the end, because unlike the people who are willing to Pay to Cheat, I am not afraid of hard work. I cheat for the pay.

Perseverance, During Changes.

The most frightening part of a house remodel has to be the demolition. You have to tear down your old familiar home, watch as it becomes rubble and dust, to make way for the new. You can remodel a home completely without the demolition, that destructive change is needed. I want to spread the word that we should see and accept change for what it is. It is a metamorphic power that will lead to new results good or bad. I feel that although I am striving for success there are still a few pieces of me that have to change before it will be possible. The pieces that I just don't want to let go of. I am quite fond of these pieces, but I understand if I want the chance to reach my desired results I have to make a change.

I am not sure what is really going to happen to me. Facing eviction, limited options, and lack of finances all threaten to consume me, but I understand that these are all integral parts of the "demolition" process. That what I perceive to be the end of days, may really just be the beginning. With that said I am ready to move onto other points.

I want to share with the world another little piece of information that I feel is integral to success. I been almost obsessively checking my Google Analytics account, familiarizing myself with all the different options and demographics available to me, and mostly just counting that visitor log. I feel with every new visit, I somehow become a bit more relevant, what I say actually has a bit of value, and although at times I may go off on a tangent and write about something nuts, every effort I make to produce more refined content gets me one step closer to my ultimate goals.

We should all embrace the changes, no matter how scary they may seem. In the end they provide the necessary platform for success.

Thought of the day: Perseverance is key, especially during the darkest hour

Take a moment to see past the bills..........Stupid.

I wanted to write about Oral Sex, or the N900 but I think I am going to run with a story that presented itself to me. I watched a couple struggle for years to pay their bills, they in essence work to pay bills and at the end of everyday the are in debt. I watched them repeat the same cycle for years never once variating from the path yet expecting for the subsequent days to be different. The couple then proceeded to chastise their youngest daughter for purusing dance, as a career choice.

The mystery couples daughter is aspiring to become a professional dancer, and works quite diligently to perfect her craft. The couple cant see the value in what she is doing because it weilds no monetary gain. The stress from bills piling they want her to give up on what she is doing to "contribute" to the house. Now I can understand that at the end of the day they all require a place to live, but what I see is what I call the "drag me down with you syndrome"

The couple has no clear plan, no goals, nothing to look forward to but bills, and then death. They in essence would also like to drive their ambitious daughter down the same hole. They want her to acclimate to a condition that will never change, spending all her time and money basically throwing it into a big black hole, wondering when exactly will the hole consume us all. If we keep feeding the hole money, atleast we know it wont be today. Sadly it will be someday.

My heart is breaking for her in this situation. They cant see past the pay bills lifestyle and clearly she is putting in the necessary work to not have to live that lifestyle. They come from two different generations and the mentalities are very different. Poor people need to break away from the make ends meet mentality, and step into the grasping for the big picture mentality.

At the end of the day, all that separate the have's from the have not's, is ambition. Focus your ambition like a laser and start cutting away, at your shitty reality, ultimately making room for a better one.

Fast Money, Easy Money, Money from home........time to get Real

We all end up at some point following this sequence of events, or something similar. We open up our preferred browsers and navigate to a search engine and we do a search, usually out of pure desperation. We enter a combination of what we believe to be magic keywords, Fast Money being the usual culprit, hoping that the first page that pops up contains some sort of secret information that will in the next 5 minutes provide you with some substantial sum of money.

I am not ashamed to say that I have done it, and I am sure most of my family and friends have probably done the same thing. The story doesn't end here though, we find a page with the promise of fast money, out of the thousands of fast money pages that exist, for some reason this page grabs your attention, the page will usually have some sort of testimonial that goes along the lines of, "I made an ass load of money through Google! Or look at my 5,000 thousand dollar check, I got it sitting on my ass and you can too!"

If the page isn't asking you to purchase something, its riddled with ads, and links, and pop ups, and I'm sure whatever program it's with is generating tons of traffic, because it's praying on the hopes of the desperate. We really need to sit down and evaluate the truth. The fact of the matter is that there is virtually an unlimited mine of money that can be made through the internet. People are making money made through legitimate business and through providing goods and services even if thats just making a myspace layout or telling a joke. The truth is your not going to make money for doing absolutely nothing, unless someone approaches you with this offer. You may become famous for nothing, but the money is made from the fame that you have acquired, so even the no talent famous have to make TV appearances, and sponsor things, and make a buzz powered by their fame, that my friends is work.

If you want to make money you have to actually try to do something, and there wont be a road map to absolute success, if there was we would all be doing it. What we do have is a good idea of how you can do things that may lead to success. I provide you with my thoughts, with my words, I am not making any money at the moment but, I do hope that one day these words will be worth something. This is the work that I have to put in, before I have my face in a little suspect looking graphic ad claiming that I made a mint online with minimum ease.

If you don't want to work hard, work smart. Do something that you love and provide it to the rest of the world. You will be surprised what goes viral over the internet. Sometimes it's the most absurd thing that millions of people all over the world find amusing, interesting, funny, sad, or important. We have to really sit back and realize that there is no work free route to tons of money, unless you win the good old lottery. So instead of doing that obscure search for fast cash, quick money or work from home, try perfecting a craft and sharing it with the rest of us. The self actualization and accomplishment you will receive from watching your work progress will be worth a bit more than money, and when the money starts rolling in, if it does, it's going to be worth so much more to you.

Thought of the day, the faster you get to work, the faster you realize that fast money is an improbability, the closer you will be to making real money. Once again when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Being Famous for nothing

Snagged this photo from because I feel it makes my point for tonight

I was watching some prime time television on a random local channel and I saw Tila Tequila, speaking out on some domestic abuse. Apparently her then football player boyfriend who's name evades me beat her up and forced her to take Ecstasy. Now I immeadiately thought hmmm, trying to ride the Rihanna domestic abuse badwagon to 15 more minutes of fame. Then my mind posed to me a very pertinent question, why is she on television? I really cannot pinpoint what her talent is, or what she achieved that was so great that she deserves celebrity status.

In essence I am probably just jealous because I am not rich and famous for no apparent reason. I guess I must be a sucker to think that hard work and determination still lead to glory. Should I give up on writing, put on 30 pounds of muscle and jump in hot tubs until one day I make it to an MTV hot tub.

Another person I don't really understand why they are in the public eye is this dude, Perez Hilton. I think as a writer he is all washed up. Granted he still pulls a very specific crowd to his niched blog, and he does sell ad space on said blog for commendable amounts, I still feel like he is getting by on just having a big mouth. Why do we praise the talentless? I remember when fame meant something. When people were fans, and stars were untouchable, they were perfect at their crafts and had bodies sculpted by the gods. I remember when there was a come up to fame, you had to "arrive" now it's all about pulling a large crowd on Myspace, or twittering millions of useless twits and then bam bitches I'm on T.V.

If I become famous, I want it to be because I am good at what I do, and people acknowledge that, I feel like having an actual talent will help me to prolong my career. Producing well into old age and remaining relevant, not just till I'm about 30 and someone younger and more interesting but equally as worthless takes my place.
I do think Tila has an interesting look though. She is attractive in an from out of space kinda way, maybe thats why she is famous!

Thought of the day: Fame anyone may have it for any reason. To achieve it, one must be.

Traffic.............All roads lead somewhere else

I was thinking about the very small amount of traffic that my blog generates and the first thing that popped into my head was the old saying that "All roads lead to Rome", sadly for me i seems all roads to my blog lead to any where but here. I just can't seem to generate the type of fellowship that my heart desires, still I continue to write. I was rather presently surprised when I saw one bit of information today. All the accounts, all my online activity, all my internet business is linked to my Google analytics account, which I find as a tracking and reporting tool to be quite handy

So I was checking the map overally to see where in the world my viewers are located and of the small number that I do have, I saw that I got a hit out of Canada and Saudi Arabia, which blew my mind. I can say that I have multinational appeal now that I finally have a visitor outside of the united states so thank you whoever you are that I am sure wandered blindly here looking for something else.

I always remember what I was told about generating traffic, that content is king and I should have a niche, but I am providing a unique service here, I provide you with all of me, my dreams, my work, things of note, news, rants and raves. I may have to face facts that the world may not be looking for Joshen Reborn. They arent looking because they don't know that I am here! I need to find a way to make my presence known, something to the equivalent of placing my product in the consumers hand. I need to give myself to the world.

In the meantime, I will settle for the poor souls who were searching for something else and happened to stop here and read a few bits of what I have to say, here on my own personal soap box I guess, I am king. As king I proclaim that I need a shinier soap box to speak from. If your looking for traffic generation tips, don't look at me, or maybe you should because if your reading this I managed to get you here and thats a spectacular feat!

Professor Gucci Mane Girl Bus Theory of Relation.

A friend of mine said something I thought was funny. He said "hope that the Gucci Mane Girl bus theory applies to trains." I thought it was hilarious so I did a little bit of research and I came up with this. Enjoy

Professor Radric Davis (Gucci Mane) Girl Bus Theory of relation and motion. Gucci Mane released his girl bus theory of relation and motion through the radio station V-103 on March 30, 2009. The theory is very simple although it deals with breaking down many complex universal laws and scientific theories into a few lines. The theory touches on the diversity of life, it draws a direct parallel to the abundance of attractive females to differentiation in fish species in our oceans, while also stating, most importantly, that they are in constant motion following a strict time table which is only altered through a few variables. The theory states;

“More fish in the sea
Girls are like buses
Miss one, Next fifteen; one comin’
Gucci Mane crazy and his ice game stuntin”

We must carefully analyze the laws at work here. Professor Davis has expanded on the already existing theories of motion proposed by Isaac Newton.

The laws of motion as proposed by Newton and applied by Gucci Mane

1. In the absence of force, a body either is at rest or moves in a straight line with constant speed.
This is essential to the Mane theory, when a woman has a body that wont quit she is never at rest. Thus girls are in constant motion moving at a constant speed which when calculated factoring gravity and other variables equals approximately 15 minutes.

2. A body experiencing a force F experiences an acceleration a related to F by F = ma, where m is the mass of the body. Alternatively, force is proportional to the time derivative of momentum. Now this law is how we understand how Gucci Mane affects the average rate at which “girls are comin’ ” The variable F affecting a womans acceleration is in fact now known to be Swag. Swag may or may not be increased by ones “ice game” which maintains the constant 15 minute motion cycle and at higher level may increase the cycle ten or 20 fold, this theory is further expounded upon by Jay-Z in the Girls, Girls, Girls video.

3. Whenever a first body exerts a force F on a second body, the second body exerts a force -F on the first body. F and -F are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. This law ties up the loose ends of the second law by stating that if one maintains his Swag level, the force exerted upon the girls will be infinite and cyclical. Not only does Swag have the ability to attract desirable females but it can also repel if directed in the right direction, undesirables in the opposite direction at an equal level of force exerted.

Now clearly this all relates back to busses to show that the time table while being definite can be adjusted by environmental factors, such as snow, rain, heat, and decreased amounts of Swag. Professor Davis is still on the cutting edge on the laws of conservation, evolution, and female dynamics.

Dawn Reborn

At times my thought process tends to be a tad bit off. This does not happen to be one of those times. Over the years I spent time creating my online persona, Joshen. Now Joshen is my actual name but I use it online in multiple screen names and the such, if you do a quick Google, almost everything is me except for that eastern paper company. I am not nor have I ever been affiliated with Joshen Paper. I have been thinking, that the most important thing I could do for myself would be to create a brand. Something that is immediately identified with me, so falling back into my comfort zone I choose to use Joshen and I came up with Joshen Reborn.

Joshen Reborn will be my stamp of approval. Anything I have a hand in Ill mark Joshen Reborn, it's not as catchy as Bing, or as snazzy as Snuggy, hell it's not even as good as Bankable, but it's mine. Joshen Reborn has meaning for me, and I feel like I can be proud of it, I believe in it. When I can make Joshen Reborn known and accepted no matter how it's presented it will be a proud day for me.

In other news, I have a job. I am finally an employed New Yorker. This is my official rise out of the dredges and into my place in this great big world. I am so excited. It also puts me back on track with N900 gate which is still in the works. I must possess that phone, it is my desire, my will, my resolve.

Rounding out the end of this post, I just really have to say that Heroes is my bread and butter right now. The writers and Tim Kring deserve a substantial round of applause for creating a show with enough bang for my mythological buck. I have never been more entertained on Monday nights, well actually Tuesday cause I do most of my watching on the NBC website. I also take the time to glance through the message boards and it's usually a heated debate into the shows, mytho's and while I have my own two cents to add at times, I'm just not nerdy enough to sign up and become a message board Heroes mythos expert. It's like being a Trekkie. I just cant do it, (In public)

Stay tuned I am working on season one of my mini series, I say mini because it's less than a half hour per episode but I have totally fallen in love with it. As soon as I finish filming the first episode I am definitely going to be posting the script to the blog. I also want to post another work of mine but it hasn't been produced as of yet. Strange that a screenwriters blog is completely devoid of scripts, but has an abundance of crap.

Cheers and theoretical non alcoholic Beers!

I think society has it all wrong

I spend an enormous amount of time and energy just thinking. I like to sit and strategize and work things out, it brings me a certain joy just archiving plans in this brain of mine. I also like to formulate my own view points on topics I consider important, like the most painless way to die, or what deadly sin is the most satisfying. By this point you may be asking yourself, "What's the point of all this Joshen? Everyone thinks!" The point is I finally had my realization that I was given a flawed blueprint to life.

I spent my early years watching television, playing video games, collecting comic cards(and other knick knacks), reading Goosebumps and other literature of interest, thinking, and making up grandiose stories that I would play out with my action figures. I then let this trend continue to this very day the only thing that really changed is that I put my stories on paper, instead of using action figures. All my life, my parents, teachers, friends and bullies have been trying to break my out of my habits to pursue more "meaningful" exploits, like becoming good at track or some kind of sport, making a life plan, learning a trade, getting serious about life and putting an end to all the damn dreaming.

The clincher here is that while they were right, they have never been more wrong. These people and many like minded people were in essence molding me to become a productive member of society. To transition smoothly into the working class and lead an "ordinary life" based on monotony, mediocrity and security. I never desired for such a thing. I wanted the riches, a Soda fountain in my living room, a room with every Videogame ever created, a Sport bike, a Mustang GTO convertible hard top, a life size Pikachu plushie, an Eevee statue made of pure gold, and bathers ala Coming to America.

The disconnect happened when I started  to believe that the only way to fulfill my dreams would be to follow the blueprint that society gave me, riddled with terms like life insurance and working degree. Societies blueprint does not lead to my soda fountain, it does however lead to at least having 2.5 bottles of soda in the refrigerator at any given week and that should be enough. I was taking the normal route to become an abnormally wealthy individual. Not just wealthy cash wise, but time wise. Success provides you with things such as self defined hours, and lengthy vacations, play time, things that the ordinary never have. I would also like to add that societies blueprint has a Claus in it that potentially has me working until I die.

I at the ripe old age of 22 realized that it is the thinkers, the "time wasters" the creative that garner the abnormal success, that those stuck in mediocrity look up to and attest that "it must have been hard work that got him there". In all fairness it was smart work that got him there. He worked toward a different type of goal. One that was padded with self actualization and not a K. "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life" that's the goal.

I made my own road-map after I realized that college and my 9-5 at Barnes and Noble just wont cut it in the long run. I realized that my most useless skill of them all was my strongest asset. My imagination would be my ticket to glory, so I honed that into a skill, writing and here I am today a happy starving artist. I have a goal and a realistic means to attain such goal, and I never had to go to technical school or join the army.

Thought of the century: Take the time to discover what you love to do. The risk underscores the spoils, Fear is both shield and crutch. Action is the sword.

If you are confused as to what you want to do with your life, If you are looking to others for some type of step defined road-map to glory, my suggestion to you is to take some time and just think. Trail blaze your own path to glory, it's worth it.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

It's been a while since I can say I truly been happy but go figure I found a little piece of happiness pie and it is so sweet. It comes down to the fact that I am taking action and not just talking about or thinking about taking action. I always knew that no matter what I did in life I had to do some writing on the side. It's just what has to be done, I love the craft. I didn't know that the same craft that I am totally in love with would turn around and stand to be my greatest enemy.

For years I've been terrified to write a single word, start any of the gillions of ideas I had down on paper. Why? because I created a barrier between myself and my own abilities. I told myself you just aren't good enough, not yet. I placed a list of asinine but logical tasks one should undergo before they can be considered a writer. They should take classes, have a degree, be a working author, attempt to have something published. All I was doing was stalling from the task at hand. I had a date with a pen, paper, and desk and I was just afraid.

I am writing more than I ever have. I have a risky plan but it's a plan. I feel fulfilled. I am still broke but this feeling of progressing forward is enough to create euphoria that I haven't felt in a while. I need to take a step back and just marinate in it, because it has been a long time since I felt so good about anything.

In a completely un-related note, I started a list of all the things I need to accomplish in the next 6 months or so. Now I am sure that I will not achieve them all but I damn sure will try. Nothing life changing or dangerous, just a few basic needs and wants, I want to drive, I want to be able to see those kinds of things.

Don't forget N900 gate is still in progress, that phone will be mine. It made it on to my list as well. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it seems more like fun than work. I'm positioned behind life, I have a condom, and I'm ready to make life my bitch. So how life likes it when we reverse roles for a while.
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