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Damn tell the the truth, or not. Why not Invent a lie?

So I over heard a conversation happening in my immediate vicinity earlier and it sparked the hamster in my head to jump off it's fat lazy ass and get running on it's wheel. The conversation was about a girl who lied and claimed that her mother had died, so that she could garner enough sympathy to have her tuition deferred by her college's bursar. Now this mystery girl was a special type of liar. She had to be a pathological liar because the lie she told may have been out of financial necessity but it didn't stop there. Those who knew this mystery girl quickly discovered that they in fact did not know her. She had concocted a very elaborate background story, which they later discovered was a mesh of each of their individual pasts. The big question is why did she do it? Besides the money as far as we can tell she did it for shits and giggles. She just loves to lie.

Now I thought to myself she must be a pretty low person. I took a moral high ground on this one based on the nature of her first lie. "My mother just died" is a pretty brazen and cold thing to lie about regardless of the condition. Gave a snap judgement based on what I heard and I was almost immeadiatly against it. It was easy to look down on her she was a liar. Now this is where the post takes a twist. I found myself lying, for no good reason, this afternoon.

Ladies and gentlemen, I lied today. I lied, because I felt that the truth was not interesting enough. I stepped into the bank to deposit a check today and the female teller began to make small talk. We smiled and asked each other about our day during the transaction, when I was asked "Where are you coming from? Work? Now I have never lied about my employment status prior to this occasion, but this time I just felt that the truth "I am looking for work actually" just didn't compare to the lie that I almost instantly spat out. I opened my mouth and this is what came out "Yeah, I work in the Bronx, helping people with Cerebral Palsy learn the skills they need to deal with daily life." I actually amazed myself when the last word in this sentence left my lips. We shared in a that's such a rewarding career moment and said our goodbyes.

We do things at times, with no rhyme or reason. It's easy to lump them into the good or bad category, but we tend to overlook the third neutral amoral category. The category where things aren't done to aid or harm, they are just done. No consequence, no repercussions, no backlash, just action and completion. I must say though, there is a feeling that lying creates in the pit of my stomach that I just cant shake. I think that feeling gets translated in my eyes. Like the person can see in my eyes that I just told a lie, kinda sad that I am that transparent. I am not satisfied that I am not a proficient liar, go figure.

I lied for absolutely no reason at all. Does that make me a liar? I think so. It does however tie back into my movie theme, The Invention of Lying was a great movie that proved that absolutely nothing bad can happen when you execute a perfect lie. The perfect lie being the one that you don't get caught in. Sadly in our reality perfect lies are few and far in between and the truth seems to have a tendency to creep up on you when you least expect it.

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Jaded said...

I know this guy who used to lie a lot. Not the "my mother died" lies. But...he'd tell me these hilarious stories. The kind you'd hear about in movies. They'd make me laugh REALLY hard. The first time I met him he told me he went to Hawaii and showed my pictures on his cell phone.

I'm a smart gal so eventually I figured out he was lying. Sometimes he'd tell me, sometimes I'd call him out. Sometimes neither one of us would bring it up but there was like an unspoken agreement that we knew what he was saying was a lie.

It was a strange relationship.

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